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Looks like Team Brad is blasting off agaaaaaiiin.

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The rocket sound hurts me

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I really enjoy the design and animation of the character you control. He seems cute.

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dan with the scientitian bitz

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Haha, that difficulty spike is pretty funny. Just some minor difficulty with the platforms and BAM THERE'S A BIG FAST THING BEHIND ME!!

Looks pretty neat though.

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Next Breaking Brad.

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Breaking Brad: Super Mario Galaxy games, let's do it!

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ohhh Brad...

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Agreed. Next Breaking Brad. :)

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I'm enjoying Dan's mischievous laugh everytime Brad dies.

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I was sold at 8:40. A game like this needs Workshop support when it comes out. Looks like fun though.

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Flimsy rocket sounds.

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Looks interesting but frustration is nothing for me. Though I can't wait to see what the speedrunning community does with this.

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Just bought it, looks super slick

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I like this.

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I just don't care about indie platformers. Actually fuck all platformers. I thought I liked them once but really I just like SOTN.

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This looks really cool. I loved that revelation on the boss stage haha.

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Dear developers,

Please add a V-Sync option.


My Eyes

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I love that Brad is genuinely surprised that Dan knows what inertia is.

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yyyyyyyyyeah… no!

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Gosh. I miss those Quake3 rocket jump obstacle course maps.

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how much you wanna bet the #YOLO mode is a "do it all in one life" challenge?

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This looks like the difficulty of super meat boy without any of the precision. Games where you're fighting against the controls are rarely fun.

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this is like breaking brad: the quick look

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@hassun said:

Looks like Team Brad is blasting off agaaaaaiiin.


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Cool concept. looking forward to trying this

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How did they miss the point of rocket jumping so completely? The idea of a game based around Quake-like rocket jumping is awesome but replacing jumping with rocket jumping straight up is just dumb. The fun thing about rocket jumping is the crazy stuff and the mad air you can grab with it when you combine it with actual jumping, all that mixed together in a competitive environment where AI or other players are actively trying to kill you. Instead they just grabbed the short course indie 2D platformer concept and replaced jumping with rocket jumping.

Honestly disappointed.

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2 minutes in... oooh, cool... 10 minutes in... Uh, no. I don't need the stress... (but it looks cool)

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Yeah this badly needs vsync.

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@hassun: is that a Le Samourai dp? I'm send you a million hi fives via post

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@dstopia: Yea... except for all those people who do amazing Quake 3 rocket jump courses without enemies and with relatively little jumping once they get momentum up (depends on the course, some of them are pretty much rockets only once you moving with precision rockets). You're deciding what makes that form of control good and figuring anything that doesn't fit the original archetype is bad, without actually commenting on the subject at hand.

Why specifically does there have to be enemies to make it fun? What exactly does not having a distinct jump button affect, and if you're unhappy with your answer to that, why? They didn't just replace jumping and call it a day, they calibrated courses, made pars and timers with exacting precision and consistently introduced (as far as Brad got at least) increasingly interesting and difficult obstacles built around a specific designed movement system.

I too would have appreciated if a jump was worked into this to make it a three part movement (jump, rocket, air dash seems interesting), but as it stands it looks like a fun 2D interpretation of the original concept.

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This looks pretty good. I really liked the idea behind the boss fight, basically giving you only 4 chances to slow it down if you need it but that is all you get. Good twist on the main jumping mechanic of the game and I wouldn't have expected it to be there either.

The one problem is that it looks like it requires you to master the precision of it too quickly. I think they need more levels in there before the lasers come in to slowly ramp up the difficulty.

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"complaining about analogue stick"
well, use mouse and keyboard when playing PC game?

just a thought, top of my head anyway...

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Brad At Video Games

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Cool... looks innocent at first, but then it becomes everything that Super meat boy is.... except without the completion animation.

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..will add Vsync button to options :P

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@vkidd said:

..will add Vsync button to options :P

Are you the developer behind this? If so, really cool gameplay mechanic and level design, will definitely follow this until the full release.

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#YOLO? Really? Was this game made in 2011?

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YOLO = You Only Live Once = Hardcore Mode

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@oodli: Thx man! Yes, I'm 1 of the 3 devs on Tinertia

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Game looks really fun and challenging. Shame about the #YOLO option on the main screen but you could say the same thing about the yolo gem in Divekick. Makes no difference on the game itself.

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I love that Brad is genuinely surprised that Dan knows what inertia is.

Were you not?

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@gaff: People are already speedrunning. :) Current Mines world record:, skip to around 1:31:30.

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And on the next episode of Breaking brad.......

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I don't know why, but I started laughing uncontrollably at the sheer difficulty spike when Brad got to the boss. I kinda wish you couldn't shoot the hand at that point, because it looks so gloriously difficult. It seemed like you could actually go the whole level without shooting the hand if you nail those jumps.

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@luck702: You can beat ReCyclops without shooting it at all :D , just need those skillz

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Implying you're too good, too cool, too hip, for hashtag yolo mode.

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@larmer: New build is up! with VSync :P