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hi brad

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Sweet! Thanks Drew!

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Why would you do that?

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I didn't even know this happened. I thought it was a holiday.

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I watched so many games of video game baseball be played this week on the site, yikes.

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I had a feeling it would end this way. From the one clip I saw, it looked like they half-assedly made a web game in 2005, then left it alone until they got the rights nine years later. I could only sigh, then pick up Ken Griffey Jr's Major League Baseball, and everything was right again

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yay... More NES love.. As if we hadn't already had whole days dedicated to the console.

Think I'll skip this one.

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I liked it. A whole show just for old games.

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Dat thumbnail.

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If you stare into the Brad, the Brad stares back at you.

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@omega: The real religion in the US is capitalism, not Christianity, so it's not a holiday like it is in most of Europe.

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Yeah, it's up! This'll be lunchtime viewing. Also the irony in that thumbnail is fabulous!

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Come for the RBI Baseball. Stay for the hot San Fran restaurant reviews!

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Brad signal!

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This has been a pretty rought day, so im happy this is up to help me get my mind of some shit.

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@amyggen said:

@omega: The real religion in the US is capitalism, not Christianity, so it's not a holiday like it is in most of Europe.

If there's anything I've learned about Europeans through my work it's that they will take every damn holiday in the book off. *Looks at Easter Monday*

But I guess Giantbomb/CBS is kind of the same way...

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Eh, couldn't really get into this one. I think I'll take my NES dose in the form of Vinnyvania...

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@voodoopc: GB/CBSi? I don't remember them taking many holidays off tbh, except for George Washington Day or whateverthefuck you Americans call it (and the usual of course, like Thanksgiving).

And yeah, it's sweet being an European in that respect. Us Northern Europeans are some of the more secular people in the world, but that doesn't mean we won't take every Christian holiday we can get!

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Rest of my Saturday night sorted. Cheers!

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I've always wanted to see Toki Toki Panic. Loved the crap out of Super Mario 2.

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ps brad is brad at brad

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Wow, the Japanese Castlevania 2 soundtrack sounds VERY different from the US one. I knew that, but I didn't quite appreciate how different.

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...When did Castlevania start getting more content than DOTA?

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Jeff isn't a fan of Baseball 2020? I...I thought we might become friends one day, he and I, but today I realized that I was very, very wrong.


I mean, come on! "Cyber Egg Stadium"! "Now We'll Set Up the Cracker!" A team of vaguely R2-D2-looking baseball robots! What's not to like?!

(Aside from the horrible and repetitive music).

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Are those videos on the site? I don't think I've ever seen them play the ole NES.

@mason20 said:

yay... More NES love.. As if we hadn't already had whole days dedicated to the console.

Think I'll skip this one.

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I think it's pretty telling that something like this that has been fun many times before, can inspire such boredom now. Turns out, Vinny makes everything as proven in this:

But hey it's got the usual UPF torpor, so at least it's consistent with the name. Yeah I'm being insufferable, but I miss the old fun Giant Bomb...Too much so.

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I'm sorry but the Panasonic Plasma is terrible for video games. I've been a plasma owner for about 6 years now, but I have to admit they are one of the poorest buys from video game players.

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I also am a "No Sauce" person. The Subway people always treat me like a criminal.

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Maybe you haven't had a proper fresh Mayo Jeff. I get bumbed out if my sandwich is in way lacking a ton of Aioli goodness!!!

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I'm positive that I'm in the minority here, but my young ass has 0 love for watching terrible nes and snes games. RBI was cool though.

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I wish that they would do these old-ass-console exclusive streams more often. Lords knows that there are enough games to keep that train going for a long time.

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And Lang said the people didn't love Brad

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Whatever, Milon's Secret Castle looks fine. Sure it's probably not the best but it's no fucking TMNT that's for sure.

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@bacongames said:

I can't claim Milon's Secret Castle is a good game, either by NES standards or today but I can definitely say it looks and operates leagues above TMNT. Shooting at angles whatever, the art was actually well done and the animation was smooth. Everything about that TMNT game looked like a hot mess. Also, we really want to talk about a game that is hot fucking garbage, let's talk about Young Merlin.

I don't know, back in the day I could see someone being somewhat rightfully into Milon's Secret Castle even if it might not be the best NES game. It certainly looks less like a pain in the fucking ass to play than Castlevania but again I can't claim how good Milon's Secret Castle really is having not played it.

You might want to listen to this episode of Back In My Play where Jonathan Metts extensively discusses his love for the game: http://backinmyplay.com/episode-18-milons-secret-castle/ and it totally sounds pretty damn cool!

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It's the Brad-Signal!

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@amyggen said:

@omega: The real religion in the US is capitalism, not Christianity, so it's not a holiday like it is in most of Europe.

For the record, it's a holiday in Canada. We're cool like that.

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@vasta_narada: Which further proves that Canada is America's Northern Europe, or something like that :)

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@chu52 said:

And Lang said the people didn't love Brad

LANG was wrong and THOSE PEOPLE were wrong!!

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@rorie The Atlanta Braves were the ones who accidentally lit the American flag on fire during their opening this year, not the Texas Rangers.

(Though, the Braves have said fire landed on the flag but did not catch. Still.)

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I absolutely love it when the gang gets out a bunch of old games and plays them. Great UPF guys!

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Cool stream.

Am I the only one that thinks Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball is the best ball game of them all?

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching the bombers be angry video game nerds for a couple of hours.

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Jeff's little satisfied smile every time Brad dies in Gradius cracks me up.

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Ness and Sness are both the most wrong ways of pronouncing the NES and SNES acronyms.

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That's the least sleepy Brad I've ever seen.

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I fucking hate mayonaise, but I even hate more the idea of a dry sandwich. Gimme some avocado or oil or vinegar.

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I love it so much when they kick back and play retro games.

Also, yes, that game is totally Trials.