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deathly thumbnail wow

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I'm going into this knowing nothing about it and assuming it's a Dungeon Keeper homage. I have a feeling that won't be the case.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

The thumbnail looks promising.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

Wouldn't it be better in the second mission to send all the zombies into the diner? to funnle the cops in there?

Posted by Atom

An Unfinished game... from 1995, I assume. That thumbnail looks SO bad.

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That...That thumbnail looks like the beginning of Baldur's Gate...

Edited by Sydlanel

lol I love how long you guys were discussing that terrible splash screen.

The UI, and the Graphics and basically everything (specially those infernal pentagram selection circles) looks straight out of last century as @atom said.

If ever a game needed a minimap too

Posted by HoboZero

Wait... there are people who will walk up to you on the street, rip your shirt and splash fake blood on you, and expect you to participate in a "zombie walk"? Are there many assaults?

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

I actually backed this on Kickstarter, but it didn't get funded. Glad it is still coming out, even though it looks really really rough so far. I do hope they pull through, as I want a "you are the zombie" game again. The last good one I can think of was Stubbs the Zombie.

Posted by djames216

This game is reminding me of Ghost Master. In that game you command various ghosts to scare people from their homes/place of work. I remember having fun with that game. I don't think I ever completed it originally. I'll have to go back to it again sometime.

Posted by CaptainJudaism

@hobozero: Many? I don't think so. But it does happen.

Posted by GabeNewell

This has to be some sorta Ps2 game that never made it past the original tech demo concept, and now is hastily up on greenlight after one of the old devs found it on an old HD up in their attic.

Posted by rulerofeden

@2headedninja: It would also be a good idea to wait right next to the spot where the cops show up, instead of 10 feet away, where they'll shoot you as you approach.

Posted by Alex

@hobozero: In most zombie flash mobs, there's a thing where if you want to participate, you have to wear a piece of tape or something on your shirt to indicate you're willing to be zombified. I've never heard of one where the people participating just go after random people on the street.

Posted by ShaggE

Man, I hope this ends up good come final release. It has the potential to be like an RTS version of Stubbs The Zombie, and that concept makes me happy.

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Man, I love BEast videos.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

@2headedninja: It would also be a good idea to wait right next to the spot where the cops show up, instead of 10 feet away, where they'll shoot you as you approach.

good point ... that would work too.

I kinda really like the basic idea of this. I just feel this is missing something. Just infecting people doesn't seen enough. No idea what to do to make it better though, I guess I'm not a game designer :)

Posted by PXAbstraction

Thumbnail Of the Year. Make that award, you know you want to!

Posted by Zefpunk

You don't fool me Vinny. I know you are much more up on your Cypress Hill lyrics than you let on.

Edited by Mr_Creeper

Hoping this is just super early access. There's some potentially cool gameplay here, but as is it's underwhelming.

Posted by Quantical

Well this game looks like a waste of time.

Posted by dr_mantas

This is no Stubbs the Zombie

Posted by TheVGamer

This game, this concept, could be great if executed by a competent team. I don't think this game is in competent hands. It's being made by JumpCore productions, creators of hits such as... Undead Overlord? That's it, this is seemingly their first project.

Edited by gektech

radio bit reminds me of pontypool fantastic zombie movie

Posted by falling_fast

is it like Overlord?

Posted by falling_fast

That...That thumbnail looks like the beginning of Baldur's Gate...

i was so pissed when i found out they took that intro cutscene out of the enhanced edition xd. MY NOSTALGIA TRIP RUINED

Posted by EuanDewar

I'd enjoy a new Stubbs game. Let Double Fine make it or something.

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Hipster Zombie Flash mobs are actually tons of fun. I played "Humans vs Zombies" on FSU campus in college a couple times and it was so much fun being a zombie or running around with nerf guns being paranoid as shit all week.

Edited by mithical

I can't tell, is it not possible to split your zombies up to trap dudes, or is Alex just not doing it? Can you box select like an RTS? Are there hotkeys? A game like this pretty much lives and dies by your ability to control multiple units, I'd hope that stuff is in place...

Posted by fisk0

Reminds me a bit of the Zombie Tycoon series, which were also deeply flawed. Zombie Tycoon 2 is probably the most disappointing purchase I've made for my Vita.

Posted by onarum

this looks... terrible...

it's like a very simplified, barebones rts game, the sole "novelty" being the fact killing people gets you more units, and that' s about it...

Edited by Draxyle

Oof, yea this is a bit too early access. When the graphics and UI remind me of "Bad Rats", that makes for a pretty poor first impression.

I know that's generally the last thing you would polish, but they're inviting a lot of criticism by charging fifteen dollars for this build.

Edited by beatnik11

I really dont think that they should qualify or withhold their opinions just because its early access. If they are asking for money then they should not reserve their judgement. Unlike some of the better early access games like Next Car Game and Prison Architect which have a really solid foundation for a game in development, this game looks like complete and total trash. Just another piece of shit in the long tradition of zombie related cash grab games.

Posted by Tits_Matador

That's not Bad Bad Leroy Brown at all!

Posted by Tikicobra

Why do the zombies and people move at the same speed? That's an absolutely terrible design oversight.

Posted by bacongames

"Hipster zombie flash mob." Perfect.

Posted by SharkMan

good idea, crappy execution.

Edited by Sessh

I agree that the idea does seem neat, so I'm gonna keep an eye on this one.

I just really hope they change the interface (especially the art on it), because it looks fucking terrible. It's just as if it came straight out of a really terrible FMV game from the 90's.

Posted by BluPotato

I think a game like this would be more interesting and strategic if they found some sort of way to implement a less direct control method of directing the zombie hoard. I guess like Vinny said, more macro and less micro. You could have a lot more zombies and bystanders hanging around that way too.

Posted by l3illyl3ob

Haha, wow, this game is freaking terrible.

Posted by BachoGrande

My shoes hurt too, Vinny.

Edited by WrathOfGod

If I was Mr. Game Design Man, your downed zombies could be revived if your living zombies walked up to their corpse, and humans could only permanently kill the zombies by walking up to their corpse and shooting/bludgeoning them in the brain. I think that would make for a good push-pull type dealio. I might get rid of the individual zombie-selector and only have them controllable as groups rather than individuals, with maybe 5 zombies to a group or something.

Posted by Sarx


Posted by MEATBALL

Love the idea, game is looking not very good at this point.

Were you maybe supposed to keep cannibalising people in that last mission instead of expanding your horde so you wound up with one powerful zombie? I'm guessing you'd just get shot before you got anywhere again. :/

Posted by CaptainMcPunch

Posted by uglykitten

"Can I hit that?" - Alex Navarro

Posted by SpaceCouncil

Controlling Zombies is an oxymoron. This is not canon with any Zombie Lore ever.

Posted by Se7enSpirals

Cool idea, but this looks like a poor proof of concept.

Posted by moondogg

Looks broken. Not to back seat drive either, but probably should move the zombies in before the cop car gets there, so you can swarm at least one as soon as it gets from the car.

Posted by AdequatelyPrepared

Well, this looks as though as it may eventually turn into a fun zombie game, it's nice of them to release the alpha for free so they can get feedback on what to improve.
Wait, they are charging $15 for this?

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