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Blue guy's tougher than a $2 steak

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Probably the best screencap for a UPF so far. :D

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Simply put, I love Giant Bomb and I really appreciate how all of you come together to produce, in my opinion the most entertaining form of media that I have ever seen. Dan is fantastic and also fuck Dave Lang. Love you guys.

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So here's a fun drinking game show idea. Have Dan and Matt play against each other in a competitive game and take a drink anytime one of them says "fuck". You will be dead within five minutes.

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Hey @rorie, just make aioli! It's easy. You just put crap in mayo.

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Jeff quoting a skit from Riff Raff's album (Jody 3 Moons) at 6 mins in- made my whole week.

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Wow,I'm from Poughkeepsie (well, near it anyway) so it was weird to hear them dis it. I can confirm that it sucks, but I didn't realize it was known to suck on a national level. Also, newburgh is way worse

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@danryckert Nice Thin Lizzy shirt, one of my favourite rock bands.

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Jeff with the RiFF RAFF quotes

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I love how much fun Dan was having it was great to watch. Very fun episode guys.

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Great episode top to bottom.

Gotta say, love the energy Dan brings to the set. Just such a great fit.

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Wow, what a show. You guys really knocked it outta the park with this one!

And Drew, that expression man...did you take the spice melange so you could peer across the infiniteness of space?

Fun ride. Cheers ya'll

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Drew has some of the best intensity based facial expressions.

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drew could be an astronaut

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what the hell did they inject Drew with? He's not just starry-eyed, his pupils are frickin' dilated. :) Good show as always guys, very amused by the crazy block-guy fighting game type thing. Whatever that was.

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Drew, my main man, you killed it bro on this UPF. Slow clap into standing ovation. "Ground control to Major Drew..."

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If you guys liked doing sumotori then you should think about doing toribash too.

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I love @danryckert! Such an amazing addition to the Giant Bomb team.

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I don't think I've ever seen anyone as happy as Dan is while he plays that sumo game. Pure joy. I love it.

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There needs to a be Gang Beast and Sumotori Dreams crossover. Someone, I don't care who or what you are, make this happen!

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UpF highlights in gif form:

drew pls, am scared ;_;

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Giant Bomb is the best website of all time. Fuck the haters.

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I'm still not feeling dan, I hope i warm up to him.

Unless the topic has to do with wrestling he doesnt seem to have much input. Also his video game history is patchy, I thought it would be vital in his line of work.

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After they played Toribash on UPF not long ago, I was wondering if or when they'd get to Sumotori.

Funny that it seems to be a total coincidence.

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How can you not love drew...

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Oh my geez, Lethal League. I need it.

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Does Drew usually have one red eye and one blue eye?

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@pat: yes - or it might have been the color in his eyes picking up the green-screen.

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Man Drew is so great. I love when he shows up to do interesting/hilarious shit. Poor Rorie looked so exhausted--it's been a long couple of weeks for him.

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This isn't an episode of Deadwood...

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Drew is fucking amazing.

And Dan's joke caught me off-guard.

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I am so proud of Dan he knew what outer space was. <3

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drew is great so many film references .... more drew

dan seems to be fitting in well, if nothing else he seems enthusiastic about what he does and thats great to watch although never seen star trek how is this possible.

rorie i beg you please keep your shoes on sock feet are not cool on camera

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Thank you Dan, I totally agree with his Majora's Mask argument! Hands down my favourite Zelda.

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I'm surprised Dan knows how to breath! Kappa.

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Great show and all, but holy shit, guys: lethal league. 'nuff said.

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Hahaha, the thumbnail looks like a deleted clip from Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun video

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Holy shit this week, amazing Bombcast, and a Insanely fun UPF.

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I loved that Sumo game as much as any but damn, Dan is a bit animated isn't he?

Dan sounds:




So awkward.

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I nearly lost it when Jeff said "Well we've all been there!" His timing when the sumo dude fell back was perfect.

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Ground control to Major Drew. Ground control to Major Drew. Take your protein pills and please enjoy the view.

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Dan has essentially introduced us to procedurally generated slapstick comedy that is genuinely funny. The singularity is coming.

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Drew is the BEST. Love that dude.

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That thumbnail might be my new favourite image ever to appear on this site. It's up there.

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Drew are you space?

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