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@benpicko said:
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What's going on with the video quality recently? One or two videos and I could look past it but it's actually getting worse rather than better since that Fifa video

Yeah, HD quality has been really shitty lately. Their compressor settings have always been a little questionable, but it's been exceptionally bad lately. The overall bitrate of the file seems fine though, there's something else wrong with the settings.

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I GOT BANNED, one of the cool kids now.

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Man this game looks so good I can not wait.

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Oh man, that gave me some flashbacks of a certain other car stunt...

This looks pretty fun, actually. Haven't played a driving game in ages, maybe this'll change that.

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So I guess Chicago is in Wisconsin now?

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As someone who has been on top of Pike's Peak and can see it from my office window, I can safely say there's no giant satellite dish up there. =P

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@parsnip said:

@benpicko said:
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What's going on with the video quality recently? One or two videos and I could look past it but it's actually getting worse rather than better since that Fifa video

Yeah, HD quality has been really shitty lately. Their compressor settings have always been a little questionable, but it's been exceptionally bad lately. The overall bitrate of the file seems fine though, there's something else wrong with the settings.

All of Vinny's videos still look perfect so he must be sapping the life out of GBwest's videos for GBeast's eventual takeover

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lol I got temp banned too for entering too many keys. Yo Gerstdogg anymore keys?

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this looks *very* need for speed

i liked rivals, but i wish it just focused more on racing i guess. this looks alright, though! i think i will toss up between this and forza horizon for my next racing game

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@jouhn: Sure. Here it is.

And here it is in text form


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Motorcore level 4 can't help you now.

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These days, the more content a racing game has, the less I want it.

I think I've played so many that I'm just not interested in spending that much time with a single racing game. Granted, I'm getting old. Also, get off my lawn.

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The giant spaghetti in the sky is mesmerizing.

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@raven10: Thanks! I just checked that out and it looks really cool.

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@minipato: drifting is actually really hard unless you have a dirt spec car, gets a bit easier if you put driving aids to hardcore though, the game just wants you not to lose traction by default. But a dirt Spec Camaro drifts like a boss

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36:27 was amazing!

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@hatking said:

The roads they were on heading to St Louis didn't feel anything like what I've seen driving around these parts. They got the cornfields and small towns, but we have fucking highways.

This game looks really rad though. Although I really fucking hate the way that these sorts of games don't want to let you flip over. It makes it look like shit when you get in really gnarly wrecks.

That sort of bugged me too. As someone who has driven from Chicago to visit friends in St. Louis several times, that's not what it looks like really at all.

I guess there has to be some sort of suspension of disbelief I guess. Although, I cringed every time they opened the map of the US.

It definitely has an interesting idea, but I'm still on the fence about this one.

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Motorcore level 4, help me!

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I had absolutely no clue this was coming out on the PC.

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I can't lie, this game looks really cool to me!

The idea of virtually road-trippin' across the United States is something I've wanted to do in a video game pretty much forever. And this seems like that in a big way.

Although I do still wish that someday, driving games would make slamming through a telephone pole at 90 MPH feel more impactful than kicking over a styrofoam water noodle.

(Also, has Troy Baker been in like, every video game for the past three years, or does it just seem that way, I don't even know anymore)

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Yes, there are areas of Detroit that are not a shithole. It's known as "the rest of the Metro area", AKA South-East Michigan. But it's the lack of u-turn lanes on the main roads that bother me.

Still, this game looks cool. Boo UPlay, but maybe it'll work more betterer.

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Damn this game looks so much fun, but I so very much hate Ubisoft... >_<

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I just got my beta code this morning (I guess they're still sending out codes even though the beta ends tomorrow). It's much better than I expected. I haven't been able to get the game to see my uplay friends (or any strangers), so I've been playing it as single player.

Anyone in the beta want to give me your UPlay name? I'm Epidemik702. I'm hoping to try out some of the social features while in beta. I was expecting to run into other players, but it seems that you have to invite people into your world? I don't quiet understand that stuff yet. I was expecting to see other people in free roam, is it only 4 (your crew) total in the whole map?

