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Very Unprofessional!

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Holy fast turnaround batman

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Wow, really quick. Nice work, guys!

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Brad is so adorable with that dog

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Man, now I just want to head to Six Flags for X2

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy

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Wasn't really interested in any of the games this time around but it was still enjoyable to watch =P

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I was just going to mention how fast this was uploaded, but that would be old hat.

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I missed this live so I could finally watch Metal Gear. This has a tough act to follow!

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Oh my god I almost swooned at 0:32. @drewbert that was dangerous.

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Last time i rode X2 i passed out halfway through and didnt wake up till the end

not worth the wait really

EDIT: HA i know the girl that does the radio voice in bedlam from youtube, it was cool to see it here

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Quick upload. I came in at the very end this week. Woo!

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I can't see a puppy and not immediately say "YOU'S A PUPPY!" and then be overcome by the urge to go find a puppy and pet it.


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Anyone else hold their breath until they beat Dan too?

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Dat Drew hair swoosh.

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Speaking of the No Limit tank, my cousin lived across the street from master p for a while and he did indeed have a gold tank in his backyard. He would stand outside and hand out graphite pool sticks and when he was kicked out of his house he smashed everything all up so "no one else could have what he had."

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Hell yeah, more wrestling!

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Yo when are we getting persona 4 styled Dan Ryckert?

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Oh look, it's X2. I used to work at that awful park.

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The rollercoaster Mr Show sketch Jeff was referencing.

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Please, no more chewing on mic ):

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no limits 2 is 40$ on steam :( it looks pretty rad though

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You gif makers need to be getting on that Brad/Puppy stare down.

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WWF: Know Mercy

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An Irishman, a puppy, and wrestling! I haven't even clicked play and it's already an amazing UPF!

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Fates Forever looked pretty cool

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Big Jefferie's ... You wanna ride the roller coaster?

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Yo when are we getting persona 4 styled Dan Ryckert?

I forget where, but the artist talked about how he would feel compelled to redo the entire cast if he were to add anyone else because of how long it's been since he drew the originals. I don't think he said if he ever actually intended to do that or not.

As a fellow artist, I do understand. I couldn't possibly draw in the same way that I did two or three years ago.

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That moba looks better than most of the trash I've seen on tablets.

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More great stories from Dan. That hat story was too much. So glad he's at this site now. Can't wait to see the wrestling videos next week.

Funny show overall. Thanks, guys.

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Rustling bags of chips... making me want to kill.

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moba are no longer special...everything has a moba now, and its recent boom onto the mobile and tablet side of things only makes me care less.

"There is something about this." No, no there is not. To each their own, but Flappy Birds and its followup are both terrible games.

Also yes, please no more excessive chewing on the mics.

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They should have shown John Maddens intro. Ever since it was featured on Replay over at GameInformer, I have wanted to see his intro uncensored.

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Nice work, crew. Great hair touching, Drew :p

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@danryckert is out of his mind WCW vs NWO world tour is the best N64 wrestling game

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@patchcoat said:

YES! When he did that voice this was the video I was thinking of!

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Where's the Giant BEAST archive?

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A lot of deep cuts in this. Awesome.

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Every time Drew runs his hands through his hair I question my sexuality.

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Free UPFs got me to subscribe. I suggest making one free every other month or so starting with this one because it's gold! Dan's newness, youth, random ignorance, and admitted naivety make him a joy to behold.

(And of course, I must add the obligatory "Hire Danny!" too)

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yeah that moba game was the twisted treeline map from league down to a t pretty much

edit: @brad the KOF moba is pretty great. the objectives are turret/controller/nexus (though when the game ends, it typos it as nexnus). The announcer is -amazing- and speaks engrish and should be added to dota2 posthaste. it's actually really fun and has some cool and unique stuff. you should check it out for a little bit if you ever get the chance. the only shitty part is since it's based in thailand you're constantly fighting like 500 ping. or i was, anyway. california's quite a bit closer. and yes, the character select screen looks like a fighting game selection screen.

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I want so see Brads timetravel show on Discovery.

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Great show. Saving my saturday mornings as usual.

I always thought time was considered to be another possible dimension, and not considered to definitely be THE fourth dimension. But my knowledge of science is old and rusted.