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Does this one have a statue of Drew??

Posted by Hobbaswaggle

mario golf was how i learned to play golf

Posted by hollitz

We've got some unfinished business to do.

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Hi I'm Peter Jacobsen and this is not Golden Tee Golf, but okay!

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What a season for Golf it has been. What. A. Season.

Posted by Spitznock

I'd be way into this if a three button press shot system like Hot Shots or Mario Golf is implemented at some point.

Posted by cooljammer00

If I got this game I'd need a way better controller than the PS3 ones I've been using on my PC. Those sticks are kinda awful.

Posted by cooljammer00

Depending on the granularity of that course creator, you could sorta make crazy courses that rival the most miniature of golfs.

Posted by expoof67

Thanks for quick looking this one, Drew. . Great screengrab!

Posted by ToniMcKernt

i love the announcer guy

Posted by LarryDavis

@hobbaswaggle: And Mario Tennis on Virtual Boy was where I learned how to play tennis.

Posted by rcath

looks good

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This looks great! And the course editor seems like you could make some pretty bananas stuff with it Hope it keeps progressing nicely.

Posted by Roundlay

The in-game commentator has the perfect amount of stopped-giving-a-shit for a golf game. Going to pick this up!

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Kind of agree with Drew on this one...seems like he isn't totally off the mark with virtual difficulty correlated with real. As long as it can really be achieved, which he said does come..

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Does anyone think that caddy sounds a little like Drew?

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

A rare sighting of a Jeff/Drew QL.

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Please Replace Divots

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@tearhead said:

Does anyone think that caddy sounds a little like Drew?

Too Canadian

Posted by fartGOD666

Seeing ability to place weiner-shaped bunkers on the course: I'm buying this game.

Seeing ability to sculpt weiners out of the very land itself: I'M BUYING THIS GAME!!

Posted by Pr1mus

That caddy is pretty enthusiastic.

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I love the audio guy.

That course creator seems pretty cool.

Posted by TromboneTony

The golf portion of the game seems kinda meh, but that course editor is awesome. I think some cool stuff will come out of this.

Posted by espm400

Looks like a decent PC golf title. I am curious as to how that guy 'sounds Canadian' though. As a Canadian, I've always thought our stereotypical Canadian accent was the SCTV Bob and Doug Mckenzie Saskatchewan accent, not the lack of an accent you tend to get in Ontario or out here in the west.

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Drew AND Jeff? How many times has it been just these two together?

Posted by IronScimitar

I'd pay money for this game on the PS4.

Posted by fartGOD666

@ironscimitar: It's coming to PS4/XB1, but they haven't elaborated past "soon"

Posted by DeadpanCakes

Woah, that screenshot. Is he aiming at the dear...?

Posted by Rox360

I haven't played a golf game in about 20 years, but I remember having some mild, low-key fun with those back in the day. All of this Mario Golf and then this and all of that is starting to make me wonder if I should maybe try one again... I do love me some good editors, too. Editors were the only reason I sunk hundreds of hours into Trackmana. The Golf Club, consider yourself watched.

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That two headed deer at the end, one male and one female. What has Drew done?!

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For all of the talk perception that Jeff doesn't know much about sports, he sure seems to know a lot about golf.

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This seems really good, and dat editor.

Posted by LassieME

This seems great, I might actually pick this up.

Posted by AngriGhandi

Oh man-- I don't care about golf much at all, but I almost want to get this game just so I can use that editor to make courses that are completely fucked.

Especially in a sport that's normally so stodgy and mannered-- hitting across parking lots, using buildings for hazards, entire courses covered with boats-- that looks like it could be so much fun.

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I'm with Jeff in that I prefer the multi-click system to analogue swings, but this still seems fun. I'd really like to have a golf game on PC, which there hasn't really been since the browser Tiger Woods game shutdown a while back. I wonder if this will be going up in price when it comes out, and if so, by how much. $35 is a bit steep for a golf game for me, but I might be swayed if I knew it was going to be $50-$60 later on.

Posted by Domineeto

@cooljammer00: I'd wager that mini golf courses are going to be the most popular if it has Steam workshop as well. Heck, I'm no big fan of golf or golf games but I would pick up a realist minigolf game in a heartbeat.

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i don't see mario anywhere in the name, fuck dis.

Posted by ripelivejam

we also need some gritty future war giant robot full contact golf dammit

Posted by cooljammer00

@cooljammer00: I'd wager that mini golf courses are going to be the most popular if it has Steam workshop as well. Heck, I'm no big fan of golf or golf games but I would pick up a realist minigolf game in a heartbeat.

With that giant grassy pole that Drew puts on his course in the video, I can see there being crazy caroms off boats and shit. Miniature golf....ON A HUGE SCALE.

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Why is every game aping the really lousy Metro / EA sports menu style?

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Alright, let's let 'er rip. That caddy has problems.

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I haven't hit play yet and I'm already interested after seeing how much those deer don't give a shit.

Still, I feel the need to evangelize and mention that the best golf game of all time is still Front Page Sports: Golf. Maybe you could say Golden Tee comes close but I haven't played one of those in over a decade.


Posted by ManicMyna

looks good but why can't I have a mouse controlled golf swing like before EA & Tiger ruined pga tour golf

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I love the laissez faire attitude towards being a caddy the caddy has. He sounds like an even more dry Joel Hodgson.

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Posted by SpaceCouncil

this looks great. real sharp looking too

Posted by Sin4profit

I've been enjoying this one. I usually play a round everytime they update it.

My analog swinging pro-tip is to put some kind of mark on the controller's housing directly north of the analog stick. this basically gives you a target to aim for when trying to make straight shots. also worth noting i have those KontrolFreek analog extensions on my right analog stick.

Also when it comes to the power in putting it's all about familiarizing yourself with the pullback animation of your golfer. After that, counter the break of the green with the angle of your swing, don't just change stance angle and try to hit it straight.

Posted by Ravelle

@tearhead said:

Does anyone think that caddy sounds a little like Drew?

Haha yeah, for a moment I thought Drew was both in the quicklook and saying things while in the control room.