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Edited by Evan223

I always miss these live, thanks for the quick turn around Vinny

Posted by wutaiSTYLE


Posted by HeavenInBlack

So fast!

Posted by HS_Alpha_Wolf

Sweet, Vinny with the quick posts!!

Posted by csl316

I missed it and randomly clicked on 2:08:00 as a preview. And uh....

what the fuck???

Posted by Zalrus9

I don't want to be ostracized, but I agree with Jeff. I prefer boneless wings too...

Posted by Evan_Buchholz

@zalrus9: Bones ARE pretty lame.... For instance... I HATE my BONES.

Edited by f0ulre3k

Was really hoping to chill on some FFXIV tonight and watch...VINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY...TY

Edited by TheManWithNoPlan

Things got pretty....interesting this week.

Posted by mlarrabee

My week has been way too professional so far.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Their Second Life adventures reminded me of this little gem

Edited by mithhunter55

Thanks for the upload!

Posted by Rorie


Edited by Fuwano

Straight brown!

Edited by bybeach

That first pic is amazing. Straight brown!!!!!!!

And that one line Vinny to Jeff. 'You told me it would be alright this time'...I died!

I'm getting along w/ this show so far.

Posted by JimiPeppr

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver had a trick system like that Need for Madness game. And you got some sweet fireworks for landing sick tricks.

Posted by Meepasaurus

I can't wait to rewatch the Second Life segment in HD.

Posted by JamesJeux007

The Second Life bit had me literally rolling on the floor laughing.

Posted by BaneFireLord

@rorie: Has anyone been fired because of this yet?

Edited by bobaganush22

watching Brad play Spelunky is so painful

Edited by TheHT

downloading this before the law comes down on you all and this is buried forever.

Posted by ichthy

Normally I don't get on Brad's case about playing games...but NOT picking up the shotgun dropped by the shopkeeper? C'mon dude.

Edited by ZedsDeadBaby

"Show me the Cyber AIDS"

Posted by csl316

I like how Brad decides he doesn't need a free shotgun next to an impaled shopkeeper.

Posted by Vuud

I dunno about you guy but starting at about 2 hours in: constant raging hard-on the entire time.

Posted by VALVeJunkie

I could see the usefulness in Hurricane vs Typhoon, in that if you can only be effected by Hurricanes, hearing about a Typhoon is less worrying, and won't make you look into information about it. Whereas if you are in a stormy area, and you hear of a Hurricane coming, you'll want to get up to date so you can prepare properly.

Posted by bigsmoke77


Posted by Draxyle

I would have been really disappointed if that moment didn't make it into the promo image.

Posted by mrcraggle

This site is full of cyber-aids now. CBSi will soon be shutting it down.

Posted by Ciphron

Vinny's finest moments all involve making Jeff Gerstmann uncomfortable.

Posted by mrangryface

This was so good

Posted by Antihippy

That racing game vinny played gave me a nostalgia bomb.

I think I played it on browsers in my high school.

Posted by yeliwofthecorn



Posted by Carac

I almost died there at the end. My face is going to be sore tomorrow from laughing that hard.

Edited by Mc_FlyHigh

Jeff's hair is messed!

Posted by captainduncan

I think Rorie's childlike glee during the face customization had me laughing harder than the game. Shit's contagious.

Posted by S3kShun62

I haven't laughed this hard at their stuff in such a long time....damn second life

Posted by Beomoose

h/t phantomsnake on GAF

Posted by Rorie

@captainduncan: Not sure I've laughed that much for that long in a while. Had me in stitches.

Posted by planetary

All corporate interviews should be conducted via Second Life.

Posted by Zaccheus

Watching Brad play Spelunky is some serious torture.

Posted by Rorie

@zaccheus: I dunno, man, he made it through that first room by the skin of his teeth.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Some great camera angles in here for a very unprofessional Friday!

Posted by Huey2k2

I am on team bone for my wings.

I have never made a mess of myself like that eating wings before, or seen someone do it.


Posted by Zaccheus

@rorie said:

@zaccheus: I dunno, man, he made it through that first room by the skin of his teeth.

Exactly. That careless abandonment isn't part of the Spelunky I play. Also he just left that shotgun there, ran all the time and rarely checked where he was dropping to. It's like watching someone operating a table saw with a blindfold on.

Posted by Shoobee

I don't think I've cried that much in my whole life. Thanks guys, that was amazing.

Posted by SalmonHunter

I actually remember playing need for madness like crazy as a kid. what a great game.

Posted by thebunnyhunter

OH god....that Second Life is a scary place

Posted by Sammo21

lol, Matt Rorie. If he were a superhero he'd be "The Naysayer". jk :p

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