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Neat. And also, first comment, thus I got a quest.  
Edit: I said neat before actually watching this. After watching this, the level of neat-osity is much lower than I expected (and my expectations were not high).

Posted by Sam_lfcfan

Still unconvinced by this.
Posted by mropinion

DId anybody actually play/use Kodu?

Posted by Blanes

So they made LittleBigPlanet without the charm, soul, or character? Unimpressive from what they showed.

Posted by Zanny

Hmm some of those animations at the end look a little bit suspicious... They don't look dynamic at all.
Otherwise this is pretty much a clone of LBP without - currently- a mascotte.

Posted by McQuinn

This looks bad

Posted by cdfishman

Look Ma! I'm creating!

Posted by Yzzerdd

Hidden behind ten walls of friend codes.

Posted by DBoy

Do a barrel roll!

Posted by TheMasterDS

Is that gameplay or that watching a perfectly scripted event happen before your eyes? I can't tell because some of those clips happen way too perfectly for a human to be responsible.

Posted by onimonkii

anyone else getting an incredible machine vibe from this with that stuff at the end?

Posted by Tesla

That looks like shit.  

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That buggy didn't look too safe... This video just annoyed me the whole way through, even the "Create" logo being made at the beginning was irritating to me. I'm not overly looking forward to LBP2, nor do I nessessarily think it shouldn't have any competition, but this just seems like the wrong take on this genre.

Posted by CookieMonster

Can I 'create' a better name for the game? HAR HAR

Posted by superlauth

hmmm. looks okay. hopes it's gonna be more like crazy machines or some sort of fun puzzle game

Posted by Tophinball

That really does look like LBP

Posted by MeatSim

Can I create LittleBigPlanet?

Posted by wealllikepie

dont know bout the gameplay, but trailer looks like a total lbp ripoff

Posted by tropico89

Little big planet rip off.
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This seems to be to  videogames what "Transmorphers" or "Snakes on a Train" were to movies.

Posted by MisterMouse

I am not sure if you have heard but there is this thing called line rider, and fantastic contraption that are basically this.

Posted by Popogeejo

Kind of shameless, isn't it?

Posted by Kbm600

LBW. LittleBigWii.

Posted by AURON570

look at all that flying text! .... snazzy

Posted by Scrud

Not for me.

Posted by Murdouken

Well I'm a god, so this game is basically my every day life.

Posted by Innovacious

I think im going to be sick.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

Physics and animation look stiff. I hope that's not indicative of the final game.
Posted by goodlucktj

i'll need to see a lot more...

Posted by Crono

Reminds me more of The Incredible Machine than LBP - but I can see shades of LBP for sure.   I am a sucker for the Rube Goldbergian style games...

Posted by Pop

that wasn't ingame.. it was bullshit, what's the audience? kids? ok nvm.

Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow

If they hadn't done the whole mummy and kids thing the ad woulf have been a lot better to me as the music and text animation seemed really good and there was enough game play to give me an idea of what was going on.  
Shame the game looks meh.
Posted by Hector

Looks a bit like LBP

Posted by jasondaplock

That's quite the logo they're sporting there.

Posted by Cheapoz

EA's missteps with the Wii continue. Wii owners want to waggle occasionally at Mario games. Not anything else. 
This trailer is cut together with such little enthusiasm (and the logo is so boring) you have to wonder how much confidence even they have in this. 
If it ain't The Incredible Machine. It ain't worth it!

Posted by Epicac

It's a LBP rip off because the Wii really needs a game like LBP on its system. I would much rather see a direct rip off of a game like LBP than another indigestible  party game pack.

Posted by Praab_NZ

Yo fiddy, jump that bike off that big ass ramp onto a skateboard.
Posted by fox01313

Agreed with others, LBP had it's own quirky & British charm to it. This looks like they took that idea, slapped on some Warioware design of the gameplay & made it more of a tech demo than a game that anyone should pay more than about $10 for.

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If you buy the game used you only get Create. If you buy it new or pay the $10 VIP dlc you get Play and Share.

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I think i'll stick to Garry's Mod

Posted by Tomzombie

what is the purpuse of this game i have no bloody idea

Posted by Fodder008

  WTF? physics?!

Posted by Gamer_152

I think what EA is trying to say is "Here is the bootleg LBP we made".

Posted by smudo

Kinda reminds me of The Incredible Machine.

Posted by PjotrLeschenko

is this for crazy people? it has no appeal in any way(except for maybe the good ol' memories of nothing but building crap with the first Sims) for me and even the lettering stuff looks like the trailers for LBP

Posted by selbie
@Praab_NZ said:
" Yo fiddy, jump that bike off that big ass ramp onto a skateboard. "
This ^ ^
Posted by michaelsuen

Keep The Buggy Safe?!  Man...that buggy was NOT safe...