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Posted by Village_Guy

This game is still pretty crazy...

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Will there be falling from very high places while screaming and firing weapons?

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I can't wait to watch this... but first I have to work... dammit!

Posted by eccentrix


Posted by Abendlaender

@hassun said:

Will there be falling from very high places while screaming and firing weapons?

If not then I will cancel my subscription

Posted by Geejay22

LOL Vinny can't help but be Vinny for 5 mins!!!

Posted by stealthdf2

this game is the worst example of early access games on steam. seriosuly they have been on there longer than nearly any other game and have dont extremely poor job in the time they have had. while other games that have been there for a fraction of the time have done tremendous amount of work and progress in so little time. i regret buying starforge more than any game ever, even shaq fu back in the day

Posted by rmanthorp

I'm loving Unfinished. Do you guys ever plan to do multiple Unfinished on the same game? Was that discussed in the blog post @jeff ??

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I believe the first time we saw this on GB was one of the last shows Ryan was on. He was so freaked out by Vinny's box tower...

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Oh, I thought this was about the Death Star analogue from KOTOR. Still pretty neat though.

Posted by Ozzie

I really want them to make an Unfinished with Lifeless Planet since it got cut off last time.

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I don't agree with those who are regretting their purchase. I bought Starforge well before it was worth playing, and for a long time it did seem like a dead project. In the last few months, however, they have made significant strides towards real gameplay. In addition, the developers regularly update a blog, which I will admit isn't as easy to find as it should be, located off the main site. For those interested, the URL is starforge.typepad.com.

Also, you can go into space.

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@rmanthorp: Yes there can be multiple unfinished looks of the same game.

@abendlaender Well we got screaming at least...

Posted by weegieanawrench

@Ozzie I think Vinny will try again tomorrow.

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Can you pierce the Heavens with your drill?

Posted by MachoFantastico

This Still reminds me of Red Faction, the look of the game and the way the world deformation happens.

Posted by stealthdf2

@pondwhale: did they re-add the ability to go into space cause the last time i played they had removed many features from the game including that. they introduce minor changes or features that break other things that have been in the game for a very longtime so they remove or disable them.

Posted by sungahymn

This game is really impressive, even at this stage.

Posted by stealthdf2

@sungahymn: please dont be tricked by that. it looks impressive tilll you actually try it and you realize its a bumbling pile of junk. i watched the games progress for a year and then watched some trailers of new updates and it looked great. then i bought the game and was like wtf is this..... the only thing these guys are good at is making trailers of the game and thats it.

they have seriously removed features and content from the game due to minor updates breaking these features. this happened months ago and they havent fixed it yet.

it was one of the first games in the early access program and it has the least progress too.

go to steam forums and get a feel for it and how other ppl feel.

i mean you used to be able to go into space but they removed the ability to do so but keep it in their trailers. they make it appear as if vehicles are actually usable. well they do work but the game world terrain is made in such a way that the vehicles are unusable so there is no point

Edited by pondwhale

@stealthdf2: Ah, I see, your criticism is based on a 6 month old build of the game. They haven't removed any features for a significant amount of time. At one point, digging and a few unimportant systems were disabled to facilitate the implementation of a "minor feature" known as infinite procedural terrain generation. All of which have been reintegrated into the game at this point. You seem to be slightly confused about the nature of game design and ALPHA FUNDING, sir. You don't get to be upset until they stop working on it.

Posted by stealthdf2

@pondwhale: i played the game 3 months ago and you couldnt go into space and you still cant. they may not have removed anymore but they havent added or fixed any of what they removed.

i understand fully well how game design works and alpha funding. the progress they have made with the time they have had is lackluster at best, esp since they have made plenty of money in that time and other games have completely finished and left early access in less time that starforge has been on the program in total. the work they have done has been sporadic at best. they will do minor update and go silent for months and then do it again. ive been following the game for a year now and im not the only person with these sentiments. im usually the guy defending early access games and explaining how the program works to trolls on steam forums. after following the game and seeing the "progress" they made i decided to buy...thats when i actually played the game and realized the trailers they release are full of stuff thats not in the game and the stuff that was in the game isnt there anymore. like i said before im usually the guy defending games like this but this game and the team behind it are a joke.

