Posted by Fighter21

Haha very funny and enjoyable!!!!

Posted by pimes

Well said...

We GS killaz!!

Posted by Chaoman223

that must of been really awkward, still funny.

Posted by killawogg

blap blap bitches yeah we comming for ya :P

Posted by nail1080

Anyone know how to cancel a 5 year gamespot account?

Oh, and nice vid guys, yet again just plain AWESOME, I hope the site keeps pushing it to the limit

Posted by Lepuke

Oh my! That was pretty damn funny.... Thanks Giant Bomb! Thumbs up!

Posted by PFighter

that was the greatest thing ever!

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Posted by Fawk

That was mildly amusing but it really drives home to me how immature the crowd here is.

It's sad when you've grown up and realize frankly, this shit is just stupid.

On top of that you think parents are going to let their kids read this site now?  You are idiots for using this kind of content and language on a video game review site.

Responsible parents would steer their kids on to a little more mature stuff.

Oh and don't give me shit about it having an adult content warning.  That works with kids about as well as porn sites that have you click "I Agree" to being 18.

Posted by John1912

Lol nice.  Nice to see they can let loose, and swear unlike at GS.

Posted by thagrateone

Wow, Jeff...now thats something different.  Why can't all reviews be this good. lol

Posted by makari

Keep doing stuff like this.

Posted by hungrynun

Mad props for the G to the B.

Posted by Teanah

Dear Fawk:
Uh... that's funny that you say that stuff... I mean, your name is Fawk.

Posted by GordonFreeman1500

Glad to see u guys again, video game reviews weren't the same without ya.

Posted by joslop500

Yo Fawk...STFU! Nobody cares what you think! You dont like the site go somewhere else then. I suggest  Gamespot.

Posted by Yakoloi

LOL, the choco-taco is the best touch ever!

Posted by CPlusPlus

Dude why don't you stop complaining and go get your leapfrog games to play you whiny little bitch. Get a sense of humor! You think kids old enough to browse to this site haven't heard this shit before? Watch TV for about 5 min and you would hear shit just as bad. Crawl out from your rock and STFU!

Posted by CPlusPlus

Funniest shit i've seen in a long ass time! hahaha! Awesome!
clack - clack, clack - clack, ba ba ba ba ba! hahaha

Posted by pkh253

Gerstmann:  "Too Human muthafucka!" And that's why Gerstmann has always been my favorite game reviewer, he does not give a fuck!

Posted by TomA

lol yes!!!

Posted by selbie

Jeff is that your garage?

blak blak blak blak!! XD

Posted by yellownumber5

Dont know what the hell that had to do with anything, but it was freeking funny.  And as other commenters have posted: let us get our hands on those shirts. Peace GB.

Posted by Pathos

If only Brad was wearing a real GB bandana!

Posted by golguin

Represent that motherfuckin choco taco!  It's the best ice cream you can buy (I'm glad they sell them at my school).

Posted by Momar

I shat my pants.

Posted by Alucardv

i can't stop watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted by Sanj

You guys are 10 kinds of awesome.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

I'll buy 2 for myself and 3 for my friends!

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Haha. I love Ryan showing off his iPhone.

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the most friendly Gaming web site . I feel at home .

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Everybody gonna get blap blap blap blap.

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word yo

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What a perfect world this would be if this was a real ad for Too Human.

Funny shit guys.

Posted by BreakThings

bla! bla! bla!

Posted by wefwefasdf

haha That made my day. Oh, and Faw, who said this site was for kids anyways?

Posted by TomA

lol i think this is how Giantbomb is going to handle advertisement!

Posted by 911forpeace

Fawk is gonna get bla! bla! bla!

Too Human mother fucker!

Posted by Foxdemon2k

The revenge of the Nerds. ROFL!

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Posted by DeadBeat

I am not a big fan of giantbomb.com but this was hilarious and well done. You guys just went up a level or two in my book.Guys are quickly becoming a very different and much needed change of pace as far as the game sites and news go. No FEAR , No SHAME.

***BOW DOWN***

keep it up!

Posted by BajaBlast

How much money did Ice Cube & company make on iTunes recently as a result of people watching this video & buying Bowdown?  I think Ice Cube owes Jeff a bottle of HENNETHY!!(yeah, das how I spelled it!).

Posted by Joker19

you may have just fucked yourselfs.... good joke though

Posted by Taipans


I was not expecting that, I was laughing my ass off and yelling at my wife to come see this right now.

I love you guys.

Posted by unholyone123

This made my whole week! Thanks Guys!!!!!

Posted by SoulTaker

I don't think this video will ever get old.

Posted by gmmm

MAn, I've been watching this like 20 times already!

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nice shades

Posted by artofwar420

Chocotaco, hellz yez.

Posted by HansKaosu

Epic! +1