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Woo! Gang Beasts is amazing.

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Year of the Goat continues.

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what even is a friday?

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my jugular is a shithole for elephant dungulars

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Awesome, early!

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Can't wait!

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I am always unprofessional. Even on not Friday.

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Dilbert i am piss

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Oh hi Mark you know I love Lisa my future wife and I love commentating on hand ball games and you are my best friend and I love Lisa so much hi doggie!

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Ty vinco ceo

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When can we quit this foreplay and find out if hiring Danny or not? Alluding to hiring new people and having him on all the time is too cruel!

Year of O'Dwyer (i spelled it wrong im sure...)

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Pretty good UPF this week. Goat Simulator is all sorts of art.

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@gaftra: Come on, you know how it goes. First you have to get fired from Gamespot, then you can move to Giant Bomb.

But seriously, I think Danny is becoming a bigger part of Gamespot with him hosting shows and such. I don't think he's moving across the building any time soon.

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I haven't laughed that much in a while. Fucking fantastic.

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The only Alternative is for someone to Lobbyfor more Danny appearances.



Don't eat, the clues.

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I thought it'd be hard to match the first time they played Gang Beasts. They still did it.

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Was Danny wearing Jorts?

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You guys really need someone who can speak German, Japanese and Chinese on the show.

I hereby volunteer myself.

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its like Bioforge but with a goat.

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@gaftra: They're not hiring Danny.

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I can do that eyeball thing too Matt Rorie!!!

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downright savage

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They're never gonna hire Danny. That's unreasonable. But he shows up in some of the best GB content. Always fun to have him around!

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When Vinny was summoning those goats down on the party, it was like that scene from Magnolia.

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Should goats talk?

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Goat Simulator was a perfect game for this show, and Gang Beasts was great to watch again. Two thumbs up.

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Great to see a reprise of Gang Beasts!

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Where's Brad..?

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What an excellent episode. That goat game seems like it was made for Vinny. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood this week. Always nice when Danny stops by. Gang Beasts still looks like a fun game. I like the look of the characters and their animations. Funny episode overall. Thanks, guys.

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This installment of Unprofessional Fridays is everything I love Giant Bomb for, want it to be more often, and hope it continues to be.

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Am I a bad person for knowing the handball rules before they played this game?

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They started late and they STILL managed to go an extra hour, almost as if they knew I wanted to watch it when I got home from work. Thanks Bombadeers!

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I can tell you as someone who has flipped through channels on Romanian television during the summers I'd visit family, handball is a very real thing. Especially since Romania has one of the world's best women's Olympic handball teams, it's come up more than none in my life.

It was also a game we'd play in gym class in junior high and I remember not enjoying it because I'm shitty with throwing anything in a sport. So a sport that's nothing but that wasn't a good time for me.

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@ottoman673 said:

Where's Brad..?

Based on what Vinny said, I conclude that Brad went for circumcision.

Edit: I meant @brad went to circumcise his badingdong (aka moving the furniture).

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Man, that was some funny shit!

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Man I loved playing European Handball in primary school, I feel like it could actually be a really fun sports game if it was well-made (and they turned into into some street version).

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Haha that Handball challenge game. My girlfriend actually plays that game, she's a goalie. haha funny to see the guys try and comprehend the sport.

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@bacongames: Its huge here in Europe, especially up in the Nordic countries. Norway (hallo folkens) are pretty good.

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@gaftra: at this point he has a better thing going on at GameSpot so no.

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Great Friday.