Edited by pondwhale

@stealthdf2: Ah, i'm sorry. Criticism based on a three month old build of a game is much more valid. I would like to know what features you are referring to. Digging has been re-implemented, as well as power systems, and creative mode. I ventured into space yesterday, so i'm almost certain that it is indeed a feature. As for new content, the previously mentioned procedural terrain generation, the drill, new 3D tile-sets, new enemies, and a complete overhaul of the menu systems have all occurred in the last few months, as well as numerous network and performance optimizations. I understand your frustration, I felt the same way not too long ago, but I take the few games I alpha fund seriously. I always try the newest build when it is available, especially before going off and running my mouth in a public forum. I suggest you do the same in the future.

Screenshot of Starforge space.

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Somehow the broken state the game is in at this point of development, gives it a charm, that I'm afraid could be completely lost in the final retail build.

Just looking at the weird player animations, that look a bit as if they where in fast forward, really makes me happy.

Posted by pondwhale

@sessh: I know what you mean, I truly miss the horrible way your character used to scream when you jumped.

Edited by StraightGrizzly

Ha ha ha ha dammit Vinny, why does every video of this game always turn into you digging a giant hole?

Posted by Quantical

It's like Garry's mod without the fun.

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This game looks like butt.

Posted by TangyGeoduck

You have to hand it to him, Vinny sure knows how to *sunglasses on* ramp it up.

Posted by AngriGhandi

I feel like I still have no idea what this game is.

But I still love the way your character moves.

Posted by extragingerbrew

Vinny, sir, by the time I finished watching this quick look I felt like I was on some serious drugs....thank you. Love Vinny's laugh after he has done something "creative"!

Posted by qualus

Vinny, sir, by the time I finished watching this quick look I felt like I was on some serious drugs....thank you. Love Vinny's laugh after he has done something "creative"!

Oh so do I. It's that hilarious mix of childlike wonder, absolute confusion and utter crippling terror.
As for this game: It seems awesome!

Posted by Vuud

Surprise! The game is still a huge bag of broken mess! Throw more money at me please!

Posted by mdmac92

So it's a Sci-Fi Minecraft with a ton of open-world jank? Great.

Posted by marbleCmoney

I keep waiting for this game to be a little further along to pick it up. It looks really cool.

Posted by BoneChompski

I love huge world games but not ones that expect me to make my own content. I got bored of Terreria, this looks like a whole new level of entertain yourself. I prefer Skyrim and Fallout, big worlds with content provided for me to find.

Posted by Reisz

Space Dirt.

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"Who would make dirt?" - Jeff

Codemasters that's who!!! Right? Right?

... -_- I'm out...

Posted by ShadowConqueror

This game looks kinda assy.

Edited by flasaltine

Is there someone using a fucking scrubbing brush in the background?

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cool to get a sandbox physics + voxel world & vehicles in the hands of everyone to mess with. I mean, I don't think it will actually get released as a real game, but it's still a cool sandbox.

The gross dark mascara outlining everything tho is just such a typical & classic SSAO mistake. It's painful to look at.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Could I have your empire of dirt?

Posted by AssInAss

I love huge world games but not ones that expect me to make my own content. I got bored of Terreria, this looks like a whole new level of entertain yourself. I prefer Skyrim and Fallout, big worlds with content provided for me to find.

Thankfully, these game titles are enough warning for you to stay away if it's not your thing. -craft, -forge.

Posted by BaconGames

I love this game's spirit but the game just operates like a janky mess in kind of a bad way. The controls on their own are just so busted looking and without much of a meaningful progression path I can't see this being compelling just yet.

Good for Starforge and I wish it the best of luck but this game is straight up dog city.

Posted by ToTheNines

That was so fucking funny, i'm going to watch that again right now. Ryan was hilarious.

@hassun said:

Will there be falling from very high places while screaming and firing weapons?

Posted by chose

This game is a fucking waste of time.

Edited by ArbitraryWater

I still have no idea what this game is.

Watching Vinny play this game is always the best.

Posted by xbob42

"Man, this alpha game sure looks busted!"

Great observation, comments section! You guys always have that eagle eye!

Edited by lun49gameon

The thing that really annoys be in this game is the camera movement and the vomit inducing motion blur.

Posted by BisonHero

Come to think of it, isn't Starforge the final dungeon in Knights of the Old Republic? You know, that big space station that was trying really hard to be the Death Star, and it leeched energy directly off a sun or something?

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