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God, I love the t-shirt Jeff is wearing. Anyone got a link to where you can buy it?

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This is, like, so unprofesh.

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That thumbnail. Just great.

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Wow, what a great opening conversation.

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It's been a weird week, I need this.

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That Alpaca Adventure game looks fuckin' rad.

Also, Happy Birthday Alexis!!

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Happy Friday too all!!

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FMVinny needs to be a segment please

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This episode is so American we even have a dirty foreigner in it. Hi Danny!

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No matter what country you live in Friday's are always unprofessional on Giant bomb .

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Way good episode. Dwyer is great! Also amazing work by Drew in the control room. That replay of Brad at the end was so good.

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I tend to like all the shirts Jeff wears

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Happy Friday!

Also, that's some good booze for a gift.

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Most of the damage of leprosy is from a loss of sensation, not some rotting aspect. You end up banging the shit out of your extremities without that pain/kinesthetic sense.

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I feel as a bourbon drinker I need to set them straight on Maker's 46. The difference between regular Maker's and Maker's 46 is that during the aging process for 46 they add toasted French oak staves to the barrel. Much like the char level of the barrel is numbered the toast on the staves is numbered as well and Maker's 46 using the number 46 toast.

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@csl316 said:

It's been a weird week, I need this.

Kid Rock is... weird. This is a weird thing. I forgot this existed.

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Are there 10 games this year better than Christmas Alpaca Adventure?

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@the_nubster: It's so bad, man. SO. BAD. And I don't mean good.

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Oh man, I had no idea Ty Root worked at CBS now.

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Whenever Jeff wears the "Nike" shirt I am reminded how much I want it

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This week's UPF has Danny O'Dwyer, Vinny playing weird games, Brad waiting in a lobby for a game and a hidden princess. Giant Bomb is great! Also, happy birthday, Alexis!

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Happy Birthday, Alexis!

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When is Danny going to move up from recurring special guest to regular cast?

Oh and, Happy Birthday, Alexis!

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VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Drop 'Em

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The artistic style of Loadout kind of just looks like garbage.

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Is anyone else having trouble playing this video?

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@amyggen: Insound appears to have the exact shirt. Though they are out of stock at the moment.

EDIT - Also found them here. It's a bit pricer but it actually sounds like you could order it form them and actually get it.

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Felicidades a Alexis

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Is it me, or did Brad not notice there was a game ready to join when he was playing Loadout?

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Where'd that meat go, we'll never know...

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@csl316: That song will always remind me of The Undertaker back in the Biker 'Taker days.

Also, I love Jeff's shirt. And that Danny turned up with flaming alcohol. And Jeff name-dropped Westwood as his first example of British radio. Fan-tastic.

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You don't need to thrust in Nidhogg to kill, just touch them with the tip of your sword! When someone rolls at you while your sword is low they'll just die on it. If you raise your sword and backstep when someone tries to jump kick they'll almost always be impaled on your sword without you having to do anything. Learning this would go a long way toward stopping Vinny's throw and run strategy.

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Such a great UPF!

Happy survival anniversary, @alexisg!

EDIT: Marble Madness! One of my all-time favorite NES games I played. :D

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Ty Root works at CBS now? Scoop!

Happy birthday Alexis!

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Simply glorious

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Hah, that alpaca thing looks pretty awesome! Gotta check that out.

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Danny! He's pretty awesome....

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