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I was losing hope! Thank you Bomb Squad!

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Vinny is in overdrive in this video, hilarious man the entire time.

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The most Unprofessional Friday yet!

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damn bioforge

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Jurassic Heart was truly something else. A great week of unprofessionalism.

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Vinny has changed.

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@oscar said:

Vinny looks like a sleazy porn director from the 70's in this one. In other words, he looks awesome.

Now I'm imagining how Vinny would be in Boogie Nights. I can sleep well tonight.

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Patrick you didn't accept my friend request what the heck man.

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It's aliiiiiiiive!

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I missed it live; Thanks for getting it up guys (phrasing).

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I never want to see them play DotA 2 again.

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Vinny you rock.

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Fun fact: Marijuana is not even considered a drug in north korea, and is not outlawed or banned in anyway.

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the video buffering has been pretty poor ever since the new site went up..

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LAN Zone Fridays

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Thanks Drew, you just saved my Saturday morning ^_^

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First 2,5 minutes is the best introduction to Unprofessional Fridays

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Unprofessional Friday's have been consistently entertaining and Unprofessional.

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OH MAN VINNY SAID MY USERNAME! :D Had a ton of fun on the DOTA 2 session. Roll Tide!

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Sure, next you'll tell me they're doing a Monster Hunter TNT.

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I'm pretty sure what Vinny did is technically considered a DDOS on North Korea.

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Dear god, what a start. Been a while since I laughed that hard at a GB video.

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I can't stop laughing at the DOTA2 game. Jeff... Jeff is amazing at Dota. Also lulzing at "get your pots." "My WHAT?"

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No wonder i had nightmares after i fell asleep while watching this live.

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"Play the Flute, see if the robot comes."

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Drew is the BEST.

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I hope Brad gets over this DOTA 2 phase soon

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Erick Tay: best Gamespot employee, or bestest Gamespot employee?

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The players they were playing against were dicks to them the entire time. Stop listening to the stream and cheesing them by looking at the video.

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This really cheered me up, thank you guys

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This was excellent. Bioforge looks hillariously old.


I'm really excited that some more guys in the office are getting into Dota. It's an excellent game that sometimes gets a bad rap for the "difficulty" thing. It's an immensely difficult and deep game... at high levels. In lower leagues it's pretty silly.

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The other team in Dota 2 played way too aggressive in a match where they knew who they were playing against.

I mean, come on guys, you knew the Bomb Squad were playing their first game and on a live stream too. You could have gone a little easier on them to make things more fun.

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That North Korean music sounds weirdly appropriate for elevators.

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holy crap 26:00 drew's unflinching stare

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I approve.

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@rirse said:

I never want to see them play DotA 2 again.

This. Fuck DOTA

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@nadril said:
Also I was expecting to cringe a bunch at them playing Dota 2 again (I have a good 1500 hours into it and have been playing the genre for like 3 years) but it was really funny to watch. I liked that Vinny and Drew seemed in.

glad you enjoyed it in the end, but i hope this means you're putting their gameplay into perspective, unlike a bunch of overzealous/entitled twats that seems to be popping out of the woodwork at the mere mention of dota on this site.

there's way too much use of the word "cringe" lately around here. do people REALLY take this shit so painfully seriously? i think it'd do them a good favor if they step back for a bit and realize 1. it's a game and when all's said and done meant to be good-natured entertainment and 2. that they used to be as bad when they started.

this is kind of an omnidirectional rant, i'm not singling you out. you at least seem somewhat rational compared to all the other uppity 10,000 hour clocked in DOTA-ers.

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I do hope this is the end of Dota 2 week for Giant Bomb. I'm sure its probably interesting to watch for fans of the game but for me at least there is just no interest at all. Usually with other games that I dont care about I can find something to enjoy but not really with Dota.

To not end on a negative note, the rest of the stream was awesome.

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Please no more Dota.

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I want a Bioforge endurance run. This is amazing.

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I want to see them play Dota every single day from now on. Cancel all other content, Giantbomb is now Dotabomb.

(And no, this is not sarcastic, I would totally watch Brad play more Dota)

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@smiddy: They really didn't play aggressive. If they would, the game would be over in 5 minutes. :)

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Vinny I almost choked on my apple when I saw you.

What i'm trying to say is... i love you. no homo.

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I missed the show last night. Just came here to enjoy it with my morning coffee, and when I looked at that screen jump, I literally let out a fuuck yeeah - Bioforge was a seminal moment in gaming to me, one I remember incredibly fondly. Such a cinematic and dark fucking experience, what a premise. What a game.

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Sign me up as someone who wants to see the Bomb Squad fall ALL THE WAY DOWN the Dota hole.

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Dont stare at Ryan, he's on duty

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@smiddy: I can't speak for the rest of my team (top lane seemed really aggressive), but in the bottom lane I thought I was playing pretty passively, but if you're too passive it draws the game out too long.

I'm a Dota2 newb and did a lot better than I expected, and was still fun to finally get in on a Giant Bomb game with the crew. I turned off my stream once I got invited to the game, so I haven't seen how it played out in the video yet.