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Posted by ManiacJim

So early!!!! Thanks guys

Posted by flint11

Its time.

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Hot damn this went up fast.

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How professionally unprofessional.

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as a man who just got home from lasertag and missed the livestream, i thank you

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These console-specific streams are great. I've seen them all, but can someone provide links to the archives of each? I'm lazy, you see, but have a vacation coming up.

And I got to say, even if some of these games don't hold up, they really had some cool ideas.

For your work, here's some awesome Tekken 2 music (still my favorite soundtrack in the series)

And man... Singletrac was so amazing back then.

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I slept through UPF live because I was up late buying hot steam deals. I look forward to this UPF. Thankyou for your time.

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I've never seen Vib Ribbon until today. Holy shit, that music.

Posted by WesleyWyndam

Just got home from work and it's up already! Thanks!

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I was prepared to be disappointed in Vib Ribbon but holy shit that game looks incredible. I had never seen it before. Put this thing out, Sony.

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"Who is this character?" is always the correct response to Sakura.

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...and the audio's even in sync! Progress!

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PS1 still has the best boot-up intro.

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@rodiard: No no no. GameCube all the way.

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It's like going home.

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Man, I hope Jeff would play more PSOne games in the future shows. That system had really weird titles.

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Oh please...

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Jumping Flash has bagpipe music. More games should have bagpipes.

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How about the Bust a Groove rhythm games? Bust a Groove 2 is the better one.

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Since I couldn't watch from my phone, I'm glad you guys put this up so quick. Thanks Drew!!

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Hell yes! Original PlayStation!

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OK, am I the only person who thinks that Vib-Ribbon sounds like a Vocaloid?

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God, just a HD Remake of Vib-Ribbon is all I need. Super, nice and clean vector lines would be AMAZING!

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I live on the next street from GameDude. That place is fucking amazing.

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I could watch the BombCrews play PSOne games all day long.

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Jeff with the fire red Jordan IV!

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Oh god that first level of syphon filter, I played that game sooo much when it came out. That first fly through just brought it all back I can still memorize that whole damn level, Lighting dudes on fire with the tazer was so damn cool. I think I lost an entire summer to Syphon Filter and Soul Reaver, this was a great trip down memory lane guys thanks!

Edit: Just went on a nostalgia trip and bought bushido blade and syphon filter.....

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Man, Jeff looks hella good these days. Props, man.

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Street Fighter EX Alpha has some pretty great music. The track in the desert stage goes hard! Sitar guy was going off on one!
Also, Vib Ribbon seems totally awesome. Never actually seen it played but remember seeing it in a magazine when I was a little kid and thinking it looked really cool. Vibri (vibry? vibri?) is a cool guy! I would TOTALLY be down with Brad's idea of that being built into the PS4's music player functionality if and when it comes. I would lose hours to it. Make it so, Sony!

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Jeff's Playstation 1 Memory Card: THPS2, Hooters Road Trip, Wu Tang Shaolin Style


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Have another great system start-up:

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It's interesting to me how Brad sees Vibri as a guy who evolves into a king, and I always saw Vibri as a girl who evolved into an angel princess.

I have no idea which one is intended, but it's neat how people can have very different perspectives and interpretations of vector graphics!

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Jeff's Playstation 1 Memory Card: THPS2, Hooters Road Trip, Wu Tang Shaolin Style


Don't forget what is either DDR or Beatmania 3rd and 5th Mix!

No matter which one it was, both of those game series became amazing on hitting 3rd Mix. I have so many fond memories of smacking buttons to Luv To Me and 20 November, and dancing to Captain Jack and smile.dk.

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Hot damn this went up fast.

<3 tippani

Also, I lost my shit when I saw what Jeff was holding in the beginning. When I was a kid I only had volumes 1 and 3 and looked all over for the other ones.

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Watching Brad playing video games is one of lifes worst tortures.

Posted by Ravelle

@rodiard said:

PS1 still has the best boot-up intro.

The suspense before knowing if a game worked or not.

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alright jeff it is time to come to terms with yourself and realize that street fighter 3 is the most cool and fun of all the street fighters ok

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So good, I could literally watch a full day stream of PS1 nostalgia. Make it happen GB!

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@thaquoth: I was kinda wondering if he started to work out. Did he?

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alright jeff it is time to come to terms with yourself and realize that street fighter 3 is the most cool and fun of all the street fighters ok

sf3 is terrible. Nothing like street fighter.

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My friend always raved about Syphon Filter and the tazer weapon, but I have never seen it until now. Now I realise what I've missed out on D:

Jeff is right, it looks like a damn solid game.

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No, this is the best boot up!!

Posted by Vrikk

Does Brad actually know Japanese, or does he say he does? Or is it a big joke on the site? Because I've never heard him confidently say he knows what something says, it's all "I think this says..." or "Maybe?..."

I feel it's like me taking two years of French in high school then saying I can live in France.

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The Brad groans persist.

Posted by Cammy

As a huge SF EX fan, so happy they played a few games of this classic series.

Posted by AndrewB

Wait, so is Vib-Ribbon Hatsune Miku before her time?

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@vrikk: I think he once said he had taken two years of japanese in college or something.