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Posted by LandHawk
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Posted by peritus

That last game was tense! Super fun to watch. hope it returns some time

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I like that Brad (and Jeff) didn't believe the link was from that QR code. I hope they found out for themselves shortly after the stream ended.

Posted by HatKing

I imagine how the guys felt playing Mount Your Friends is how women feel whenever they play a DOA game.

Posted by Waffley

feels like those mailbags should be made into a non-premium video too, because those were great

Posted by Capum15

Man, that was a person-full show. Giant Bomb Jammers is pretty great and I'm glad to see it became a thing.

Bahahaha, fucking Danny. "That's right, dock with me." And Dan after that with the train conversation.

This was a great UPF.

Posted by ToTheNines

its Friday and that's a dog.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Good UPF this week. Mount your friends is both horribly uncomfortable and impossible to look away from!

Posted by antivanti

@krummi said:

@vierastalo said:

@sku said:

I really hope they find out what that jam is later in the video because I'm a little more than an hour in and this is going to haunt me if they don't.

Sure looked like some cloudberry jam.

Probably was sea-buckthorn jam. has that un-common sidetaste to it.

Yeah when I saw the color I immediately thought cloudberry or sea-buckthorn. Cloudberry jam is usually chunkier. To bad they didn't put it up to the camera.

@pepeman said:

As a Finn i was rolling my eyes at all of that Moomin stuff at first: " great, how original..." but i gotta admit, that was some sweet gear for sure! I need to get that Haisuli towel ASAP. Also Jeff's way of saying "Fazer" is really awesome.

Horrible fact about those "chocolate kisses"- candy with that questionable image on the package..they we're used to be called the N-word Kisses. Not kidding...

Technically I think it's more like "negro" than the N-word but it's still really bad.. Also how are they still using those pica-ninny caricatures on the packaging? It's like "Yeah legally we had to change the name but you know what they're REALLY called, right guys?"

Posted by OneKillWonder_

OMG that puppy is so fucking adorable! Goddamnit, why is something allowed to be that cute?

Also, the final segment was hysterical. Awesome show!

Posted by MosaicM80

WOW! This was one of the best UPF's in a while! Easily in the top 5 for me! It was just hit after hit after hit! Every segment was great! This is why I am a premium member right here. Thank you for a ton of laughs guys! I'm almost tempted to say make this available to all members just to let them see this and hopefully subscribe!

Posted by Wholemeal

I'm loving all these party games! I suspect this is Dan's and Jason's doing. Great stuff, I've bought some of the party game you guys have showed me on UPF. Good stuff.

Posted by pinner458

I'm actually so bored of Windjammers/Nidhogg/Gang Beasts/The ball game where you can jump 5 times before having to land on this show.

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LOL oh man. Seeing them eat snacks I've eaten since I was a kid is hilarious. All dressed is intense but great.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Well it's comforting to see that their response is just as consistently juvenile as their game.

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

@rorie literally has the exact same phone and case that I do.

I'd recognize that over-sized camera lens anywhere!

Posted by CaptainFunny
Posted by PatchMaster

Yo, Bomb Jammers needs a Ryan sprite, stat!

Posted by reinbachiii

I keep rewatching the beginning of this video to see the puppy. God damn it.

Posted by Triumvir

Watching the duders eat Canadian chips and candies was great. I can't believe they've never had all dressed, dill, and ketchup chips before!

It strengthens my resolve not to live south of the border, knowing what delicious junk food I'd miss.

Posted by Insertcoins

Good stuff as always but, I can't wait for the UPF where Dan is introduced to Wind Jammers. It's almost over done on GB so I understand the lapse in Wind Jammers to keep it fresh. Regardless I love that game and want to see Dan's reaction to it. Even more so based on the information of Jason I want him to play it as he seems like a competitive gamer.

Posted by development

@insertcoins: Did you skip past the segment at 54:30? They do exactly that.

Posted by planetary
Posted by bigevil1987

Echoing the sentiment of many of my Canadian homies on here, watching someone try all dressed and ketchup chips for the first time is weird lol. They're such a staple here I often forget they're not sold everywhere.

Posted by Ryan3370

I've seen plenty of all dressed chips in Wisconsin but maybe that's because Canada isn't terribly far away

Posted by NeedsMoreRobots

So happy to revist the discovery of Barkerville after Brad got his hands on that book. BAR KER VILLE.

