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as a kid from the south side of chicago i must say one thing..................that was the second funniset thing i've seen in a while.....thats whats great bout this site....holla back  and how do i get that shirt son

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oh....my ...god

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truly hilarious

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LOL! Great job, that gun sound Jeff made was amazing lol...*blak**blak**blak*.

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DAMN Jeff on sum real ass shit   

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Awesome video. These guys are the kings of video game critiqueing.

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i've already watched this 5 times

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I'm not really the "comment on a video" type but.. wow :)

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that is freakin hilarious    " video game criticism just got critiqued"

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GIANT T-SHIRTS!!! Hell Yeah!!!

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That was pure fucking genius!! GiantBomb is officially the shit now.

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It's good to see Jeff's Gangsta side every once in a while.  Keep these profanity filled vids comin', I fuckin' love it!

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Blap! Blap! Blap!

Awsome vid haha
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This kind of stuff is what makes this site way more fun than IGN, Gamespot, 1UP, etc.

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fuckin' hilarious

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word up to your mothers, dogs.

keep on represen'........ whatever you were representing..

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holy shit...
that was the greatest thing I ever saw..

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lol "I don't like this game but it's okay but I don't like it"     :) yo kevin your criticism just got critiqued!

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Hey Fawk, typing in bold doesn't make you adult. And no, this site isn't really for children, it's for the teenage-college kid crowd. And yes, this stuff is right up their alley. No, this will not hurt their site, they're aiming to fulfill a niche, vulgarity and all. It's fine if you don't like it, but your judgmental attitude has no place here.

It's always baffling when people like you show up and start throwing their "maturity" around and start talking down to others, because really, a mature person wouldn't even bother. A mature person doesn't have to belittle others and parade their seniority over the internet. A mature person has shit to do. Stop kidding yourself.
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*adjusts belt on kilt and loades shotgun*
Yer scottish troops are ready Sire!

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That is by far the best video game advertisment ive ever seen. FTW! I love you guys - by the way brad.. umm very nice.. :)

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This is the 5th greatest thing i've ever seen in my life.

I especially love the 2pac - Hit 'Em Up style run down of names at the end.

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Absolutely hilarious.

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That was fucking awesome! LOL

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That was the most amazing thing I've seen this week.

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Too Human muthafucka!

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This is like fully awesome, and I love it.

But whats this for exactly??

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The best part of course being Ryan's facial expression/Gun pointing at 1:40.

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Hahaha that was great!

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hahahaha :D Just, awesome.

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Hokay .......... tumbleweed

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You don't FUCK with the GerstMAN

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I don't like this game, but it's okay, but I don't like it.


I actaully quite like this game. Especially while eating a ChocoTaco. Anybody up for some co-op?

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Has anyone watched this video more than 10 times already? This is like my 15th time viewing it, LOL..

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Blac blac blac blac

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That was just epic!

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  What song/who was that? Sounded clean.

  And I'll bring it up again: When can we get our hands on a Giant Bomb shirt?


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Jeff is welcomed in the 'hood any day of the week!  Just call first.

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What the hell ....?

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Cool sunglasses :P

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Jeff for mutha fucking PreSiDent - WORD!

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Outstanding guys!!!  Keep it coming!  The best video game website ever!!