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Cool I missed it live :)

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I've been waiting so long!

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Whoooooo 3 hours

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why hello there!

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Nice, thanks for working on Sunday night guys

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Unprofessional Fridays: monday morning edition

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I'd rank this as probably one of the best premium videos on the site. Watching the surgery simulator live was just amazing.

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I think there's a typo in the deck. "Drew tries pronounce Russian words..."

Drew tries to pronounce

Drew tries pronouncing

Can't wait to watch this 3 hour party! Awesome stuff as always.

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Awesome, missed the first quarter of it when it went live. Keep up the good work, bomb crew.

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OH MAN, I missed this live and I thought it was never gonna go up, awesome!

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So if that's Andy Bauman doing production, you should have him guest on the podcast, he was always great on the PC Gamer podcast. Ohgod will anyone read this it is 2am.

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I tuned into this during the Halcyon stuff, it was bizarre. :P

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Kind of questionable during all that Zelda but it surges back.

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I've been waiting ALL weekend for this!

...You guys WOULD put it up Monday morning -.-

But its appreciated nonetheless :) SO HYPED FOR THIS!

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Fast Forward a bit - Def Jam Icons? Already this is amazing.

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Finally.........waited FOREVER for this

Began watching the stream Friday and stopped thinking id watch it later that night....oh how wrong i was

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I had heard the file was too big for Amazon so it was supposed to go up in two parts. How'd you fix it? Did you edit something out?

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I don't think I've laughed harder at anything that wasn't featured on Unprofessional Fridays


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Vinny looks like Steve Jobs Lol

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relive the magic of Vinny playing surgeon simulator all over again.

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"E for everybody, everyone starts rolling." Then he starts stroking the Macbook slowly...

I love you Vinny

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God dammit..... I gave in and bought the yearly pass to watch this..... It's not even a deal....

I love you too much GB! :S

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Totally wish Dead Space 2 hadn't gone the direction it did, but loved Dead Space 2 anyway because it's a great game. Expecting Dead Space 3 to be largely great as well, even if I wish the series had gone a different direction than it did.

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I don't buy Patrick's dodge at ALL. He totally calls himself BIGNASTY haha

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@thebunnyhunter said:

Finally.........waited FOREVER for this

Began watching the stream Friday and stopped thinking id watch it later that night....oh how wrong i was

2.5 days is forever?

you need to spend some skill points to upgrading your patience capacity, duder :D

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FINALLY! YAY! Taking a break from Dead Space 3. I was going to go to bed but... Now? I have to watch this now. I've waited not so-patiently.

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Vinny was pure gold throughout this.

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I love you guys so much. Thank you for this.

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I really, REALLY want a Giantbomb Laser Disc game!

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instead of having patrick very poorly explain the glitches, they should have turned the sound up and listen to the dude say them...

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Unprofessional Mondays! I'll take it.

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As soon as I heard say they received "binders full of..." I could almost hear the chat topically scream out "women!"

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Love and hugs Vinny! Could not have been fun to get this up.

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Icon sucks. It is just so slow and clunky compared to the last game and it doesn't have Ice-T,Danny Trejo, or Xzibit.

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If anyone's really interested, that Ocarina of Time video with commentary is super interesting and informative - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M7IINwTFVw. Cosmo's super knowledgeable about the game and the history of speedrunning it, and he does a great job of explaining everything that's going on in tons of detail.

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Icon w@Generiko said:

Icon sucks. It is just so slow and clunky compared to the last game and it doesn't have Ice-T,Danny Trejo, or Xzibit.

Yeah, Icon was a huge disappointment to me as well. I absolutely love Fight For NY, one of my all-time favorite games even though I'm not all that into hip-hop. But Icon's fighting system feels so incredibly clumsy. At least it looks nice, I suppose...

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This was not posted Feb 1st! Liars!

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Rick Dyer is a God among men.

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Not sure why but I could swear I played Sudden Strike once before, as part of one of those cheap retail range.

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I've been waiting for this moment for all of my...weekend?

EDIT: It's kinda stupid them sitting there guessing wrong about the Oot Speedrun when the guy doing it explains everything, if you have any interest go to youtube and watch it with proper explanation.

EDIT: That Mako thingy is the only third party controller I've ever liked, that thing is awesome.

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Unprofessional Fridays are the greatest. Not every segment worked out (Patrick should've revisited Majora's Mask before the stream and focused on showing some select things instead of just running around) but that's what you get when you don't prepare a whole lot for a feature. And this is definitely the right way to go UF - part of the magic is created through events that occur on the spot, and you simply can't know how things turn out before hand.

So thanks to Jeff, Patrick, Vinny, Drew and everyone else, you are the best things there are on the internet. <3