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Posted by Maginnovision

Yea, no kidding. Worst part is video isn't up yet.

Posted by FNGbomber

Metal Gear!?

Posted by Slab64

Having a hard time finding videos these days. Even when I know a video is up, it won't be on the front page or the main video page...I had to drill all the way down to subscriber videos to find this.

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Cyber eyepatches are the future.

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@slab64: It's probably owing to the part where the video isn't a real video yet. Though if tradition holds ninjas will ninja a URL which will allow people to download it in the time it would take for it to appear on the site proper.

Posted by Sidewalkchalk

Mmm.. click dat download button.. and nothing is available. 404's for the win.

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is this a joke about simcity?

Posted by rchen

Video up now!

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Posted by joshthebear

Oh god, this was so good. Jeff's segment alone was worth it.

Posted by Maginnovision

I have to say the windows 8 giantbomb app is kind of cool. I saw this up and nothing nothing nothing, then I got a notification that this video went up while watching TNT and sure enough, good to go.

Posted by buhssuht

I was really hoping that they would play Starcraft.

Posted by TheBluthCompany

Tricky looks like a flanelled pirate with that facial hair.

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This is the best feature currently going on GB, love it love it love it.

Posted by Trilogy

Time to get reeeeeaaaaal laid back.

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Oh man Negro Modelo....now I'm thirsty...

Posted by The_Ruiner

Seeing Patrick play Thief, now i get what his problem with stealth games is...

Posted by HappyCheeze

oh snap I love Thief 2

Posted by Kratch

This is the best feature currently going on GB, love it love it love it.

Agreed. I work late, and coming home on a Friday night to watch this and drink beer is an awesome treat. Thanks GB!

Posted by Animasta

the esports monster is scary D:

Posted by sasnipes

As a diehard Castlevania fan, I'm loving all the Castlevania gameplay in this feature! Can this evolve into Castlevania Fridays???

Posted by Pixeldemon

The chat was highly critical of Francis Gary Powers' decision not to use his cyanide capsule.

Man, I love Drew's sim segments.

Posted by JasonR86

Seeing Thief again bummed me out.

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Oh Drew....what are we gonna do with you and your _______ simulators

Well I can never forget that Snake is a demon hunter now

Posted by D_O_A

these videos always buffer/download incredibly slowly for me for some reason, even on low. no issues on any other sites i visit regularly.


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@allodude said:

Oh man Negro Modelo....now I'm thirsty...

Exactly what I was thinking.

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Patrick now looks old enough to buy a beer in Canada

Posted by mellotronrules

if you squint a little during vinny introducing the lords of shadow segment, it kind of looks like his arms and head are floating freely in the air. like vectorman, or something.

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I love the random stuff Drew plays lol.

Posted by axf4ever

This is fast becoming some of my favorite content on the site

Posted by ripelivejam

i'm really digging patrick's beard now, not that it matters.

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I thought nothing could top Drew's SAM Sim, then the esports monster appeared.

Posted by Nev

As always, great show!

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@the_ruiner said:

Seeing Patrick play Thief, now i get what his problem with stealth games is...

That he doesn't know how to duck and be quiet, lean around corners, stay in the dark, blackjack from behind, and all around be patient?

Yes of course...

Watching Drew trying to stay professional when the others are goofing around like idiots with essports. Priceless

Posted by iragequit

This seemed a bit late. Highly unprofessional.

Posted by Itwastuesday

@phished0ne: i hope they make esports theatre a regular feature

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Zobek. That is all.

Posted by Knite

Just give them a cardboard box and the show is a success.

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Such a great feature, thanks guys.

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Uh oh, Patrick is playing Thief on air? I genuinely can not watch that.

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Why are you so terrible at thiefing Patrick!? Come on, shape up dude!

Posted by Thompson820

Man, Drew KILLED it this week. I can't get enough of his puns.

Posted by Ponyexpress

Drew is ICE COLD.

Posted by Crelio

We didn't even get a moss arrow in the face, that IS the Thief experience!

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Ah, I tried, I couldn't do it. I can't hear them slag off the visuals when I think they are god damn beautiful. This is the worst venue to play that game, you get no atmosphere and Patrick is atrocious at stealth games.

Posted by Happenstance

Shenmue bashing makes me sad :(

Posted by Ketchupp

I don't understand Patrick!

Posted by Fattony12000

Look at you back peddle.