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So unprofessional!

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Wooo it's FRIDAY?!

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But this is early. That would be highly professional. Paradox.

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But this is early. That would be highly professional. Paradox.

Haha, acute.

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But this is early. That would be highly professional. Paradox.

But it's too early.

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"Bing to the NXE, understand, it's me, Johnny V.

Can't find DLC, need a search engine to optimize - to find it for me,

Real quick lemme think about this, Microsoft's press conference was the shit,

everyone was sayin' Sony's was better - I think their crazy - I'm hot, I'm wearing a sweater!"

Needed some Johnny V.

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Wednesday is the most unprofessional Friday.

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The Great Escape is a fantastic film. I never played the game. But I was instantly able to recognize it from that somewhat classic image of Steve McQueen on the bike. So, there's that at least.

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Wednesday is the new Friday.

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Wait. Wait. Guys. Wait.

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If Wednesday is the new Friday, does that make Friday the new Criday? I hope so because Brad's barely through the first game!

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That...That scream was from BioForge.

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Bad form for this not to be titled Unprofessional Wednesday, as it was in the Coming Soon box.

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lol They watched Frank's Dominos parody.

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Wednesday is the new Friday, except today is Thursday.

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Friday on a Wednesday? How unprofessional!

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That earring story is something!

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Glad this is up, had to cut out 45 minutes into it.

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Hey everyone it's........friday?

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Rorie wasn't kidding about Vin Diesel's facebook, its pretty great.

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Chicago style pizza is good but its not pizza, is a casserole.

Also Have to rewatch the MST3K of Hands of Fate

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Talk about Watches have me thinking about The Last of Us =(

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That really was a GREAT ESCAPE. :D

I'll see myself out now.

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Jeff brought up Max Headroom and conversed intelligently about MST3K on this show. Truly this man is my hero.

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That pizza segment is the absolute hardest thing to watch when hungry. Recommend you eat beforehand.

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Keven Murphy's "A Year at the Movies" is a pretty good read too

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I could honestly watch Vinny play FMV games every day. I would never be unhappy. Ever.

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Oh cool, more Magrunner! Yeah, the Cthulhu stuff is greatly paced, making you want to do just one more puzzle.

The next section will remind people of Amnesia where you're in an underground water area trying to avoid a creature...

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I was legitimately surprised by the MST3k conversation... they were always so dismissive of the comments about it before I knew they liked it but seemed like only in passing. Apparently Jeff is a fan of the show too, that's pretty cool.

I don't know if you all know (in reference to Rifftrax), but they do videos on demand where they riff older movies (quite a bit now a days- they may actually be all together now, they go on tour a lot lately it seems) and a lot of them are really good. My personal favorite all time rifftrax VOD is Ghosthouse. Guy from Harlem is probably a close second.

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Cheap Seats was the only great MST3K-inspired project(not done by a cast member of MST). The Sklar brothers are really funny, and managed to pull it off really well. Even going as far to have a crazy dumb storyline(the show was 'supposed' to be a serious sports clip show hosted by Ron Parker(played by Michael Showalter) until he was crushed by a shelf of tapes, forcing the Sklar twins to take over) to justify the show.

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@bishna said:

Rorie wasn't kidding about Vin Diesel's facebook, its pretty great.

I know, right? Looks like he's eased off it a bit, but still:

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@rorie said:

@bishna said:

Rorie wasn't kidding about Vin Diesel's facebook, its pretty great.

I know, right? Looks like he's eased off it a bit, but still:

Vin Diesel's Facebook is one of the reasons I'm still on Facebook.

All Love.

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That whole motorcycle bit was brilliant.

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Inverted all the way. All night long!

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Man, Magrunner looks pretty cool. They should have played just a little bit more. I will definitely buy this.

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@rorie: I refuse to believe that first one is real and it's not just Vin's head photoshopped onto a shirt saying GUILTY. I refuse!

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I really do not recommend starting with The Mountains of Madness. It demonstrates some of Lovecraft's worst qualities as a writer, namely how longwinded he can get while simultaneously being as vague as possible.

The best stories to read first are "The Call of Cthulhu", just because it introduces Cthulhu and all the accompanying Elder God stuff (which, by the way, is not in all the stories), and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", because it's one of his very best stories and arguably the best-realized example of his style. "The Whisperer in Darkness" is also really good.

And yeah, "Arthur Jermyn" obviously comes from a racist mindset but it's a great little story anyway.

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Ahh Brad is still terrible at games but when you have Drew,Vinny and Jeff logic its fun to watch! Nice to have one of these bad boys early!

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Frank Howley cameo what uppppp

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I can not believe that Jeff has not seen any of the xXx movies, also I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen Fast 6 yet either.


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I have a banner sized theater poster of this. Prized possession.

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Never let Brad play puzzle games, especially with 4 much more competent people around him. Maddening.

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God I hate watching people play puzzle games.

Also opposite forces attract, wtf game.