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cool! that was hilarious!!

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Brad nice work at being the generic guy in the background with a bandanna.

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"giving it a 5.5 saying I don't like this game, but it's okay, but I don't like it"

LOL... awesome video guys.
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[Must have GiantBomb t-shirt.]
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Word up!!!! These fools are hard core to the maxxxx.  bitchs better come correct on to human or they might find themselves lying in chalk.

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Scooter's gonna feel it! Haha. Hand me my choco taco!

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That was friggin Genius!

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Am... Am I going to get 'Blat blat blat'? I'm scared.


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mothefuckas be rep'n dat shit fo' sho


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BEST VIDEO YET! Other game sites should be scared..........

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Hand me my chocolate taco!

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dam, that was hilarious!

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Damn, I actually LOLed.

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It surprised me that during this speech Jeff  didn't say the N word

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Eh, that annoyed me.  >_>

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Thats victory.

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Mmmmm...I gots to have me a motherfuckin' ChocoTaco.

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That was the best thing in existence!!

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I hear you, Gerstmann.  I can't stand all these fake ass bitches.  It's gonna be harder and harder to be a game reviewer in '08.  But Giantbomb gonna do this shit.

You all take this shit and you play this shit for every single fake ass bitch out there.  And there's plenty of you.  You probably got one sitting next to you right now bobbing his fake ass head to this dope ass shit that he listening to.  Fake ass motherfucking bitch.

Now sell me that t-shirt.

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Jeff, how much were you drinking?

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...Greatest Video EVER.

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All three of 'em are now infected with asbestos. Why, oh why, did you guys shoot down there?

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Jeff is the epitome of epic win

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wow...hahahaha...FUCK YOU GAMESPOT...FUCK YOU NEOGAF...FUCK YOU G4....FUCK all ya'll..GB is the shit

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Holy shit, I loved that. Westsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.

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hand me mah choco taco

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quite possibly the greatest video ever

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Ha ha ha.  You ain't just a client , Wigga , you the president .

Clack , clack , clack . =D

Keep it  Black my wiggas !

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This seems to be one huge advertisement for Giant Bomb merchandise.

And I love it.

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I want one of those shirts.

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lol that was great

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I dont know whats going on

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Haha, nice, Westside Connection.

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You get the gold fuckin medal for best video.

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I demand this be a recurring feature.

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I lol'd hard.

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blap blap blap! lol.. f*cking priceless!

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....That was the best thing i've ever seen.

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hahaha, clack clack clack       bla bla bla

funny vid guys lol
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pure awesomeness !!!

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I don't even know what just happened.  But I feel like I've been served.

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I've never had a choco taco

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This is why i left gamespot, haha.

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THAT WAS DA BOMB.......I'm still laughing

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I don't think so guys !!!!

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