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sooo fast

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The truth is... out there?

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Cant wait to get home from work and watch this!

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Another endurance run in a week and a half confirmed

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This has become my favorite non-Bombcast Giant Bomb activity.

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My new favorite feature.

Edit: Oh man, I remember that fucking bear, it literally made me shit my pants back in the day.

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Friday is now my favorite day due to this. Keep up the great work, fellas!

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Yes! I needs me some Virtual Scully.

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This is the reason I don't go to bed with my wife on Friday nights..

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Sweet, just sat down to work and this! Thanks Drew!

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I knew that this was the damn bear level.

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Fuck I remember that X-Files PC game. Such shitty. Waste of money.

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So sad Drew hadn't installed the music files for Descent 2. It had such an amazing soundtrack by Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy/OhGr/Download), Brian Luzietti, Mark Morgan and Johann Langlie among others. Even the track by Type-O Negative was unexpectedly pretty good.

If you've got the CD's (either the PS1, Mac or PC versions work), you only have to rip the tracks and D2X has instructions on where to put them for the game to play them properly. Music does a lot for the atmosphere of that game. And, yeah, the "best graphics" in D2X look horrible, I always go with the option that looks like the original software rendered versions of the games - even using nearest-neighbor filtering instead of interpolated/smooth textures, in most cases using interpolation like that just make the textures look flat.

By the way, if you've bought Descent 1 off of GOG, you get the soundtrack files for the Mac version, which has much better music than the MIDI renditions in the PC version, and using D1X you can get that music to play during the game. Not quite as amazing as the Descent 2 soundtrack, but it's pretty good early 90's Front Line Assembly style EBM as well.

Behold one of the greatest video game tracks of all time:

EDIT: Oh, apparently @drewbert was using D2X XL, when I've been using DXX Rebirth, which is more focused on being extremely true to the original releases of Descent and Descent 2, whereas D2X XL seems more about trying to update the engine with eyecandy. Looks like it's only DXX Rebirth that has native support for MP3 soundtracks, D2X XL mostly seems to support OGG, and you need to manually edit it's config and playlist files in order to get it to play music at all.

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pretty we had that X-Files game when i was a kid. I remember it not being terrible for that style of game, but i had to be like... 11 at the time.

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The second X-Files game, Resist or Serve, is kind of a cool game! It's a blatant Silent Hill/Resident Evil ripoff, but I probably enjoyed it because of my love for the show and that I'd never played SH or RE. Terrible last boss though!

Also Jillian Anderson has a British accent because she was raised as a child in the UK.

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some good ol' fashioned SKATE 3 lovin

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" Sigh ". Two weeks till another show.

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just wanna say how much I love having Drew as a regular on this

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@vrikk: I remember trying to play that game and getting all the way up to the hotel room, then never being able to figure out how to get past it

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The screencap looks like bizarro Donnie Wahlberg.

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Freedom Fighters

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I love that Ryan references this David Cross bit when the phone is ringing in the office.

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Start off the show by making fun of the fans. Awesome.

Not that it wasn't funny, though . . .

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Seems promising, can't wait to watch this!

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I think I would be more excited about seeing the Giantbomb panel than I would be to actually be at PAX.

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is that doggett? i can't tell.

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Now I'm just depressingly reminded of how I'm never going to get the Condemned 2 multiplayer achievements.

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That bear sequence is great. Dying a bunch really breaks the tension, though.

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That bear sequence is great. Dying a bunch really breaks the tension, though.

die enough though and it comes back around to hilarity!

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e: man i miss (good) xfiles

e2: i'm actually visibly mad that all of them (save patrick and brad, good men :) ) thought this WASN'T the actual intro. now i know what it's like to feel true vitriol on the internet. :(

e3: i want '93-'98 era scully as my bride :\

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There's no way that that was a CG interview. It'd be pointless, and harder than just hiring a guy.

@brad I think you're being a little harsh on the occulus rift. There are already hacks for a bunch of existing games to work with it. It is NOT just Doom 3. In fact, I can't think of a better game to support it than Mirror's Edge, which is one of the games that was totally hacked to have support. And there are even a couple games working towards proper support. And games with included headtracking support will be fairly easy to make with with Occulus, especially as someone's apparently already figured out the shader needed to warp the image to match the Rift.

Alright, hearing that the Arma 3 QL is "real dumb" I think I might do a "community" quick look to show it off properly. We'll see in a couple of hours I guess.

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@jeff Stop watching after Season 2???? FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! season 4 was the absolute BEST (dark middle chapter! ish) and season 5 was pretty fucking excellent too!!! i'll probably disargee with patrick and save a few moments season 6 wasn't worth the time, but i definitely stopped watching after that. but yeah, i think i've finally learned what it is to feel pure RAGE on the intertron. >:(

this is all in jest obviously. love you jeff and keep doing what you're doing.

vinny's kinda making me angry here too but it's alright (i GUESS)

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Fun show. It started off kinda slow but by the time they were mucking around in the X-Files it was good. It was awesome to see Descent get some quality time and appreciation.

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The first minute of this is incredible. Wow.

I'm not going to watch the PAX panel questions btw they're always the worst.

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A new Descent game would be nice, but a new Freespace game would be even better.

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the skate bit is seriously one of the best bits of content to hit the site in a long time. just watching the crew all cringe in pain while jeff just destroys his skate character juxtaposed against yakety sax was hilarious.

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@osaladin said:

My new favorite feature.

Edit: Oh man, I remember that fucking bear, it literally made me shit my pants back in the day.

Without watching the video, I'm going to assume one of them is playing Condemned?

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You can always count on Drew to represent the PC crowd. Thanks Drew!

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I'm with you Jeff, no Zeno Clash.

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Trust Ryan to completely fuck up the bear sequence.

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I feel the first few minutes of this should be mandatory viewing for anyone attending the PAX panel.

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Naming your kid Dracula is like naming your kid Adolf.

Not cool.

Now name your kid Floda, profit.

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@huey2k2 said:

A new Descent game would be nice, but a new Freespace game would be even better.

I don't know, the mod community are doing fantastic stuff with the Freespace 2 code, releasing new content and updating the old to the point that it pretty much looks like a present day game at this point. There's only so much you can do with the old Descent games' level geometry. I'd love to have a new game in both series, but I'd prioritize Descent, simply due to it not having aged quite as well and thus is in more need of a replacement.

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Totally want that X-Files game to become the next Lords of Shadow. Good luck getting it working, Patrick!