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You guys should seriously check out The Moomins. It's an absolute classic, the cartoon's really good, too. And it gets pretty dark sometimes. Totally unrelated, other than being another childhood staple of mine: Alfred J. Kwak is great as well.

Edit: HAHA, I totally just found the relation on wikipedia: they were both produced by the same studios, most noticably TV Tokyo.

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Posted by paulunga

@fram said:

@that_lamer said:

@ericpp said:

Just got to this part, I REALLY hope they revisit the imgur link later on, because its beautiful.

Hahahahaha, oh man I HIGHLY recommend checking out this link.

Could anyone actually post a link for those of us with shitty cameras on our phones that don't recognize this blurry QR code?

Posted by That_Lamer
@paulunga said:

Could anyone actually post a link for those of us with shitty cameras on our phones that don't recognize this blurry QR code?

Already got posted, and they did eventually pull it up on stream.

@stevemax said:

@tr0n: http://imgur.com/OgmRo98 (Warning: Flashing .gif)

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Love Ruffles All Dressed Chips. A good substitute for the Ruffles Salt and Vinegar flavour they've taken away twice in Canada. I'm surprised they don't have Ruffles All Dressed and Lays Ketchup. I thought I had seen those brands when I've traveled to Michigan.

Posted by BrunoSardine

I think Dan and Drew are tied for "Best Super Concentration" expression / face

Posted by Talon64

omg start up the video and it's instant puppy

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Posted by Darek006

Are we just gonna ignore how quickly Jeff picked up Cannon Brawl or

Posted by ganz32

@darek006: That was a really good match, I still think Dan would have killed it...

Posted by Rorie

@royalewifcheese: Even after the patch the Nexus 5 camera is still pretty crappy for anything that's less than ten feet away from you. I get so many blurry pictures from it, it's kind of sad. But hey, it cost 50% of the comparable iPhone, so I'll take it.

Posted by pwnmachine

Best opening to a upf in a while, also I think Rorie should be a registered puppy offender. He has treats in his pocket and is giving them beers, he needs to be stopped...or not? #puppycrimes

Posted by mrsmiley

i was waiting for this. i don't know when i will use this GIF, but i know that i will use it.

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@darek006 said:

Are we just gonna ignore how quickly Jeff picked up Cannon Brawl or

Jeff's observational learning skills are most impressive. I was wondering if anyone would notice in GB Jammers that you can exploit the power kick by bouncing the bomb back to yourself, and Jeff did almost immediately!

Not sure if I should prevent duders from shooting backwards, but it sure was a lot of fun to watch! :)

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Posted by TigerDX

@drew The image effect experienced on Windjammers looks more like the result of interlacing to me. Your assessment of how the Neo Geo achieved transparencies is pretty much accurate - there was no true alpha layer, so it was simulated by flickering a sprite on and off on alternating frames. That's why Winjammers looked odd, because the interlacing would comb the alternate frames, and you'd end up with combing instead of flicker. I'm not sure if that's exactly what you guys were seeing at that end, but that's what came out on the video.

However, I disagree that screens were crappy back then, at least as they pertain to this effect; you'd always be able to see the flicker properly, because they refresh without blur from previous frames (unlike LCDs). I always thought it was a really cool way of achieving transparency.

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@rorie said:

@royalewifcheese: Even after the patch the Nexus 5 camera is still pretty crappy for anything that's less than ten feet away from you. I get so many blurry pictures from it, it's kind of sad. But hey, it cost 50% of the comparable iPhone, so I'll take it.

I just took a Nexus 5 to a concert this past weekend and got some *decent* photos from it in low light. But even 15-20 feet from the stage the band was pretty blurry. Its crazy how different the performance is in good bright light vs low light. It usually performs pretty good in bright light. Cameras, especially light sensors are the first part to be cut back on when a company wants to make a "cheaper" phone.

Posted by rustyaries

For Drew's game...


Posted by TournamentOfHate

KETCHUP CHIPS ARE THE BEST COME ON! Maybe it's because I grew up with them. One thing that bums me out though is they stopped making Ketchup Doritos years ago, those were my favourite favourite.

Posted by PXAbstraction

Dat puppy!

Posted by Residentrevil2

Awesome UPF guys. Also, a puppy! Fantastic!

Posted by DystopiaX

@tournamentofhate: I could maybe get behind ketchup lays but ketchup doritos sound disgusting.

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