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Woah that was fast

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Just seeing the thumbnail gets my nipples hard for the hilarity to come.

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Rich! :D

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Who's ready to rumble!?

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Man, so many potential scrub leagues this year. Speed Runners, Windjammers, Samurai Gunn...

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It is fast every week, people. Get over it!

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Richard Orenthol Gallup

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My Friday has been WAY too professional so far. My whole week, really.

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Vinny with the goods.

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RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

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Wait, this was a thing that happened. I thought there wasn't one this week >_<

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Always need more Rich Gallup. Have you guys heard of his new podcast with Ben Coello ? Here's Dad's Strength

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We need a Bomb Crew 'Tournament of Champions' in TowerFall, Windjammers and Samurai Gunn.

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Fuck yeah, Rich Gallup.

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Video starts for real around 11:58.

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Rich was talking some pretty inside baseball stuff at the start.

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fuck yeah rich! the best of the old gamespot crew!

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Just Cause 2 multiplayer is a beautifully dumb mess.

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Wait since when was Patrick in town?

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@slindz said:

Wait since when was Patrick in town?

Since they did all of their game of the year stuff this week.

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Rich Gallup like it's 2006.

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Why take drugs to unwind at the end of the week, Amerca, when you have unprofessional fridays?!

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The boost in Just Cause 2 is great

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Hooray for Rich!

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Take boat to warp speed.

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Yay Rich Gallup! My only audio source!

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Had to do a triple take before I realized that was Rich just chilling on the couch

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Rewatching for that amazing boost action.

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God damn, Vinny is on point with getting these archives up.

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wow Rich!

what's up with that hair lol

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45 seconds in and I have decided that this is the best Unprofessional Fridays in weeks.

Also, Dr. Heimlich invented the Heimlich maneuver and he is still alive. There was an episode of Radiolab about it earlier this year.

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Nice to see Patrick & Rich on the couch.. Wish I could have seen the live show :)

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Vinny shaved =(

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So Samurai Gunn is GB GOTY, right?

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Sorry for being ignorant but what MMO was Rich talking about at the start there?

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Sorry for being ignorant but what MMO was Rich talking about at the start there?

Probably Project Copernicus by 38 Studios.

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surprise Danny cameo

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While watching this on another device (super busy playing Peggle 2 :) my X1 heard "Xbox go to space" as "Xbox go to settings" and the second time "Xbox go to friends".

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Very nice that I got to see Rich Gallup on Unprofessional Fridays. I never frequented old Gamespot that much but I do remember some personalities such as Kevin VanOrd and Greg Kasavin.

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Rich Gallup in da house!

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Does anyone else encounter issues when videos are put up at first? Like the first few minutes will go green and make a weird noise and it just skips ahead. Consistently happens. Usually by the next day it's fine, but seems to happen with content that was freshly uploaded.

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Hate the bangs. Love the man. Please bring more Rich Gallup. Pretty please.

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Rich!! Missed that dude. Him joining GB is my personal GB dream, but this is the next best thing at least! Will watch when a little less hung over.