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I finally got to watch this. And it was great.

Also, Cillian Rein Smith.

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Man, i finally got up the guts to watch this. Gotta a tear in my eye.

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The Vinny/Ryan nonsense are gold

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Gonna miss that guy. Ryan and the guys always make me excited for tuesdays. He inspired me to follow a dream of mine and I will never forget him.

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Thanks for all the memories Ryan.

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This STILL hasn't sunk in yet. It's 1.30am on a Saturday night and I've been drinking alone. Ryan I can't begin to express how much I miss you everyday and you don't even know who I am. GLHB <> and all that. I will never not miss you!!

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Watching this again and I forgot about that last clip(ok technically 2nd last), here I am once again teary-eyed. Fuck, Ryan I'm always going to miss you aren't I?

(I like that the clip slows down right as Drew turns and looks at Ryan.)

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Finally watched this and was laughing out loud, I don't think we'll ever not miss you Ryan. Its finally starting to sink in but still, damn. So many good memories though :')

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We will remember you, big guy.

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Man, this video was another one of those things that helped me get through that time. Holy fuck though, I wish you are still alive, Ryan Davis.

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I say again. How can I miss a person so much that I never met? I would give anything to hear his laugh again...

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Merry Christmas Ryan!

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"And, uh, y'know Killian Rain Smith or whatever his name is."

I miss the Ryan/Vinny dynamic so fucking much.

Wherever you are Papa Bear, have a happy new year. Hopefully this new one won't suck as much as this current one did.

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I'm glad I can still listen to him.

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I just looked this back up. I needed some Ryan.

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I just looked this back up. I needed some Ryan.


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I still have a hard time believing that he's gone. I keep thinking that any day now, he's going to show up again and be like, "no guys, I just had to fake my own death because I'm secretly a super spy" and just come back.

You will always be missed, Ryan.

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miss you dude

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Goddammit. Still mad at life that he is gone. sigh. Fuck you, Ryan Davis. Why do I care so much. Love you duder.

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I seem to watch this every 2 or 3 weeks, it makes me feel good.

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Man you ust to get me through anything when I was down Ied put on an podcast or watch a quick look and laugh my socks off no matter what was happening. miss you Duder

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Fucking hell, miss you so much Ryan! :(

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Miss you Ryan.

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Love your time with us Ryan. Thank you.

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Heck yes.

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Ryan will never be forgotten. He gave us all to much joy and happiness for him to fade. We watch the quick looks with him in them on a weekly bases (if not daily). Thanks for all that you did for us dude. You rock Ryan.

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And I was just about to go and search for this video!

Thanks Ryan. We'll always miss ya.


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Rest well, old man. We miss you.

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Too good.

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12:36 is one of my favourite moments. He did that a few other times as well.

That exuberance....

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Goddamn I miss Ryan. We love you buddy, wherever you may be.

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Might as well repost my youtube comment here, where it'll mean a little more.

I'm glad I've been occupied as hell with a demanding work week, because almost all of my time not spent sleeping/working/eating has been spent on old GB content. God, I'd waste away watching these videos in Ryan's honor if I could. It still regularly amazes me how much I miss him.

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Def miss Ryan

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I miss Ryan, i really do.

Wish i had a drink to honor him with right now.

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Watching this again makes me realize how much I've missed the joy Ryan brought to all of us.

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Miss you, Ryan

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I can't believe it's been a year. Thanks for reposting this guys.

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Miss you Papa Bear

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Yep it still hurts.

On a more cheerful note. My how much Patrick has changed from his 15 year old self when he first joined :D

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ryan is the best. also, skinny brad!!!

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Man, I always lose my shit when Vinny says Killian Rain Smith....

Big kiss mister Taswell, we miss you.

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I miss you Ryan,

This was a great way to start the day. Brought back so many fun memories of Ryan. Thank you

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Love you, Ryan. We'll always miss you.

But Vinny, seriously, who the heck is Killian Reynes Smith?

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Damn, that last last groupshop just gets me still. Bloody heck *sniff*

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Giant bomb will never be the same without Ryan. I know that you guys have been creating great stuff since his "departure", but I think we can all agree that there was always something truly magical about the things that Ryan touched.

This made me shed a tear...

RIP: Ryan Davis

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Miss you Ryan, you really were one of the coolest fucking dudes. I really regret not being able to meet you in person.

We'll never forget you, never.

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1 year... we miss Ryan