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WOOO! Now to watch this until I fall asleep.

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It all comes down to this.

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Into the Meat Dimension!

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up and away

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Come in from the snow and cold, crank the heat, cuddle up under a blanket and end the week with some Unprofessional Friday. Life is pretty good!

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No Gang Beasts? Short episode too.

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That JFK game is literally the worst thing I have ever seen. I hope the makers were banished to live on asteroids or something.

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Is this our chance? Aha

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Jeff Gerstmann: Professional Beef Bowl Maker.

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Missed it live. Glad it's up so quick. Thanks guys!

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Yoshinoya is pretty great for a once in a while thing.

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The Camel did it.

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I feel like this week was on a whole new level of unprofessional...

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I don't know which is more unhealthy, Brad's obsession with lizards or Jeff's obsession with the Meat Dimension.

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Beardjeff is bestjeff.

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Seriously though, are the Yoshinoya places in LA any good? Might seek one out next time I'm there.

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Gang Beasts or Bust.

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Last year James Woods said that Obama is a poor President. In his words an "abomination".

That makes him "politically crazy".

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Also, always wondered.. Why don't you have the "control room" right in the studio? like in the corner or whatnot.
Has there ever been a tour of the new offices btw?

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The idea of the end of Re-elect JFK being that JFK travels back in time to assassinate himself is one of the best ideas I have ever heard. That is the ultimate ending of anything.

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I start feeling like the only rational person regarding politics when I talk to most people on either side of the political aisle.

I don't ever want to feel another hint of that from another Giant Bomb video.

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I wish I'd caught the Reelect JFK segment live, I could've told @vinny about the secret presidential Batcave you can access from the oval office by pulling a fake book on the bookshelf, from which you analyze all your secret assassination evidence. I'm not even kidding.

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The JFK game reminded me of that side plot in Gone Home about your father writing those books where they guy time travels and saves JFK.

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SOL: Genesis also allows you to play like Battlestar Galactica space dogfighting with the spinning and "drifting".

The Gerard Butler White House film Olympus Has Fallen is MILES better than White House Down.

Also, watching Brad play Altered Beast was kind of hilarious.

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Wow...this made me look up how to whistle with fingers in my mouth and I was actually able to do it. Thanks Giant Bomb.

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The most unprofessional Friday ever. This is fantastic.

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Thanks for this makes my friday night so much better after I get home from work!

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This was a great unprofessional friday! Highlights for me include the crew's JFK impersonations and Brad going back to that Genesis collection. It would be cool if Brad did a Phantasy Star 2 Breaking Brad, because that game is super fucking hard.

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Bearded Jeff is Best Jeff.

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I feel bad for everyone who missed the magic while waiting for the show to start.

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Now they just need to play JFK Reloaded.

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E-SWAT and Alien Storm are two of my favorite Genesis games, I should really pick up that collection.

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It's a real shame we never got a true BSG game. Telltale would have made a really great one that's based on the human drama more than the space battles.

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Oh Jeff, you pyschic...

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Skimmed through quickly to see if there was any Gang Beasts happening...no such luck, sadly. Some interesting seeming segments still.

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That Yoshinoya on Fountain and Vine that Jeff mentioned is literally a five minute walk from me. I've probably eaten there way more times in my life than is healthy.

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I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did at "The Camel Did It".

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How dare they call it an ultimate collection without including gunstar heroes

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Why is your volume always so loooooooowwwww

Fix your shiiiiiiiittttt!!

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Max that sound chip.

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ohh plz plz plz more than anything in the world plz print a run of 'the camel did it!' Tee's

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Sorry @jeff but the Genesis is the WCW of 16-bit consoles.