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I keep forgetting when its Friday lately.

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Danny again.

I'm happy about this.

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Good times.

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I miss you @jeff... I MISS YOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!

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Wow thank you for the fast upload small businessman!!

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Thanks for the fast upload, you just made my Friday night!

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Thanks Vinny ^_^

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"Taste it with your mouth."

Posted by jcluther34

God Peter looks like Zach Galafinakis so fucking much

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Danny with the Marge vs. the monorail reference!

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So little staff left at GB

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Finally here! I fell asleep too early and missed out

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Thanks for the fast upload!

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You got Professional Wednesdays in my Unprofessional Fridays!

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Way to be assumption guy.

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Where the fuck is jeff

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Thanks for the fast upload Vinny!

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@jugg4n4ut: Congratulations, you've met the criteria to be.........

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In case you forget...

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This guy gets it.

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"It tastes like a hard working man." Best quote over Peter Brown.

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We're all assumption guy some days.

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@jcluther34: You must most have cataracts, He looks like Will Smith and Drew had a Baby

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N Saeman. That is all.

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Holy shit! I own that Titanic game! I think my mom bought it back in like 1999 or something. I remember they were supposed to have done something in regards to that game in Tennessee? Maybe some of the film work for the FMV? I can't remember. I just remember the FMV for many of the people is incredibly creepy. There are a lot of alternate endings for it, but I remember playing all the way through it.

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Jeff was there the whole time!

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you've singlehandedly ruined this website and i will never forgive you

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No Jeff or Vinny? Pass.

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"Can we get a close up of Peter and can you just mouth this? 'Cause I feel like you got this look, this is your whole look."
"We're done talking."
"Just make it up."

This was so good.

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Great UPF! Nice mix of GB and GS staff. Thanks for the quick upload Vinny!

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@sinkwater: Vinny's in the control room and subs in for Drew at about 40 minutes in.

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Peter is good people.

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Yay Dwyer! and Peter Brown!

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Why is baby Will Smith calling himself "Peter"?

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Am I the only one that thinks this new guy sounds A LOT like Drew?

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Oh my GOD I actually played this Titanic game as a kid. What an amazing way to bring back that memory.

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How long until GiantBomb steals Danny from GS?

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Great show, enjoyed having the Gamespot boys along this evening.

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For anybody who didn't believe me last time they played it, here he is! Luchadeer in the scrolling Gang Beasts background!

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More like Casually Racist Fridays, amirite?

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No Jeff or Vinny? Pass.

No Jeff, but Vinny is in the 2nd half of the show.