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Call me crazy, but I really enjoyed Too Human.

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Man I still think Too human controls and looks like complete shit.

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So what is this, the new Whiskey Media Happy Hour (replacement)?

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I liked Mirror's Edge up until the last fourth when it got real gun heavy. The time trials DLC is really fun, too.

We'll probably wind up with a .gif of Jeff going "It's the shit" at some point.

I appreciate the Maiden and Ubisoft logo reference during the Too Human pause screen.

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Best new video thing!

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people complain about games still having button prompts long into the game, but as the lords of shadows has shown, that might not be a bad thing.

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Really love this new series. Keep it going!

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Remember, guys.

That room is actually really dark...

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This might be my new favorite thing Giantbomb does. Keep it up guys.

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I tried making a rail city in SimCity 2000 GBA. It failed miserably. Why?

THE CITIZENS WERE AFRAID OF TRAINS. They refused to ride them even when they were the only form of transit. It was amazing.

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Great job, Andy! I really liked some of the picture-in-picture setups, some of which I imagine you threw together on the spot.

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Whoever is talking crap about the vinny LoS segment is insane.  One of the funniest segments ever. 

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I love seeing Patrick just giggling through the flying segment...

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This new segment is fucking A-mah-zing.

I haven't laughed to a Giant Bomb feature as I have this in a long, long time.

Keep it up fo sho.

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Yeah, now I can see why they never reviewed Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Can't wait for the next installment of wall-tearing, and door-smashing!

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The long start up time to get the planes in the air is ALWAYS worth the 5 seconds when it all goes wrong and Vinny crashes it!

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Awesome. This is why I have a premium membership: keep it up.

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Do all the video players suck or am I interneting wrong? I can't scrub streaming or HTML5 and progressive just doesn't buffer the whole thing.

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this was AMAZING.

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Beverly Hills Cop should be the next Breaking Brad.

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Awesome work Vinny, Drew and Ryan!

I always wanted to try too human. Time has probably passed on that. I still have castlevania that needs to be beaten too...Vinny is definitely at a good part for the rest of the crew to make fun of it. Poor sections of a decent game I think.

I played a couple hours of mirror's edge on 360 a few years ago. Some giant room with a bunch of asshole cops made me rage and quit. To solve that problem, I got it on pc and whenever I finally get to it I'll be playing with cheats. That first trailer of mirror's edge when I still had a core2duo and 7900gs with zero HD consoles fucking floored me, and that feeling is still with me now to explain why I like the idea of ME.

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Whoa... The main menu in Beverly Hills Cop is eerily similar to the main menu in Hotline Miami. Can that be a coincidence?

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Mirror's Edge in third person would be like a linear Far Cry 3. Missing the point.

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please, Please, PLEASE!


never forget.

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Man the LoS segments are great. No interest whatsoever in watching somebody play that game "correctly".

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@HatKing: Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.

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@Quarters said:

Beverly Hills Cop should be the next Breaking Brad.

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Blue Moon? Really?

I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

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Anyone down to play come co-op with me sometime? FOR CHARITY?

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Always a fan of Jeff in the hosting chair.  And of Space Jam.

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Is unprofessional Fridays a thing now, if so awesome.

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This new segment is great! It feels like a bonus for the week. It's really funny and kind of reminiscent of Happy Hour.

I heard it took to much planning to make it worth doing the Happy Hour but if you guys did this with chance of adding in other people from the industry or from the office depending on if they had news/stuff to say that would be awesome. E.g. Comic vine or tested folk.

Anyway thanks for the solid content.

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oh fuck me that warthog section

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triple thumbs up!

almost 3 hours of sheer insanity a week is one of the main reasons I come to giant bomb

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These are definitely making premium worth it. Hope they keep them up, but it'll probably get hard to load this older stuff when new games come out.

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Thoroughly unprofessional!

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"Ye olde clap" killed me.

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Vinny flying that plane, may just be the most amazing thing EVER!!!!!!! hahahaha

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man mirrors edge looks bad

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I really hope this castlevania business becomes a recurring theme on fridays! Like an undercover endurance run!

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Beverly Hills Cop was INCREDIBLE.

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Jeff Gerstmann saying "PLEASE...PLEASE...SHUT UP!" is one of the funniest moments of this website.

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I really liked Mirror's Edge a lot, so I'm going to post this video of Mirror's Edge played by someone who actually makes it look fun, and isn't completely awful at it.

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Oh goodness. That Beverly Hills Cop game. Just horrendous. How is it possible that game is even remotely from 2006?

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The 9/11 of video ges indeed.

Posted by MariachiMacabre
The 9/11 of video ges indeed.
Games, even. Thanks, iPhone autocorrect!
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I'm still chuckling just at the memory of this. Unbelievably funny stuff.