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Drew in spaaaaaaaaacccccccccceeeeeeeee

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freaky fast

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Drew looks so damn happy.

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Just came back from drinking and partying and this is already wating for me! Awesome.

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Best. Fucking. Thumbnail.

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Great UPF. Thanks guys.

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Disappointed that Dan didn't get to see Gang Beasts, but his time will come.

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Wow... that thumbnail. Sad I missed it live but looking forward to watching it tomorrow!

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Multiple Super Replay Showdown games! @danryckert we need some Mount Your Friends!

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I've seen many great thumbnails, but this one takes the cake!

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Ludicrous speed!

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mmmm lethal league looks so good

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I knew as soon as the moon was shown we'd get an "actual moon" reference. Thanks for not letting me down, Jeff.

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Drew wastes no time, it seems.

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"The fuck is that?"

- Jeff Gerstmann. Scientist.

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I think Drew just split Giant Bomb into two alternate timelines.

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I only sort of listened to the live broadcast while at work. Does this thumbnail mean Drew has been cast as the new Doctor Who?

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@drewbert: I probably should have given some indication of how to "play" the game when I recommended it to you.

If anyone wants to actually have their mind blown in Space Engine, do the following:

Hit 1 to make sure you're in Free Mode.

Crank the mouse wheel up a bunch to get your velocity WAY up (like in the Parsecs/sec range or higher)

Use WASD to fly the fuck around.

Optional: Land on an extragalactic planet and watch the galaxy rise over the horizon.

I don't normally have any trouble with anything relating to scale/speed, but I very nearly had a panic attack going from planetary to galactic scale in a matter of seconds. I hope the revisit it at some point, although I doubt it. That first time really was one of my most breathtaking moments in video games, even if the "game" part is a bit dubious.

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"Welcome to Managed Livestream" is the funniest thing I've heard all year.

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Holy SHIT, I did not expect a NJPW shirt on Unprofessional Fridays. Or any Giant Bomb video for that matter. Now Jeff needs a Shinsuke Nakamura shirt.

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Well, that thumbnail is an album cover if I ever saw one.

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Drew is so handsome. Like, man. There should be some statuary somewhere.

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I really like how Dan said "oh is that your thing, to?" in the beginning to Jeff. Too funny.

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The eyes!

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Drew discovers the meaning of space.

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Great episode! :D

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My left speaker is on the fritz and it just came good as Jeff yelled "You're so far away!". It couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

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Where's the NYC Mario Kart stream?

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Lethal League looks really intense.

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lol I love dan, he's a giddy happy man.

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Dan has wildly exceeded my expectations. Always entertaining, and i love how he pushes back on Jeff's entrenched positions / has no awareness of many of them.

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I feel good about Dan, that joke was hilarious.

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That thumbnail is fucking amazing!

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Clearly Drew's spaceship knows which way to go.

1. Dan's joke was great.
2. The sumo game was amazing.
3. I almost forgot how much I like the Mass Effect series soundtracks.

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thats a great fucking thumbnail,

and Dan's laugh is fantastic. couldnt help and start laughing myself after he just started losing it over the sumitori dreams game.

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that right there is the most awesome goddamn thumbnail I have seen yet

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Damn it, Ryckert is cool.

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This thumbnail is incredible.

Dan laying the smackdown on behalf of Majora's Mask <3

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Based on that sumo game, I bet Dan will LOVE Gang Beasts. Also this thumbnail is pretty fantastic.

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My god, it's full of Drews.

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The single greatest thumbnail in history.

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holy shit, the look drew gives the camera when dan says he has never seen star trek

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I could watch Dan play that sumo game all day

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Instant classic contribution from Dan. That game is hilarious.

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As a person who still plays the browser game every once in a while, I am fucking stoked for Lethal League.

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I was waiting for Drew to quote Contact.

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"I've found finding it .......... fine"

Great episode

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Really like @dan, despite not liking tool...usually a deal breaker. His exuberance is awesome.

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ive been warming up to dan over the last couple of weeks ,thin lizzy tshirt . warming complete