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They're really getting these up quick!

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Thank you for posting this so fast Drew!

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I loved the music video at the beginning.

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our beloved Danny O'Dwyer did a Random Encounter of Hatoful Boyfriend if you duders enjoyed the llama...stuff.

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Oh yes, Vinny is there. I was worried we'd miss him!

edit: fantastic show, guys

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24 hours live stream coming up! Aw Yeah!

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Llamas != alpacas

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This was a really fun UPF

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@jayeh said:

They're really getting these up quick!

I know I forgot it was on and was just hoping it would pop up super fast, its awesome.

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I ended up having to stay late at work tonight and missed this live, but luckily this archive has appeared at LIGHTNING SPEED!!! Thanks for making my Friday night :D

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I see that Jeff finally got a well deserved haircut. Looking good, buddy.

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What is this, Broken Pixels?

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Thanks Vinny ^_^

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My wife calls Llamas 'Spitters'.

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I think I am more excited than is necessary to see Jeff break 150k cheevos.

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I miss having friends to compete with for achievements. I was way more into them while my friends were, but then they started dropping off one at a time until the fun of it was lost.

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Can anyone name the song in the beginning?

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The first few minutes of this are fucking brilliant

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The White Nightmare

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With me getting rid my 360 and Games For Windows Live getting thrown to the curb (thank God) I can thankfully say, "What's an achievement?" I got rid of my 360(s) and got a WiiU Zelda addition and the PS4 day one edition will be here in less than a month.

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I think this is the best Unprofessional Fridays ever. Every segment is a classic.

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Yes! Thank you, Drew, for uploading this so quickly! I became a premium member yesterday and fell asleep before this started.

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Jeff didn't even enjoy that soda. He just gulped it down.

doesn't matter, diet is the devil.

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One of my family members (can't remember who) said that now it's illegal for a trucker to honk his horn at request of another person.

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I love this website

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Fantastic opener. Top tier. 5/5 Stars.

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I just watched this recently; what a weird coincidence.


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Kudos to Jeff for having a sane person's haircut this week.

Watching it again, and maybe this is wishful thinking, but I think that alpaca game was made as a gag/parody and not some weird beastiality sim.

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name of opening song plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would watch a GB Show where the guys and the community work together to get old achievements.

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Mai Jeffu!

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Thank you Drew......thank you for this happiness i am feeling

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You're welcome!

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Not even a BART strike.

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@funkasaurasrex: Broken Pixels was amazing. I still go back and watch through all the episodes sometimes.

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Lot of crossover in the early achievement lists for me and Jeff. Prey, Need for Speed, Castlevania...

Good times. I'm almost looking forward to the nostalgia I'll gave for the early PS4 days in 10 years. When there were only a handful of games that everyone freakin' played.

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@vuud said:

Kudos to Jeff for having a sane person's haircut this week.

Watching it again, and maybe this is wishful thinking, but I think that alpaca game was made as a gag/parody and not some weird beastiality sim.

It definitely was a joke. The pigeon game they mentioned is similar, but actually well-translated and much funnier beyond just the premise. Danny O'Dwyer has a playthrough of it somewhere, probably on his twitch channel.

That said, most of the shit they scrolled past on dlsite after playing was probably 100% honest and unironic anime/animal dating.

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This entire show was great. Thank you so much for the alpaca love, Drew.

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Alpaca porn, y'all.

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Whats funny is, Jeff's interpretation of Yukari is pretty much exactly how actual anime dubs sound.

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