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Oh man, this is going to feel so strange without Ryan.

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Unprofessional-ism at it's finest.

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I'm so glad my Fridays are Unprofessional again.

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No Rorie? I miss Ryan, but it looks like a skeleton crew, yo.

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I'm actually surprised this was back this week. Time to watch!

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i'm lovin' these classic jeff gerstmann starts.

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Dave never went in there and bounced him off the walls a little bit and I am sad about this D:

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TGIUF again!

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I want a HD picture of that shot of Vinny to look at whenever I'm feeling down

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Thanks for doing a live show guys.

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Just saw the end of it live due to not checking my phone ... :(

Thanks for the quick render though!

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That was a quick render, indeed. Excellent!

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I love the one scene where he doesn't ding the glass right so he just flicks his ear.

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I MISSED IT! Thanks for getting it up so quick though. Wish I would have been there.

You guys is dope.

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Unprofessional Friday's triumphant return!

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Good to see you back Friday.

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Shiiit. I was face-deep in Dark Souls all day and missed the live show. Let's see how unprofessional this is...

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Unpro Friday's here to stay!

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Vinny you look great

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So happy it's back!

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Never Forget.

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Tough to watch, but I'm glad they didn't keep Ryan's chair empty, Jeff occupies it properly.

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So, so glad that my favorite show is back! Thanks, guys!

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Right, miss Ryan (I'm realizing I'm not going to shuffle that off now) and Rorie be of good use there. I drive barefoot all the time.

I really enjoyed the FMV, tedious as they can be. Bye-bye LA!!!!

I enjoyed this Un-pro Friday! Chat doesn't work for me so I get my shots in here.

Jeff is sooo right. It prob. won't score you codeine, but maybe some hopefully safer these days anti-inflammatories. And for emergencies maybe a few vico...... play it their way and only emergencies, and maybe the situation may improve.

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They keep saying "fusile" materials. Its fissile for a nuke.

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Didn't realise this would be happening this morning. I'm glad it did and I'm looking forward to watching it, thanks guys. :)

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This show is my favorite thing on the site most weeks, it's gonna be weird without Ryan... but I'm so glad it's back.

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I'm professional all week, I NEED THIS!!!

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The segment with Vinny's game (I forget the name) goes in the instant classic category. Couldn't stop laughing during the live show.

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Glad this is back great episode. I love drew but he always picks the most boring games.

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Thanks Vinny for all these fantastic FMV games!

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Jumping over the checkpoint is the real way to play Runner 2, also must play on hardest difficulty. <3

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Nice, the boys are back in town!

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Drew's game selections are always a treat.

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Drew is... FAR too professional.

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We're back, baby!

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Yeah, Unprofessional Fridays are gonna be weird without Ryan.

The man just exuded "Friday".

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So glad to have unprofessional Fridays back! Gonna grab a beer, toast to Ryan, and kick back and enjoy!

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I feel like Vinny just stared into my soul.

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I love Jeff, but he is the wrong person to play FMV games with. Vinny and Dave's reactions were always the best.

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Missed you guys :)

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Good show. I'm glad the guys mentioned feeling weird about killing the cops in Payday. It just seems a little... rough. Adds more incentive to play stealthy, I guess.

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something to watch while I play civ. YAYA

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I'm watching this after getting home after a night drinking with my sisters and I just started watching this and see you all have alcohol out, and well I'm gonna have an afterparty at my house and drink with you guys. Cheers! Also all Vinnys are the sexiest Vinny

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Glad you guys are back on camera!

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Thanks guys glad to see this back!