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Awesome to see Alex on the show! :)

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I spent the entirety of the day thinking it was Thursday. What a nice surprise.

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Yes, the Tomodachi Life Quick Look is finally up!

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Thank you Drew for getting it up tonight!

..."That's what she said." - Rorie

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Man i love fridays.....

Posted by VoshiNova

Such a great show

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Downloading now then HDMI-ing my laptop to my TV. The money I spend on this site (subs, shirts, etc.) is the best money I spend on entertainment all year

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I immediately went to the eShop and bought Tomodachi Life. Then I immediately downloaded Shaq and Christina Aguilera, of course. I also got a street pass with the Robo-Reggie Mii and he's now on my island.

Who else named his island Barkerville? Admit it. But Barkerville doesn't fit so my island is named "Barkervill".

What a wonderfully weird game. There's a review on the 'net of Tomodachi and the guy has a Cameron Diaz Mii in his game, I want that!

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Man I want tomodachi life now.

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"You like to get a turkey baster and fill it up full of cool whip and blast it all over your face"

This UPF is already looking up

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Great to see Alex on show.

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I put gigu in my game, and now I'm not sure what to do with it. I started feeding it and letting it have controlled interaction with other miis, but if push comes to shove I keep a loaded .44 in the office.

Currently everyone's asleep except for Shaq and Intern Nick, who insist on pulling all-nighters even though they have absolutely no obligation to. It's like some weird social experiment.

Also, Table-san rejected me. Now our friendship is strained.

Edit: Shaq went to bed. Intern Nick is still going strong.

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Let's see this Tomodachi nonsense

Posted by defcomm

coming home to some upf :D

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Alex is so in the money - I can't wait to see him in more video content once Vinny gets settled and they get the studio up and running.

Oh right, and it's fun to see Rorie and Alex beside each other on video at the time again. I feel like that hasn't really happened for a long time now. Missing them Screened movie nights.

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@rorie i know what your new avatar should be

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My voice is my passport, verify me.

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Was Jeff wearing a Phoenix Suns jersey?

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Yep, Tomodachi Life is amazing.

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If I don't see Jeff's funny faces in .gif form by tomorrow I will have lost faith in the Giant Bomb community.

.webm files are also acceptable.

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Love that they started with a some what same thing like when Dave did a sub radio show. Would like to have more of that.

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this is now, thanks to gigu, up there in the best videos you can find on this site. my cheeks hurt from all the laughing

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gigu is mai waifu~~

Great UPF this week. Looking forward to that sweet E3 coverage.

Posted by fetchfox

This was so good live, oh Gigu...

Posted by Quantris

Only 20 minutes in, and I'm already dreaming of GB making Tomodachi Life a weekly feature.

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You'll get more snoop dog from other modes, domination for example.

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Praise be to Tomodachi Life. All Hail gigu.

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Great UPF this week, that Tomodachi segment! Now on to E3!

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Such a great UPF.

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I'm Alex Navarro

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Wish @rorie was going to their E3 stuff. Seems like a bit of a waste just having him hang around with some mod and post trailers … maybe once they get some new hires he can delegate, do on camera stuff more?

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@quantris said:

Only 20 minutes in, and I'm already dreaming of GB making Tomodachi Life a weekly feature.

"Days Of Our Tomodachi Life?" "Tomodachi Live?" "20 Years To(modachi) Life?"

Posted by AndrewB

It's great when we can all learn something new every UPF. In this case, it's that Virtualex does not like to wear feminine clothes. Actually, given the stance on same-sex relationships, I'm kind of surprised that was allowed.

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If Alex is here and Vinny on his way... who the hell is driving GBNY

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@calbags: " If Alex is here and Vinny on his way... who the hell is driving GBNY"

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@wes899: The best Fridays are Thursday Fridays.

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Smoking 1 crate of smokes a day will do that to you, kids.

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"Murder babies." - Alex Navarro

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Duder Challenge: Can someone please make Gigu rap Jeff's "Bitch Get Hunked" rap from his SoundCloud?! It could possible destroy the space time contimuum, but it would worth it for the laughs.

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Despite the lack of Vinny, this was an awesome show thanks to Alex and Rorie (or should I say Gigu?).

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Funny faces!

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Female Rorie looked an awful lot like Chyna before they put the sunglasses on.

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Irish Alex-Mii was pretty great.

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why didnt they just call this the tomadachi life quick look it went on for too long.