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Yep, H.P Lovecraft was super duper racist. Like, REALLY racist.

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Nearly 8 minutes of nonsince...*gettin what I paid for* :D

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I'm going to watch The Great Escape and order a pizza after watching this.

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Anyone know what kind of watch Rory had? Throw a bone to the watch nerds and talk make and model.

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Jeff failed so hard at that Manos boss. One of the easiest patterns I've ever seen. Stand back on the middle platform while shooting, wait for the head to move to the upper platform, jump over it as it moves left, repeat.

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this premium content was sponsored by pizza:

Are you hungry!? Do you want to be 100% sure its at least kind of good!? DON'T ROLL THE DICE, BUT ORDER A SLICE! PIZZA!

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Rorie, you get so many points for having the Euler formula tattooed on your arm. holy shit that's rad.

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You KNOW every time Jeff thinks Brad is stupid.

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But this is early. That would be highly professional. Paradox.

Early isn't professional. On time is.

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@claudius: Technically, I believe it's Euler's identity, which is a specific application of Euler's formula.

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Thank goodness it is Friday!!!


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@cornbredx: Cool, I haven't seen either of those specific RT VOD's, but I agree the VOD's are "the show", so to speak. Their live simulcast events are also usually great fun. The best Rifftrax track I can recall was for the first Harry Potter film. The Twilights are good too, but those movies are just so damn painful by themselves.

I try to give a shout out to Incognito Cinema Warriors XP whenever I can. If you don't mind the tweaks they've made to the format (or the ones that they haven't, if that makes any sense), a lot of their riffing is really top-notch, and they get great movies to do.

They're also huge videogame nerds (the bots look like Megaman enemies), and Rikk Wolf especially is a huge RE fan, which led to this really incisive and really funny takedown of the Resident Evil movie series.

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Watches fuck yeah! Once again Rorie proves he's a civilized man.

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I think the screaming in MagRunner is the same as the death scream from BioForge.

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Man, if ever there was a case for an 'Escape to Victory' DLC, this has to be it.

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The Rifftrax for Troll 2 and Willie Wonka are goddamned fantastic. The rest, I could give or take.

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I don't want to encourage the theory that there's beef between rorie and davis, but rorie does seem to have more fun and relaxed in this UPF.

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Dat pizza break!

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God I wish they would finally fix the audio, every time the audio crackles I want to die.

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I got worried there. For a second I thought I lost a day...

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This Spycraft game seems so doofy but I kinda want to buy it. It's a strangely compelling adventure game...

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That was the main thing about tattoos, nothing worth inking on...did get an ear pierced. I doubt it still is...fucking surprised me when she jammed the needle through, needed moar ice!

The Eastern front dispensed with respect for life, whether that be kind of an artificial concept or not.. The USSR's whole advantage it felt was it's manpower, and the disadvantage the invader always has on another's soil. Put Stalin in charge of his incompetent generals and massacres of all sorts occurred. WW2 was just the start for Stalin...plus he was genuinely aggrieved by Hitler's surprise invasion, with whom he thought he had a relationship of respect.

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WTF, megrunner is a cthulhu game ? Why nobody told me !!!!!!!!!!!

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@vindo said:

Anyone know what kind of watch Rory had? Throw a bone to the watch nerds and talk make and model.

Here's the link. It's a really nice watch to my unskilled eyes!

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Goddamnit nothing makes me madder than Mike haters.

But Jeff redeemed himself by giving props to Cheap Seats.

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@assinass: Honestly though, that creature cannot attack you at all. You're not really avoiding it as the creature just shows up once in that area.

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Magrunner looks really awesome until people start talking.

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The angles on this deep dish pizza... incomprehensible, horrifying, as if one daring to eat it might reveal a gateway to another world... one far beyond the boundaries of what we understand. A world entirely of chocolate cake...!

(Dreams in the Witch House is pretty great, give the Masters of Horror episode a watch if you want some Lovecraft lite)

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What's in the door? What's in the door?!

God damn it!

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whats up with only being able to rewind or fast forword to certain spots?

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How do you guys like Cinematic Titanic? It's got joel and J elvis and Frank and Trace doing what they used to.... just not as MST.

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@kerikxi said:

That pizza segment is the absolute hardest thing to watch when hungry. Recommend you eat beforehand.

Oh god, I should've listened to this advice. Now I'm about ready to murder someone if I don't get some god damn pizza.

Also I'm with Alexis, I don't like how that pizza commercial made me feel...

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That pizza does look good. It's making me hungry just looking at that thing.

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At the Mountains of Madness is amazing.

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Just watched this and then remembered.....IT'S NOT SATURDAY! man i was confused.

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How can one video contain so much greatness the 'Great Escape' and 'The Great Game' XD

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Hatsune Miku would make a pretty cool computer virus.

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Wow South Korean pizza looks rough.

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This week's UPF, brought to you by god damn PIZZA.

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Okay, I'm watching the Manos Hands of Fate episode of MST3K for the first time right now and it's pretty damn great.

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Brad's biggest problem when he's trying to figure things out is that he'll assess a situation and assume that it cannot be done and then he just wont try it. He'll often be hesitant to make jumps or try a certain ability or just simply take a risk. It takes the other guys in the room to be like, no man just do it. Aint nothing wrong with trial and error.

Brad's a smart guy and he's a logical and efficient player so if he could get over that hurdle, that would be the best for him.

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Time Chasers has to be my favorite MST3K. It's a local classic here in Vermont.

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Drew on the couch!!

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Mike episodes were still great (fucking Soultaker, man, all-time classic), but yeah. The skits were straight-up not funny anymore, whereas some of the best parts of the whole show were Joel skits.

Also, a Daddy-O game would be the shit. Press RT to slap away the apple.

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