I'm also getting some mean slow down randomly when driving, every 10 minutes or so. Seems to be when there's a lot of smoke/dust? Like single digit frame rates. Other than that, a smooth 60 (have to edit a file to get it to not lock at 30fps).

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Holy crap this game is impressive. I assumed they would hit some invisible wall in Pike's forest, but you're really only limited by you're car's specs. Crazy. Also, the transition from forest to rocky pre-mountain terrain was fantastic.

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No Portland, Ore no sale. Fuck Seattle. It's been in enough games, time to give Portland some love.

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This looks really neat! Surprisingly!

Wish I had a code :(

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My favorite part was when Jeff went flying through the air no no reason. Also as a person from Utah I am very happy with all the Utah stuff in this game.

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Headed to Vegas now in the game. I'm imagining it's going to be just the strip surrounded by empty desert. I'm always happy to see my city in a game, even if they butcher it.

This game looked really bad, then the quick look got me interested. Then I finally got my key and I've been having a blast. If I buy it, I'm getting the PS4 version. Because I have a whole 4 people on my UPlay friends list. I'd rather actually have people to play with on PS4. I'm going to be balls deep in racing games this fall.

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Uhh you guys? Something is weird.

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Uhh you guys? Something is weird.

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Oh no, what happened?!

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Here in Detroit, Michigan the 510's is a well known street gang. Normally they just ride up and down Telegraph with 1950's Oldsmobile Super 88's. Where they tend to hang out at Big Boy's and Arby's harassing the employees by sitting in lawn chairs under sun umbrellas. The 510's are a blight on our community. As you can see here the local populace are forced to sit by and watch their "cruise". They plan to make another demonstration this weekend during their annual Chaos Cruise (ok. Ric Flair will be in town Aug. 2 - I'm now officially excited!).

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This actually looks super cool. Not a huge fan of the crash physics and such, and I really hope that there's actual licensed music in the main game. But other than that, I might have to check this out.

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@gum said:

@spunkyhepanda said:

@coaxmetal said:

Uhh you guys? Something is weird.

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Oh no, what happened?!

Future U.S.! Dystopia NOW!

I'm more concerned about the changes in the shape of North America

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This game looks surprisingly bad. I wonder if the lack of cars on the road in free drive is on purpose because the road will get filled with players? I really hope so.

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Why is it so hard to make an engine not sound terrible

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Wow, 36 mins in... That's a Ubisoft bug if there ever was one. Reminds me of that hilarious ACIV bug. Actually pretty impressived with The Crew. Reminds me of FUEL but unlike FUEL there actually seems to be stuff to do in this world, and it's populated by plenty of AI traffic.

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Looks rad! I want it! even if america is mutant shaped.

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I really want to know why they didn't make the USA shape accurate. I get that everything is truncated and it's not supposed to be 1to1, but why couldn't they do that while also proving to me that someone at Ubisoft has looked at a globe before?

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Give Dirt 4. Pls. ;-;

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Ahahaha, "mountain states."

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@coaxmetal said:

Uhh you guys? Something is weird.

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Chibiland USA. So kawaii. = ^.^ =

Hey i kinda dig that above the street GPS. That's cool. I want that in better racing games than this one.

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Not once did Jeff or Drew mention how hilariously wrong the map is...

Serious question for people who have played the beta: How much of the HUD can you turn off? I usually turn off almost everything except the mini-map, I just find all that other stuff on the screen distracting.

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I like how the game is constantly giving you things to do in-between race events. Most open world driving games usually feel kind of empty unlike this.

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As someone who really enjoyed TDU2, I was on board for this until you mentioned Ubisoft.

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I was interested at the start of the video. Then the crew currency showed up. Looks like you can upgrade your car with real money to get an advantage. Full priced game with F2P currency. Pass.

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Looks like Fast and Furious the video game in a massive open world, if it comes together I'm in.