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This is sooooo Unfinished

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New thing! :D

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Awesome, I was looking at this for something after Forza 5, and what do I find? Quick look!

Edit: and after finishing the QL, probably gonna wait till it's out of early access.

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First official Unfinished! Genuinely excited about this feature!

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Ha, you're actually putting the build numbers of the games, you crazy people.

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Unfinished is a great idea.

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I support the ridiculous idea of putting version numbers in descriptions.

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That scene at 13:50 may have sold me on that game

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You guys skipped a complete major thing in the game. The sneak peak 2.0 is a separate game on steam that downloaded when you downloaded the game.

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this looks awesome

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The car damage model looks really good in this.

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Wish I liked racing games. This looks really neat.

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Why is Jeff aware of demolition derby rules and strategies?

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very cool but still early, i think the damege in the car/track is fantastic

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Giant bomb will always be a threat.

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Man, it's been a long time since I played Destruction Derby. This looks amazing.

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Great choice for the first episode. Yeah there is barely a game yet but the promise is and looks really cool.

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Does anyone know if this game is finished?

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Man it is always great to see a Bugbear game. Loved Flatout. A bit off topic i would love a new Destruction Derby come on sony!

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Would buy this Day 1 if it came out on Next-Gen consoles.

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Well the devs were big fans of the Wargameing interface.

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@astroid2: yes, sneak peak 2.0 is why you'd want to get this game early access. This feature is perfect though if they want to revisit it or maybe drew will show it on UPF.

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@jimmyfenix: Nah, Sony blew it with that franchise ten years ago with Destruction Derby Arenas...

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Of course Jeff has been involved in multiple demolition derbies. I don't know why I didn't just assume that was the case.

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I really like the crashing and deformation stuff. It doesn't look very fun to race though, that could be due to the game being unfinished or just how Bugbear make their games.

Well, it's cool to see it regardless, great idea for a feature - though I don't really want to buy into any of these Early Access games yet.

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What is it about Drew that anytime he and Jeff do something Jeff seems interested, upbeat, and positive? Whatever, really fun quick look.

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wonder what Vinny would have done in this...

I just hope they add the stunt events back in. Bowling with the driver was fun.

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The first game these guys did was Rally Trophy which is one of my favorite rally games. It had nice physics and old rally cars like the Volvo Amazon and the Saab 96 V4.

Also I remember a lot of driving backwards and winning by last man standing in the original Destruction Derby. I may be mis-remembering however. I just remember that seeing the demo of DD and Tekken on the Demo One disc at a friend made me run to the store and spend all my saved up money on a PSX with two controllers and those two games and I did not regret it for a second.

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I really want this game but I don't want to get it until it's finished.
This looks like Bugbear is making the game they've always wanted to make.

and don't get me wrong on this one, I love the damage modeling, but they might want to tone certain parts of it down, at least for Demolition Derby.

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@spacejamlunchbox: Jeff and I have a mutual acquaintance who used to run in demolition derbies at the local fair every year. Also, apart from that, I'm pretty sure Jeff is fairly knowledgeable about any and all situations in which cars wreck into other cars.

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420 ramp takedowns erry day!

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You absolutely have to turn on anti-spin, the cars continue to be loose and fun but it's alot more controllable.

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Pitty they didn't show the little sandbox mode. That seems like the most fun of it all.

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If anyone's interested in the game, it's really worth taking a look at their tech demo too, it's basically a room full of ways to fuck with the physics engine/models and it's awesome.

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They could've made a post-apocalyptic racing game set in Nevada and called it Flatout: New Vegas.

What a waste.

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@astroid2 said:

You guys skipped a complete major thing in the game. The sneak peak 2.0 is a separate game on steam that downloaded when you downloaded the game.

And it's the best part, currently :P

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Why is Jeff aware of demolition derby rules and strategies?

Watch the video and find out?

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I picked this up last night. This has the makings of a really awesome game. The damage model is really great.

And even at this early stage the AI is really fun to race against.

I also really like that wrecked cars stay on the track. It add a bit of random fun dodging them.

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I don't care much at all for racing games but there's something deeply satisfying about the damage model and physics in this game. Especially when cars start flying into the air - wow, that looks great.

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Anything with cars spectacularly crashing into other cars is good in my book!

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Still dreaming for a game which looks exactly like the MotorStorm E305 video.

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Shout out to Drew's sick half-pipe takedown. Highlight of the show. This was a lot of fun to watch.

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Do they actually do demolition derbies on asphalt? That seems real super fricken dangerous.

Oh and I want to reiterate my suggestion for calling this segment "the Alpha Dawgz".

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This looks like it has some potential.

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In germany there is a demolition derby TV-Show on in regular intervals ... and there they score exactly like @jeff said based on how much you can spin an opponent. They have a circular track though not a big open stadium like in this game.

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Drew needs to play the tech demo on UPF.

Dat magnetic ball...

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@spacejamlunchbox said:

Why is Jeff aware of demolition derby rules and strategies?

Watch the video and find out?

What if the video is why he's asking?