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Posted by Ben_H

It appears to be working for me!

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how can they not hear iiiitt

Posted by MrGetBonus

I'm like two minutes in and I already have a headache from that noise.

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Great. Had to work so I missed this live. Thanks!

Oh, god that noise...

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I'm 19. I stopped hearing when the old guys stopped hearing v.v

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How could they not hear that noise

Posted by PJS

Oh my god, that sound.


God that high-pitched tone is fuckin' KILLER.

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Posted by artsandrules

Ow ow.. sound is like an ice pick to my brain ;) I'm also in my 30s and spend my life blasting music so maybe it was an acoustic thing in the room if they can't hear it.

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Man, the Mosquito at the beginning... God.

It's hilarious that half of them couldn't hear it.

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I can hear it but my hearing is really bad. I heard it, but I have really good headphones. I am young, but my hearing has gone to shit and I have a constant ringing in my ears but I heard that.

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Wow, I'm 40 and I can hear it.

Jeff and the gang have destroyed their ears, apparently.

OK, I check out at 16KHz... OK, that's pretty much par for the course, I guess.

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oh god that high pitched squeal at the beginning. my ears

Posted by mrfluke

oh mannnnnnnn time commando gets covered on this show?!! yesssssss

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I can't hear more than 12khZ apparently.

Posted by Zecks23

Oh my goodness, the beginning of this is awful! My ears!

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Oh man, I played the hell out of Time Commando when I was 12. I thought it was really good! At the time!

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Best UF in a long time. I know it is supposed to be fast and loose but @rorie as overseer of chat adds a lot to things. Plus, Time Commando.

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I played Time Commando back when it was new, I think on the PC, and I think I played it quite a bit. The thing is, I had completely forgotten (blocked out?) everything about that game up to the moment that Vinny started to play and it all came rushing back in a horrible cold wave of panicky, feverish recollection.

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I'm kind of excited for this.

I still have time commando!

I don't know why I'm excited to see you guys play it- it's actually sort of a bad game!

Posted by Nephrahim

To people wondering how well they can hear, the sound's not quite the same coming from their equipment. I was able to hear up to 18 kHz when I tried it on my computer, but I couldn't hear 17 on the stream.

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The speech audio, at least in the beginning, sounds like a bad MP3.

Posted by spiketail

Another delicious Unprofessional Friday served up extra quick. Thanks Vinny!

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For all of my crappy senses, sound is definitely not one of them. I can hear into the 22khz range, though things start to get quiet after 19 and it's probably more feel than hear for 21/22.

Edit: Interestingly enough, on the stream I couldn't hear past 16, but on the site I can hear all of them including 22. Probably has something to do with the audio encoding for the video. I'd also like to add that home audio equipment and the compression used on the audio files they provide will have a large impact on your ability to hear the tones or not. So, just because you can't hear some the higher frequencies here, doesn't mean you can't hear them at all, especially since a lot of home audio is only done up to 20khz.

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Drew is younger than Patrick. What.

Posted by Daneian

I wont be able to rewatch this because of the noise

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I heard that noise. Oh god it hurts

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I'm 26, I couldn't hear it, hooray for my awful, damaged ears!

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I just want EVERYONE to know that this video enticed me re-subscribe. I miss the Whiskey Media Happy Hour, and I couldn't resist seeing wtf an REO Speedwagon game looks like.

This Unprofessional Friday did not disappoint, and thanks to Jeff for taking the red-eye home last night so you would not miss this. Jeff reminded me that my car needs a front end alignment, and that I should probably chat up my technician for some primo car repair rock recommendations.

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I can't decide which member of REO Speedwagon looks the most insane.

It's funny Patrick was so annoyed by the Steam trading cards because they totally remind me of Giant Bomb's old quest system. A meta-game about games that lets you level up your profile.

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I totally hear it.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

You're already right.

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my god i think they are trying to fry my brain!!! I'm 32 and i can hear it just fine...and it's killing me

16hz is apparently my limit

Posted by Natedog24

Dear god my ears

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I can hear it.

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All shows of all types should start like Unprofessional Fridays. Mid-conversation, devoid of context. It's beautiful.

Posted by zeddis

Haha. Oh god. I didn't hear the high pitch when it went live, but now I hear it. Weird.

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I have played and beaten Time Commando. I actually still have the disc.

Posted by df

People generally lose some of their hearing, especially at high frequency, when they grow older.

But then playing video game at high volume probably have some adverse effect too..

Posted by Castiel

I read the comments before starting the video. I'm about to click play and can't wait to hear what terrifying sound adventure is ahead of me.

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Damn my hearing sucks. I'm 22 and 15hz was my limit.

Posted by FlappyHands

Dude, my speakers have been making strange noises through the tweeters when my computer goes in to standby lately and that is the exact tone they make that Drew was playing. Really disconcerting! And yes, I can hear it.

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I can still hear it! Hooray, my ears are still decent!

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man best friday yet