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This was originally a Quick Look but we have changed the name now that there is an actual Quick Look for the release product. View it here.

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Posted by Twisted

What the hell is this?!

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Posted by san_salvador

I have been waiting for this one, high expectations.

Posted by Tuckiozi

Space Club!

Posted by zombie2011

i don't know anything about this game but the forums seem to be quite hyped for this QL.

Posted by Dberg

I've waited a long time to see this quicklook. No matter how it turns out, I expect it to be a riot.

Posted by Excast

Drew?  Dave?  Vinny?  Kerbals?  An hour!?
Oh yeaaaaaa...

Posted by JakePike218

"This is like something."

Posted by ZmillA

As I clicked on this QL I was hoping it would be a long one!!!!

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Posted by andrewf87462

Awesome Quick Look, very funny.

Posted by Kushieda

This game is excellent!

It actually makes you learn things about how to launch a shuttle into space and to land on the mun. Very involved.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Great, amazing!

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LMAO!!!!It's like giving a group of 5 year olds a gun and some dishwashing liquid. Great QL

Posted by BlackLagoon

Enjoy your free Flight Club guys, this is what us premium members pay good money for.

Posted by Lego_My_Eggo

Flight club, highly explosive rockets and one hour. How can this not be good?

Posted by MoonwalkSA

I'm barely halfway through the video and this is already my favorite QL.

Posted by paulunga

Just an FYI, that shitty framerate has nothing to do with the version. It plays perfectly fine on my good but not outstanding system (i5-2500K, 4 GB RAM, GTX 560 Ti, SSD). Sure, huge ass ships might get a bit chuggy, but the performance in this QL is ridiculous.

Posted by Hats

quick look of the year great stuff

Posted by purspike

Again, proof that Giantbomb is a superior gaming website compared to all others.

Posted by Xevabis

Will it blend?

Posted by Kaiserreich

Pretty sure the dev team was originally from Mexico.

Posted by JesterPC238

Stealth flight club? Hilarious video. I had tried out the demo but watching the video made me pull the trigger. Fun little game.

Posted by WiqidBritt

needs more use of radial decouplers.

I've only played the demo, and in that it's not hard at all to get into space, but I've yet to achieve a stable orbit.

Posted by AndrewB

These are the kind of quick looks I download in HD despite my dedicated Giant Bomb video archive drive being almost full.

Posted by fox01313

Finding new ways in the final frontier to create solutions for problems that never should have existed in the first place.

Posted by DeF

President Kennedy would be proud of you, Drew!

Posted by BenderUnit22

Oh god, I never laughed so hard during a QL

Posted by Rodin

Oh man, i want more of this. This has to be one of the funniest QL in ages.

Posted by a5ehren

@Kaiserreich said:

Pretty sure the dev team was originally from Mexico.


Posted by Nev

Oh, man. This was fantastic.

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I knew this would be awesome whenever they decided to eventually do it, and it was!

Posted by san_salvador

Just finished watching. My whole body hurts from laughter!

Posted by ShakeItBaby

This may be one of the best QL ever, it combines the fun of flight club with a faster and more approachable game. Awesome.

Posted by vorpalparasite

Now that is a great QL!

See You Space Cowboy

Posted by paulunga

Okay, now I want to see them do a follow up video once one of them knows what the hell they're doing.

Posted by therealminime

This game looks amazing.

Posted by MEATBALL

Laughing so hard.

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The Z-fighting on the boosters for the version of the ship that kept blowing up makes me think they had duplicate boosters overlapping eachother.

Edit: I should have known all the versions of the ship would keep blowing up. I'm referring to the "pyramid" design.

Posted by _Dust_

Oh man I couldnt stop laughing!

Posted by akeripper4

@san_salvador said:

Just finished watching. My whole body hurts from laughter!

Posted by kerse

so good

Posted by Village_Guy

A damn excellent Quick Look, one of the best in quite a while. The game isn't bad either.

Posted by CaLe

The problem is not enough engines.

Posted by ComradeCrash

Haha Awesome quick look!

Posted by bcjohnnie

Drew's constant quoting from Apollo 13 makes this one

Posted by Rapid

Looks at thumbnail*...Oh this will be great!

Posted by Xyber

This is probably the best thing I've seen in a while.