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I needed this...

EDIT: Jeff is on fire today, and that's a good thing.

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Tim Turi is my favorite video gamesman, so this was super exciting.

You know what else is super exciting?

But! Look what's mine now. I've got Laura Dern. (Fuck!)

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@bigjeffrey said:

what the site will become if dan ryker is not stopped


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Dan Ryckert is the end of the world we deserve.

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Go to the 55 minute mark to see total Jeff POG domination. Then salty Dan. Mario Party payback?!

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The chaos that Dan Ryckert creates is beautiful to watch

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Unpogfessional Fridays?

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Pogs are back! In pog form.

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Hell yea Tim!

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I missed 90% of this. Time to change that.

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What horrors will be wrought upon me personage

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Nice Goblin shirt, Tim! Holy cow. :D

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....I kinda wanna go find my Pogs now...

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Tim is the best

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Oh my god, I'm crying. This pog thing is amazing. Dan is amazing. Everything about everything is amazing.

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That whole pog portion. Great.

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I wish I knew where my pogs were.

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@esdeib said:

Nice Goblin shirt, Tim! Holy cow. :D

Yeah, dude.

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Yup. Love UPF.

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I needed this...

EDIT: Jeff is on fire today, and that's a good thing.

I was just going to say, the vacation did him good - holy fuck he came back in full comedic force today.

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Yep, I agree with you guys, the Walking Dead game is terrible.

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I have no idea what is going on for the first 10-15 minutes of this video

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If there's no Alf in this UPF, I'm unsubscribing. Just letting you guys know.

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Dan got hustled.

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@schnoo said:

Dan got hustled.

That's a high level slammer only the best dollar stores carry.

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Yeah I never got into the TWD games. The story seems great but the gameplay just immediately put me off.

I don't want to sit there pushing this little circle into this other circle and picking a proper dialogue option by the time limit.

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I like the thought that Pogcasts could've been a thing back when... hahaha

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Kings Quest 5 and 6 are the SHIT! I remember somehow thru a lot of trial and error beating V without a walkthru, it was awesome...

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@schnoo said:

Dan got hustled.

That's what I'm thinking.

Salty pogs.

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Tim Turi is great. Watching old Game Informer stuff because I have A LOT of free time, Tim is the second funniest person. And extremely Minnesotan.

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Dan knows bouldering is a thing. My life is complete.

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That DOTA burn though.

I had pogs, alot of kids in my school did. I don't think I saw one slammer ever, we would just collect 'em

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Only 5 minutes until wrestling speak. Stop trying to make me go down the hole Jeff and Dan. I can't have this. I can't be going down this many holes. I CAN'T GET INTO WRESTLING I JUST CAN'T STOP MAKING ME WANT TO

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Man, Tim Turi was great. And I had no idea who he was before this.

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Lagunitas is served on tap in Stockholm.

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@robo: I for one love the Telltale games. It's a throwback to the old adventure games, but still manages to introduce new elements to the mix

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As a wrestling fan it's impossible for me to imagine the nightmare people who aren't into it are living with Jeff and Dan together. I love it though, so... oh well!

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Is that Woody Harrelson's little brother?

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I remember having a ton of pogs. I had 2 of the Apollo 13 Pog holders that Hardees sold that I kept some in. I remember collecting them a bunch, though I don't remember what started it exactly.

Last Action Hero is awful. T1 is great. T2 is amazing. T3 sucks. T:S is mediocre.

I think someone who thinks Taco Bell is the pinnacle of food quality/taste has lost the right to make absolute statements about...anything.

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I inherited a whole sleeve of pogs from my cousin back then. He had metal slammers that were an inch thick.

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@jeff Do not give those pogs back!

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they should just make pogs out of potato chips and put them in a pringles tube already. take it to its inevitable conclusion.

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i've never played elite (*ducks*) but it so reminds me of this uber complex game i played on my Apple IIe that i barely got anywhere in called Echelon. i always died in fights or crashed my ship horribly but i still dug every obtuse moment of it. i think you needed to scan for some parts or resources or something to upgrade your ship? i actually think i'd have even LESS patience for something like it today. it does remind me of a bygone time where your imagination had to fill in the blanks. i always got the sneaking feeling i would stumble upon something really amazing or bizarre (never happened, although there were these weird ruins lying around...).

it was kind of terrible tbh.

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Jeff is the Pogs King.

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The pog sequence was absolutely hilarious. I spit my drink all over my laptop. Great stuff!!!

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I don't know what time you guys work until, but as someone who lives in the UK i am massively grateful that this stream gets uploaded ready for my weekend :D.

You guys are rad.

We had Pogs in primary school, but the big game was Gogos, small plastic figurines you would line up facing each other then flick them, the ones you knocked over you would keep, i got a rare golden shark dude from a friend of mine doing that it was great.