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We need a gb evo commentary stream.

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Damn it bring back the Fiery Habanero flavored Doritos/Frito Lay, bring em back you monsters...they were so delicious

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Fuck. They're doing team posting now? What's next? Is Brad gonna be there pouring water down Jeff's throat during Jar Time? What is the world coming to?!

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That Kingpin dialogue... ah, my freakin' ears!

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Unprofessional Fridays; brought to you by Frito-Lay.

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I was kinda surprised by how well Kingpin holds up visually. The explosions and fire effects still look great, and while it has that signature Quake II engine swimming vertices thing going on, I'd probably say it's the best looking Quake II engine game out there. Pretty good texture work and lighting that in part kinda holds up even today.

Also, Steam releases of games with redbook CD audio are universally terrible. I really don't get why the publishers (or Valve, if they have anything to do with it) put so little effort into these releases, but you're really best off getting these games on GOG, where they almost always include the CD music (with a couple of rare exceptions, Dark Reign's expansion is missing it's own music, instead playing the original Dark Reign CD music, and some games that had CD music on Mac and PlayStation, but not in the DOS version, just have the DOS version's music, one of example of this is Descent). Steam really shouldn't have any problems doing exactly what GOG is doing with their releases, which usually is an ISO file of the original game CD that is mounted as a virtual drive while you play, but for some reason they usually just cut ouf the CD audio altogether - some notorious example of this being the Steam releases of Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, Hexen II, Quake, Quake II, several Star Wars games and Tomb Raider.

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Let's all make fun of Danny!

Just kidding, another great appearance on UPF!

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I was genuinely worried @dannyodwyer would stop showing up now that the crew has filled out. So, so, so, so, so glad I was concerned over nothing.

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Man, C&C Renegade gets wayyyy too much flak. The multiplayer was the fucking best.

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<3 @dannyodwyer

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I love your shirt @rorie! Going to see them on the 31st, super stoked!

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Installing Red Alert 2 right now. Thank you for injecting me with euphoric nostalgia, Dan. By the way, you may not have to switch discs with the Origin version, but you also--I'm assuming--don't get that sweet installation VO. WARNING: MILITARY SOFTWARE DETECTED. TOP SECRET CLEARANCE REQUIRED. ENCRYPTION CODE REQUIRED. YOU HAVE THIRTY SECONDS TO COMPLY.

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I can't believe I just straight up forgot to watch this... thanks for the fast upload.

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GBA version of Doom is the only version of Doom I know. It's not that bad.

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That's not Thai spicy

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Missed opportunity to have some Mountain Dew on the set.

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Is Jeff out on vacation?

Also, I totally remember Kingpin: Life of Crime. I got a demo of it for PC at an Electronic's Boutique. Also...I think I remember shooting pit bulls at some point.

The Gameboy Advance SP is my favorite handheld I think. Pretty sure I've put more time in on my SP in terms of time than any other handheld outside of the original Gameboy.

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That's not Thai spicy

That surprise look on his face is just adorable.

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The art direction in Kingpin is actually really solid. I really liked the weird timeless world they created. 1940s Art Deco mixed with gangster rap. Crazy idea that somehow works.

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I'm glad I finished eating at the beginning of this show.

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Im more of a Scorpion Pepper kind of guy when it comes to spicy

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That's not Thai spicy

I don't want to be that guy, but giantbomb hires the cutest guys.

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@csl316: I expected that type of language at denny's but not here!

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Fuck the haters, Renegade's multiplayer rules. I think the UE3 remake that came out is only the multiplayer.

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I'm shocked by all the polygons in this episode.

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Is Giantbomb sponsored by Dorito's?

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If everyone's so dissatisfied with alpha survival games, why do they keep putting them on the livestreams.

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Red Alert 2: mission one - destroy the Pentagon. I think that's about how far I personally got with the game, but man, that's a hell of a way to start a game and drum up controversy (they also had to change the box art).

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:danny Ahahah!

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That's not Thai spicy

That spicy, from Thatland.

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You know I am not at all into the whole "like minecraft but.." games but $20 for a alpha is fucking dumb

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@sub_o said:

@fobwashed said:
That's not Thai spicy

That spicy, from Thatland.

Brad "Spicy Thighs" Shoemaker

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the crazy thing about renegade is that the multiplayer mode had base building in it.

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DANNEH IS ON THE SHOW! It's a must watch then. I still secretly hope one day GB will just say fuck it and add Danneh to their staff.

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The HDness of the HD version seems to turn more pixely as the stream went on.

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After this show:

I wanna replay Kingin.
I remember liking Renegade.
I wanna replay Red Alert 2.
Fuck early access survival games.

Also the banter on this show was great. Rorie and Danny! Giant wooden penis. Vodka delivery system. I'm gonna bury those two motherfuckers.

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I remember really enjoying C&C Renegade. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't actually all that stellar of a video game, but during my youth I bloody loved the C&C games, and getting to see all of the units and structures from a ground level perspective was really novel for me at the time. Though saying that I never actually completed its campaign... I think I mostly just enjoyed playing the early levels over and over again.

Multiplayer was interesting too as it actually had some form of base building.

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Again, why is Danny not a Gaintbomb employee?

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Damn, now as soon as I'm done with Divinity: Original Sin, I will have to replay the entire C&C series. Great.

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So, does Danny just work at Giantbomb now? I would be OK with that, ha!

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@alwaysbebombing: You're not the only one that thinks that, so don't feel like you're that guy!