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LOL........ laughing my ass off....

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o dear

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How is he going to cheach me all about defeat between all those whoos?

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I come for the reviews, I stay for the journalism...

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That guy seems awesome. Almost makes me want to get the game... almost.

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Ha, it's great to know Ric will be saying Wooooo in the game.

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If there's one thing that Ric Flair can teach me about, it's probably "Woooo!"

However, the actual trailer has a very brief, but nice nonetheless, Gemma gams.

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Yup ... That's all I need to know.

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This just went to the top of my must buy list.

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Yes sir, I would like you to teach me all about "Wooo".

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win. now I don't have to buy the game.

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Good shit.

Good to see him back in the ring...so to speak. Perfect fit for their game.

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oh man all we need now is for him to get pissed and elbow drop his hat!!!

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Hahahaha, oh shit that was brilliant. All I need now is the elbow dropping out of a plane.

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AWESOME! Ric Flair + excellent editing = magic.

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Nice video, had me rolling!

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What the hell?

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my ears!!!

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It was funny for the first half, then it just got tiresome.

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So...this is the briefing video for the first mission, right?

The objectives are a little unclear

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Damn, these last few videos have been top-notch!

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Hmmm.... just wondering: Was Ric Flair *ever* young? ;-)

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Roflz. Epic wins!

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That is fantastic

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Nuff said...


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That's was the dumbest shit I have ever seen.

.... where can I get a copy?

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I am totally laughing my ass off now.

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I'm gonna teach you all about WOO

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People it's wooooo, not whooooo as in whoooo's there :P

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whoo whoo whoo

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And this is why I love Giant Bomb.

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Haha that was awesome! The funniest part was when it starting alternating between the left and right channels around 40 seconds in.

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im gonna teach you about-WHOOO

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"I'm 'onna cheat chu all about da feet... WHOOOO!!!"
-Ric Flair

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What does the subliminal message say?

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It gave me an epilepsy.

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