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Posted by Jeff

Hey, here are some codes for the closed beta. These are Uplay keys, so you'll need to redeem them from... the Uplay client. I guess they must have had a block of them allocated for us or something as part of some big spreadsheet, as the codes all have our name next to them. I am officially too lazy to clean up the paste job, so... yeah! Best of luck!


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


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Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb


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Giant Bomb


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Giant Bomb


Giant Bomb

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oh sweet keys, thanks Jeff

oh Uplay, then never mind but thanks anyways Jeff!

Posted by vorpalparasite

Got one, thanks Jeff!

Posted by inactive


Took that one.


Posted by TheIrishCuisine

Cool, thanks for the codes and the video Jeff!

Posted by monty222

Wow, thanks for the codes Jeff :D

Posted by ManiacMaysin

Cool, thanks!

Posted by Hassun

I activated VRXM-8CWB-AQAQ-D99C. Thanks El Jefe.

Posted by InsidiousTuna

@jeff: Neat! Got one. Thanks, Jeff. I watched Griffin over at Polygon play some of this yesterday and I'm pretty interested in trying it out.

Posted by Indiana

Took W3CD-VUJX-68MG-36EM. Thanks, Jeff!

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If anyone still needs a code, PM me, I have one in my mail - I signed up for some reason in spite of not really liking driving games and/or playing on my PC much!

EDIT: I gave the key away to the fastest duder, it's gone.

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Activated HXKD-QWMQ-CTX3-G6A3

edit: The first 40 minutes in the beta was more enjoyable than the hour I spent with NFS Rivals.

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Took FC7A-CA4U-6YXQ-PAU3. Thanks. I don't even know what this game is.

Posted by Dr_Electro_Gadget

Thanks Jeff!


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RBYK-HLBA-LBG8-JRUA took this one, thanks Giant Bomb

Posted by shiny_llama

Thanks, @jeff! Downloading now.

Posted by Arpegius

I picked up HWWC-8YY3-4C6H-YX6L. Ready to climb mountains. Thanks guys!

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Grabbed 6ED9-XA73-FYHC-4NQC, thanks Jeff

Posted by Hodor

LXM9-GKMC-TMLL-4MH3 Claimed, Thank you!

Posted by thekkadvance

i got this one: CMND-EQ6Y-MUMK-ERDC. Thanks Jeff!

Posted by ColonelXanders

CECM-4AYR-6CJA-A8FW - Took this one! Thanks GB!

Of course now I'm going to stop watching Unfinished to Download it. So er.. sorry about that.

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Thanks GB!

Posted by Con_of_the_Dead

Thanks Jeff, grabbed AMQG-3Y3J-LDDQ-Y3W3

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Temporarily banned my account after trying multiple keys :(

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@49th: Hahahah, sorry but that's funny. Goddamn uplay. Can non-steam digital distributing platforms get anything right?

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Drat, late to the key party. Just as a heads-up, don't try activating more than 8 keys in a minute, your Uplay account will be banned for 60 minutes!

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Darn it, taking part in this beta continues to elude me... also I incidentally got locked out of Uplay for 60 minutes due to trying too many keys at once.. so double un-win.

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@49th said:

Temporarily banned my account after trying multiple keys :(

me too :(

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thanks Jeff!

just thanks!

no codes taken

Posted by MachineSailor

I was interested in seeing what this game was all about. But after hearing that atrocious plot for the game I'm out on this one.

Posted by BrianP

If you can really just drive from one end of the country to the other (in whatever compressed fashion) I will 100% buy this game

Posted by Qjt

Tried some random codes and got banned for 60 mins :D I love Uplay.

Posted by civid

Jack Reacher is a great fucking action movie. Amazing car chases and very small scale, which is nice for a modern action movie. Also this game looks like hot fucking garbage. Why all these numbers when it's obviosly just an arcade racing game.

Posted by SuperSambo

Anyone else got a poor picture quality in HD when compared to other GB videos?

Posted by hustlerlt

FLYING CAR!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ep_driver

Go to 36:00 and waittt for it...

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Don't fix that bug.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Drew pulling some Vignocchi-esque snark with that "so you're saying games get better as they get developed?" line.

Nice one.

Posted by Outrager

Isn't a V 1 impossible since you need an even number of cylinders to make the V shape?

Posted by cooljammer00

This is the second time in a week a piece of Giant Bomb content has included a pretty damn good impersonation of Janine Melnitz from Ghostbusters. Clearly Drew and Cara have been practicing together

Posted by MrGtD

This looks genuinely fantastic. Like, the closest anyone will get to another Burnout Paradise. No, Need for Speed Most Wanted didn't do it for me. Out of the 3 racing games out this fall, I think The Crew is gonna be the one for me.

Posted by nowhere_man

The FBI lady who pops up on the right side kind of looks like she's actually a demon.

Posted by Judus


A police code for a 'dangerous driver.' Can be excessive speeding, wreckless driving, or driving under the influence.

just in case any1 else wondered :)

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I tried a couple of the codes and then got logged out for 60 minutes for "Failed Activation Attempts"

That's just rotten Ubisoft!

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Okay, so I have been just banned from Uplay for trying too many of the activation codes. WTF?

Also, I was thinking the collision looked off somehow the entire time, as if there wasn't enough of an impact, and than "the incident" happened. It was glorious.

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In my mind, I'm approaching this as a follow up to Driver: San Francisco because Reflections is doing stuff. That game rules and this is way different, but my brain doesn't understand that.

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The moment I heard Troy Bakers voice in the car I had Saints Row flashbacks.

This looks like it could be surprisingly awesome though.