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Damn, nearly four hours, can't wait to see all that was played! I like quotas :P

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Been a real rough day, and now it's time for some Unprofessional Fridays. Completely forgot this was happening.

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Yes! Now I can catch up on what I missed because of the earliness.

Edit: Remember when they were going to play Probably Archery?

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is it really 4 hours? this is going to take forever to download. I am excited to watch it

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damn this sounds crazy. they seem like unstoppable machines this week.

maybe they're finally off the meeting schedule or something...

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I love you guys so much. Thank you for the glory.

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I've really been pleased with the Jeff/Drew combination on quick looks this week. Random PC game UPF is icing on the cake. Great work guys!

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You guys are histories greatest monsters

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Enemy at the Gates was pretty cool.

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It's gonna be rough waiting for next week then Dan... I mean whoever Giant Bomb hired, finally storms this barn.

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I'm glad I redeemed my AMD Radeon code for a free copy of Sniper Elite V3 - that actually looks surprisingly fun and stupid.

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Nice and long this week, and viewer requests? Awesome!

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Jeff is more cheerful lately, life is more cheerful.

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Oh man, drews reaction to bad rats was golden

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My god, i picked the wrong time to start watching this beast of a show.

Oh man great start and i now i want to play this Sniper Elite V3

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Great show this week, just the thing to cheer me up after a few 12-hour hospital shifts in a row. Lazy afternoon off!

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I've been playing quite a bit of that Don Bradman Game and I reckon it is the best Cricket sim going.

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This was one of my favorite UPF's in a while. Basically random (newish) pc game the show. Loved it.

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Yeah it is!

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What is "TSRL"?

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@mattclassic: Haha, you and me both, brother! One of my favourite games ever and I missed that shit? How is that even possible?

Anyways, great UPF from what I watched live. Need to watch the rest of the archive now!

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Wimps for wearing helmets? Is pitching the ball directly at someones head all innings at 95 mph a valid tactic in baseball? It is in cricket. Typical.

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Hey Drew, let's unmute channel 3... YOU MEAN FOUR R8TZ? :)

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I watched most of this live until I just had go to to sleep. Watching all of it is going to cost me so much money ;>

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Where can I get those sunglasses?

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@geralt: Total Steam Request Live. It's a reference to Total Request Live, which was a TV show where the viewers would request or vote on what music videos the show should play.

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I highly dispute boyd rankin being able to bowl at 148kph.

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Don Bradman Cricket 14's tagline should've been: 'This isn't that other piece of shit Ashes 2013'

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Charlie Brooker is great, Rorie. Good on you.

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I love how the player character in The Forest doesn't even check his surroundings before going absolutely caveman.

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I don't know why this popped into my head but I had to do it

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Attaboy, Rorie, being all up on the Charlie Brooker tip.

Interesting fact: My grandfather fought at Tobruk.

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4 hours of hot madness? I'm way down for that.

Drew just keeps on getting better and better. GBSF still totally got it, y'all.

EDIT: This was the first time I really noticed Jeff @60FPS, and maaan it looks great.

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Can I just say that Jeff was awesome (more so) this week? He was full of energy and he was clearly just excited about video games again. More of the same, Jeff! You killed it.

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Bout time we saw some Original Sin coverage on this site. Seriously should have done an Unfinished for that game months ago.

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Wow, this is a real treat. I feel like Jeff has found new life recently. It's good to see.

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Jeff is looking great at the moment! keep it up!

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Oh man, they didn't even play Long Live The Queen long enough to get Elodie killed. That's easily the best part! :(

Definitely not a game that probably demos well live if you're not familiar with it ahead of time, though, so I can understand the apathy here. I really like it, but it takes a few botched runs to really get a good grasp of what you should be doing.

I'd say that if you're into something like The Yawhg or the social planning aspects of the last couple of Persona games or just like nitty gritty micromanaging in general that it's worth giving a shot, though, especially since it's often less than $5. It's really neat to see how naturally even the most obtuse-looking stat categories matter in situations you likely won't see coming ahead of time. Given how you can save often and also download logs of your previous runs, you eliminate a lot of the tedium when you can more or less confirm what you did right and wrong going into your next attempt.

My random tip: be respectable at handling dogs. Shit will save your life one of these days.

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I honor of the first TOTAL STEAM REQUEST LIVE! I made this animated gif. I hope you like it! @drewbert@jeff@rorie

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Woah, double UPF! Awesome, this will give me something to do on Sunday.

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Really enjoyed this UPF!

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I absolutely cant wait for Next Car Game.

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This is the most upbeat I've seen Jeff in a long time. He must be really happy with the state of the site right now; the changes he's been wanting to make forever are finally happening.