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Posted by BatmanBatman

I've always wanted a calculator watch actually... hmmmm maybe I'll buy one....

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It seems like the GB crew is starting to lay off the sauce. That is probably a good idea.

Posted by edgeCrusher

Rondo Of Blood is the greatest Castlevania. I don't see how there can be any contrary opinions to this fact.

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Watching Giantbomb watch speedruns is some good watching!

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I can't believe he made it past that giant robot by backflipping, best cliffhanger ever.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

That papers game is fucking awesome.

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@dexterkid: Because it was the only guy being attacked in that comment? :/

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The Papers, Please segment was so good. It was really funny/unsettling to see Drew be tough for once, even if it was with virtual people.

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I watched a little bit of "The Mist" right up until the mutant spiders showed up and then turned it off. Those things were creepy as hell.

Posted by SharkCopter

Is it creepy if I find Vinny laughing really contagious?

Posted by DexterKid

Every time I watch somebody play that surgery game, all I can think of is an incredibly drunk person trying to pick up things and constantly dropping them.

And I also have an idea for a game that has the exact same weird controls, but the objective is that you are controlling a person who is trying to play a Kinect game. And this virtual Kinect is as shitty as the actual thing, and you can see the TV inside the game showing an avatar of your avatar trying to copy the moves that you are making with the mouse + keyboard. That would be the the greatest thing of all time.

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Vinny May Bioforge.

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Funny stuff. Like the warmer set.

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Fuck yeah, finally the Giant Bomb audience can see visually why Papers, Please is so awesome. Go play it right now here. Also, it's on Steam Greenlight. They've been talking about it on podcasts a couple of times, nice to see their reactions.

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@assinass: Yeah, "Papers, Please" is so good. I went and tried the downloadable beta version after the first time Jeff mentioned it on the Bombcast and looooved it. Can't wait to see what the final version looks like. Glad they showed off the game here.

Posted by LarryDavis

I really liked how everyone apparently completely forgot about Papers, Please, when Jeff talked about it at length on the bombcast like 3 weeks ago.

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It's funny watching Vinny turn evil during Papers, Please.

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The Customs inspector simulator looks really boring.

Posted by Fluttercry

@edgecrusher: perhaps you haven't you haven't heard of a little game called Super Castlevania IV

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What are you talking about Brad? My dog is a tiny Maltese Shitzhu and he gets cold in the harsh Canadian winter, so he wears a sweater. Don't judge me and my dog Mr. Judgmental.

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lmao, "This is basically sex."

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I really like the moody lighting on the new set.

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Jeff would have made a great Eastern European Border Inspector.

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@max_cherry: As someone who has played it, it's super fun.

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"This is basically sex" I died from joy

Posted by namesonkel

Nooo, missed it.

Posted by MrBubbles

i lost it at "what do you here" and their reactions to it

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Now i understand those who fully love Nintendo so much.

Posted by Lingxor

Jeff really brought it this week.

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Jeff getting hella managerial at 25:00.

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@xymox said:

@the_grindilow said:

Is it just me that gets so many issues when viewing videos on the new site?

Yeah, for one, the buffering isn't great. I end up just downloading them at this point.

Same here. I always watch TNTs on the twitch archive 'cause that player is way better than this one. This one just fucks up where the progress bar loads to way off of the video player so you can't actually see how much of the video has loaded, so if you skip ahead too far(having no idea if that part has loaded yet), then the whole video stops working. Plus you can only seek in like 1-2 minute intervals which is NUTS!

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"Shouldn't talk like that in here"

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"It's not Infinite, It will get cut in half, and half, and half..."

I don't think you guys understand the meaning of a Finite supply.

Posted by TorMasturba

Studio looks so awesome!

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Brad's economic analysis voice (~17:00) was amazing.

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Whoever in the control room who thought it was a good idea to focus the camera on their feet for a massive chunk of the video...it's not.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Very good show and an all around excellent as well as obscure selection of games. Looking forward to whatever will come out of that EVE excursion - could be pretty damn fascinating.

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Man with only one hand that has no dexterity is video game cold regardless of what activity he is doing.

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I can watch Drew play Papers Please all day with Jeff providing commentary.

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"Why you gotta do tricks with Pookie?"

That surgery game looks awful but intentionally so. I agree that the desktop stuff seemed more interesting.

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I started watching this while I was doing some other stuff and when I turned to look at the screen noticed that framed picture of Jeff on the wall and just about fucking lost it. Holy shit. That thing STILL gets me.

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Man immediately after where you are in Bioforge you fight a cyber raptor and there are some hilarious inscrutable.com insta-death sequences, you really gotta get past that damn ED-209.

To do so, just run up to the doorway in the side of the hallway, the robot has super tunnel vision and cannot see to his sides at all.

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Patrick: "Icelandic Safari"


Google: Nah its legit