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Posted by Carlos

Thanks !! *steals Brad's shirt*

Posted by PLWolf

Awesome, REPRESENT!!

By Represent, I mean you gotta represent for those video games and y'all are representin'!!


Posted by tokyochicken

I have never heard Jeff use the term "mother fucker" so many times in my life.

Posted by Disgaeamad

Words cannot express just how insightful and fulfilling this is. Thank you, Giantbomb, thank you.

Posted by joslop500

HAHAHAH, yo yo, all I got to say is WTF haha

Posted by natsfan7

+1 to Jeff's street cred!

Posted by Ethereal

Wow..... this is why I love GiantBomb

Posted by TomServo

does this mean there's another midnight brown album in the works?!?!?! plz say yes!!!

Posted by Zukzuk

Fuck me! That was AWESOME!

Posted by Lava

Jeff is beastly awesome, and are you guys making T-Shirts now? haha, awesome video as always GB! Are you guys in the basement of your office or something? Wait... it is in a basement. -mystery location- Add it to the list!

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Posted by warxsnake

what the fuck..

Posted by cann3dheat


Yes. I believe that about sums it up.

Posted by gimmysumcowbel

way to go giantbomb

jeff ur fucking awesome

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Posted by Generic_Ninja

Man he just dissed Big kevin......ouchh!!!!

Posted by HazBazz

oh my god that was amazing

Posted by mikevanpwn

I see you're putting the storage space to good use!

Posted by Systech

That was great!

Posted by MayorMcCheese

You should have put LuchaDeer in the vid.

Posted by John

Now THIS is keeping it real, bitches. GiantBomb just capped those mothafuckers too human haters straight in the face like a buch of wild cats. yo... word.

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Posted by Weesh

Oh wow.

Posted by MeatSim

giantbomb keeps it real!! for sure!

Posted by Jackel2072

That was awesome!

Posted by drewm135

That was the probably.....no that WAS / IS the best video I have ever seen in my life. Giant Bomb be representan'. With their amazing shirts

Posted by Light_Bahamut

It's a website! About video games! And fucking people up!

Haha, this was awesome.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Comin' foh you, KVO!

Posted by albedos_shadow

Wow. Just wow.
And I really want a Giant Bomb T-shirt now.

Posted by kornholio360

Nice, so we have t-shirts, and was that the Giant Bomb iPhone app?

Posted by x_iNcReDiMe_x

I want one of dem t's!!!!!

Posted by Claude

I love to hear Jeff rap, no he didn't, oh snap, did he just say that.

Posted by Vaxadrin

Giant Bomb is the greatest thing to ever happen to the internet.

Posted by AllanIceman

Oh.. My...

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Oh man jeff just let it okay to say fuck, this might end bad. Fuck it, HAND ME MY MOTHERFUCKING CHOCO TACO SON

Posted by GalvanizedNails

lol that was hilarious, but hilary goldstein didnt review it for IGN, Eriki Brudvig did :/, but whatever awesome video! Giant Bomb T-shirts confirmed

Posted by akskiller

Hahaha pure genius.

Posted by Jok3r

I agree with Parrera, but when it comes down to it, reviews are someones opinion. Hey, if the dude liked Kung Fu Panda more than Too Human, then he has a write to say that in his review. but maybe he doesn't deserve a job as a game reviewer, but then again it is just gamespot.

Posted by VACkillers

oh man that was awesome!!!!!  you guys are kool lol

and i want that T-Shirt!

Posted by Berkie

Im crying from laughter!!! Goddamn. Im speechless...GIANT MUTHA PHUCKKIN BOMB BIATCHES!!!!!!

Posted by BADJOKE

LMFAO hilarious guys

good job!
Posted by Scooper

Hahahaha, also it kinda sucks when people throw all these quotes into their comment, it's like looking at the youtube comments of the Angry Video Game Nerd where everyone's just throwing out curses, it sucks to be honest.

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Posted by SeanIsStillAThreat

I want a GB shirt........

Posted by thePoark

Man, Video Thing is awesome.  I keep watching them over and over again... so entertaining.  :)

Posted by insanejedi

Too Human Motha Fucka! Oh my god this awesome! By the way i'd pay for a giant bomb t-shirt.

Posted by Ontheocho

Choco Taco...... nice.

Chizoco Tizaco

Posted by SM2099

Un- fucking-believeable! Greatest vid in the history of ever. Personally, and just to add to the awsomeness...  I would have also included the Will Smith, Bad Boys 2, point the gun at the camera line: "And if you know I'm there its gonna be chitty chitty bang bang!".

Still best video ever put out by Giant Bomb up to now. This and the Snakecast have been my favorite features of all 08. Hope it makes its way to Kotaku or something.

Posted by AttackedCamo

"BLAP!BLAP!BLAP!" LMAO! Just made of pure epic. We need a Giant Bomb gang sign now...

Posted by CharleyTony

I had to watch the nw video thing a second time just to make sure I wasnt imagining the craziest internet video I saw in a realy long time.

GiantBomb is awesome ! Keep it up guys ! Make sure your insane M***F*** posse keep control of the website's content.

Gotta get a GB shirt right now!