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Sackboy? Is that you?

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It looks ok... better than Epic Mickey anyways lol

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I'm gonna be honest here...I totally dig that 'suit up' remix of various themes.

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Dunno how the game is going to be, but Im FUCKING loving all these commercials for the game, especially the music.

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I want to believe the were saying SU-DA! SU-DA! and this is actually a collaboration with Suda 51.

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Nice look, but did they copy LBP and Lego in both character design AND gameplay?

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Still waiting for that Ducktales game Warren Spector wants to make. This looks like good party, LEGO style fun though.

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How come Disney can't get the rights to play their own music?

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holy shit LBP struck me the first minute i sar that sackboy! :D

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Is this some Johnny V joint?

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This looks like Lego meets Costume Quest. That's not a bad thing.

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I'm glad to see I'n not the only one who thinks this actually looks pretty neat.

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When I hear this trailer, all I hear is a bunch of Cossacks chanting the arrival of Suda 51.

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I thought these were little big planet costumes at first...

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Looks like a cross between LBP and Powerstone :O

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Cute, i might get this to play with my kids.

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What abominations are those thing!?