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One more week and Danny O'Dwyer is basically a member of the Giant Bomb staff, right?

Posted by qualus

DANNY! \o/

Posted by mlarrabee

Oh, those Irish!

Posted by Davisman

Friday! Awesome, thanks guys!

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Thanks for getting this up early again

Posted by DriveupLife

I approve recruitment of this Irishman.

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Danny's great!

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Amiga 500? This is going to be a great UPF!

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Missed this live, thanks for the fast archive Vinny, and you guys just need to make Danny official already!

Edit: YES DREW! DAY OF DEFEAT RULES! And Science and Industry was fantastic!!

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Such a quick turnaround, and just when I was looking for an excuse to stop doing homework!

I'm okay with continuing to call Danny O'Dwyer a "special guest" if it means that he'll be on Unprofessional Fridays always.

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Danny is like an unofficial giantbomb staff guy. It's pretty great, he's great to have around.

Posted by q_sic

Danny is great. Add him to the team!

Posted by mlarrabee

@fauxical said:

Amiga 500? This is going to be a great UPF!

I hadn't started watching yet. Now I know to save it for something special.

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I know I'm going to get a fucktonne of flack for this, but... Danny is an awesome host, nearly Ryan-esque.

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Moar Danny!

Posted by ZagZagovich

Danny is a so good.

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I don't normally comment but if this can start the "Get Danny hired" train then I am all for it.

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Just putting this out there, I'd be more than OK with Danny staying for good.

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I feel like the thumbnail image is a foreshadowing of Danny's future at giantbomb :) I think we all approve!

I've only watched 2 of Jeff's jar sessions and in BOTH of them he mentioned getting new people on board is one of his goals. Soooooo......

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@wh00kie said:

I've only watched 2 of Jeff's jar sessions and in BOTH of them he mentioned getting new people on board is one of his goals. Soooooo......

Danny isn't "new people" though. He works at GameSpot. Hiring him would make GameSpot short a dude.

Although... GameSpot does have a lot more dudes... Perhaps GameSpot can become the Giant Bomb farm league, and the greatest talent gets snatched up by Jeff and the crew. That would probably be awful for GameSpot, but I've been there twice in the last five years, so I'd live.

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Danny, you need to be on the team son. I think everyone agrees you would make a great addition to Giantbomb.

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Please more Danny

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Jesus. I really like Danny but you guys are kidding yourselves.

Posted by internetpizza

@rorie it's "Clone High" and it was a great show that you should most definitely watch.

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As far as I know, Mr. O'Dwyer is already gainfully employed by some other lame videogame website called gamestop or something. On the off chance that it is a possibility however, I can't think of anybody who would make a more natural edition to the staff than Danny.

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Jesus. I really like Danny but you guys are kidding yourselves.

I know. We all know Jeff went into the Irish Hyperbolic Time Chamber and BECAME Danny. Pretty simple.

Posted by Melvargh

Where was Danny's Californian accent? I totally forget where in the stream it happened

Posted by extragingerbrew

Hire O'Dwyer. Dude can hang and hold his own with the GB crew. (Plus he brings booze!)

Posted by Peety

DoD on the server/map I always play on! DoD is my go to game as well.

IGN: Geophph. Play there all the time.

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@dizzuncan: Jeff is part Irish too isn't he? Giantbomb is the #1 source for the Irish.

Posted by crimsonlordofwar

Seeing as GB is already 'the best of GS'.....I approve of this acquisition. All in favor say I, all of those not, we'll just ignore you.

Posted by el_stork

Danny is the best part of the move to Gamespot

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Danny does some pretty popular video content for gamespot. As much as I want him to join GB (he was great on the bioforge series) I just don't think it'll happen =/ here is for hoping.

Posted by davidh219

Danny is the best.

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Everyone's drunk!

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It's simple math... Solve for X! 3 divided by 3.39 is 0.884955752212389!

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@dizzuncan All Irish people actively dislike you so I guess we are even! #suckit

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I love me some Danny!

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non-American? Say it like you mean it....Un-American!

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@juggaloacidman: eh, by "actively dislike" what I really mean is that it annoys me that everyone thinks I'm Irish just because I have red hair. #letsbefriends

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I'm getting audio from ads that aren't showing in the video player.

Posted by soul101

How does Danny not work here yet?!

Posted by RonGalaxy

The existential crisis that is Brad

"So are you enjoying this game"

Brad: "What am I even doing back here"

Posted by Dratter

Danny O'Dwyer, swishing that whiskey around in his mouth LIKE A MAN!

Posted by sciential

Just want to join the Hire Danny chorus in case this reaction can help make it happen.

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