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Bars and clubs close around 4-4:30AM in Iceland, people rarely go downtown before 1AM.

.@patrickklepek If you guys need any tips or assistance for your stay in Iceland don't hesitate to hit me up, I should be able to help.

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First off...Joey Lawrence's big break was on Gimme a Break!

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No. Vinny is a gem.

Is it creepy if I find Vinny laughing really contagious?

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I didn't even zoom in. I didn't even zoom in. I diklgfdjgfrneoihnrrijfndeijsddsjkdkdn't evgklfemfokemfllkdjldfdlhhdsklen zodiofufidoofyoom n.

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Love the new studio - hope it keeps expanding on that white side!

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"We should teach it some useful skills."

Off-camera Drew: "Metallurgy!"

Best line of the show.

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The Friday Show is by far the best of the 3. I think the others gotta get revamped.

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So.. when do I get to buy those posters?

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Brad, shut up, Jeff is READING

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Surgery 2013 makes everything worth paying for.. Thank you! Even listening to Jeff read that stupid book.. thank god for fast forward.

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I just about died laughing.

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Surgeon Simulator is Grade A content on UPF

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Holy crap, Papers Please was nothing like what I imagined it was going to be. That game is nuts.

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Papers Please looks very similar to my job... which is a nightmare. The only benefit is that my son has already starved to death, so so now I go clubbing with the money.

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'Gotta get a kill streak' thank you based Drew

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Those speedruns are pretty cool. I hope they keep showing up in these.

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I don't know if I've ever laughed harder than when Ryan was playing surgery simulator. Or, more accurately, the desk simulator part.

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This was an amazing UF. I love that they watched a great speed run.

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Vinny: I don't like it anymore. I hate this.

Jeff: What?

Vinny: I, I'm.

Jeff: You gotta dress up and glam your dog!

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Played DUST 514 for a few hours last night. Hadn't tried it for several months. It was much better, I just wish it didn't look so ugly and the controls allowed for a little more precision. Guess I should get a wireless keyboard/mouse to play it.

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The surgery/desk hijinks were hilarious!

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I wasn't totally focusing on the speed run part and then I looked at the video and thought "Holy shit Patrick was there"....Kinda hate my life.

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@Brad Despite the seemingly outdated technology, Surgeon Simulator 2013 does take place in 2013; hence, the title. I have an encyclopedia britannica from 1948 on my desk, and as far as I know it does not mean it's 1948. Now, let me get the door for the milk man.

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Jeff is hilarious during Papers Please

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The ending to this was pure gold.

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During the Surgeon Simulator segment, Brad says to wear the intestine like a scarf. Funnily enough, there is a trophy for doing just that to the patient in the PS4 version.