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The artsy sequel to Black?

Posted by Irishranger

Nice to hear Vinny getting Navarro to loosen up and genuinely laugh at games instead of always being snarky and cynical.

Posted by development

Looks kinda butt. One of my biggest pet peeves is walking animations that create a foot-sliding effect. I'm sure almost everything here will be different in the full release, though.

I'd like a new Blackthorne, too. Hopefully one with modern design conventions.

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@ajroo said:

It seems like "Early Access" has become an alternate way of saying.....please give us money so we can develop this game. It used to be a sneak peak at an almost completed product but has now become a way of raising money.

Ever since the Minecraft alpha, Early Access has been about helping the developers to fund their game by giving you the chance to also try it. I find that developers has always been upfront about this and it has never been a "sneak peak at an almost completed product". But even before Minecraft "early access" has been a thing and it's not really a new model it's just that it's perhaps has blown out a bit of proportion now with loads of developers trying it out without really thinking if the model works for their game.

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A couple tweaks here and there to the monochrome + occasional colour scheme could separate it a bit more from Limbo and wind up with something pretty neat looking.

I really dig where they're going with the animations. Nice and heavy and chunky. Satisfying.

As for benefit of early access, I've seen it now thanks to that. I'm not going to buy it at this stage but I am aware of its existence and will happily take a closer look as development progresses. So I guess that's fine. This certainly didn't turn me off from the game. Quite the opposite. Probably easier to get attention for the game this way then it is to send out preview builds to media and hope and pray somebody decides to do a story on it.

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There was a game on ebaums world or something I remember playing (yeeeeeears ago), wave based defence, you had a revolver and a shotgun. Same artstyle, but coloured hue to the levels (if I remember correctly), and the enemy models looked very similar to this games. Had something to do with Lovecraft and zombies.

This game really reminds me of that.

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"Nobody makes their first jump".

Nice. Dropped it so quick.

Posted by banicabolnica

The game reminds me of Limbo, looks really atmospheric. I hope they finish it.

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Oh hey, Romanian developers. Assuming they're based there and it's not just a team who happens to have Romanian names, this might be the first independent game I've seen come from over there. It's always weird being reminded that there's some game dev going on there but I'm glad to see the scene at least to some degree keeping up with where games are going right now.

I really like the visuals, particularly the backgrounds, and I'm sure the gameplay will get its revisions and tuning by the end along with all the rest.

Posted by Keichan

This looks like a bad Deadlight, and Deadlight was already a terrible game.