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The setup to the pizza on the Metal of Honor stream was the best part of this video.. actually had to pause the video to regain my breath

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I was wondering if you guys would make something like this. Glad to see it.

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That ending.

Cya Ryan.

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Thank you Vinny/Drew for putting this together. That ending was so Ryan.

EDIT: And I just read the title. Still, my point stands.

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This Video Thing is the best thing.Ryan and Vinny annoying Dave with Batman lines was downright fantastic.

Was so happy to see Video Thing return for the Swery video a while ago, but I wish it returned in better circumstances...

Thanks in any case @drewbert!

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Thank you for sharing guys peace

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This is wonderful!

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That was incredible. Side note, had completely forgotten pizza patchnotes. Man. What a great site.

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My cheeks, they hurt. Amazing.

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I love this. Thanks.

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Oh my god, that ending. Laughed out loud way too hard.

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That was really awesome you guys. A lot of laughs helped hold back the tears.

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Oh man, gonna start crying again.

Love live the Video Thing. Miss you, Ryan.

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Drew, you are a saint for never throwing out all this footage.

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The best parts where Ryan's laugh. It always puts a smile on my face.

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Ryan and Vinny acting like Joker's henchmen was brilliant.

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Thank you for sharing this, I laughed quite loudly.

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The end of this had me weeping openly again... until that last shot, when suddenly I couldn't stop laughing.

You can always count on Ryan to bring a smile to your face, even now. Thanks for putting this together, Drew/Vinny. :)

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Holy shit, that Grand Slam Tennis bit is top five funniest things I've seen in my life. Killian Rain Smith may be up there too.

I'm going to miss this so much.

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I don't think i have ever cried and laughed so much at the same time.

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The fourth day in a row that I've gotten teary-eyed.

That was fantastic.

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This was great! But you made me cry again with the ending :(

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I am sweating from laughter at the pizza patch notes and redneck science youtube bits.

Since it may get buried on all the better highlights, I want to give a nod to the Left 4 Dead 2 content. I think Brad and Ryan are on board for all of the L4D2 videos. Every time Brad gets grabbed by an infected, Ryan IMMEDIATELY rains down evil laughter. Made me crack up every time.

Also, on one of the TNTs, I'll always remember Ryan's law of always attacking Ellis first, because he always plays as Ellis, and will not allow any impostors.

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I had the biggest grin on my face while watching this video.

Thanks guys, keep being fantastic.

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This is great. Ryan will live FOREVER in our memories. Rest in peace.

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That ending. Those feels.

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Love you Ryan!

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The tennis diarrhea thing was fricken gold. Ryan will be sorely missed.

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Oh wow, a treasure trove of Ryan-ness! And with the Video Thing bumper, no less! You guys are endlessly awesome.

Also, it occurs to me that, with all the content on the site, we have samples of Ryan saying enough words with enough inflections to create an incredibly convincing Holo-Ryan.

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The ending :D

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I laughed a unnatural amount at that diarrhea segment. Thanks for putting this stuff up guys.

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That ending was brilliant! It made me so teary eyed and happy at the same time!

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And now it's saved on my hard drive!

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Sorry about the sore necks!

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thanks guys! ryan you bastard! we all love you and miss you buddy! :')

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Killian Rayne SMITH?

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That Grand Slam Tennis 2 bit, holy shit! I have not laughed like that in a long time, my throat is killing me.

Thanks for this, guys. Man, I'm gonna miss Ryan's infectious laughter... what a joyful, delightful guy.

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This totally made my day. We should get these behind the scenes more often!

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A companion piece to the part with Dave yelling about building a website.

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Oh shit the grand slam tennis 2 part ahhhh :'D

I love how most of these are Ryan and Vinny, which is probably my favorite interaction between Ryan and someone else.

The penultimate ending had me going :') but then the ultimate ending had me going :'D

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I had this huge smile on my face the entire video. That eye thing at the beginning is freaking crazy. This was awesome, thanks Drew and Vinny. That dude could talk about anything, I miss him alot, RIP Ryan.

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I'm grateful for this.

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That was great, really gonna miss those Ryan and Vinny moments :(

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That was one hell of a fantastic Videothing.

Thanks GB.

RIP and Godspeed Taswell.

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Oh man... 40 seconds in and I'm already crying again.

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Oh god the Ray Liotta bit XD

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Oh god, that ending :D. Thanks for making this guys. It is still so hard to believe it, RIP Ryan.

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That was wonderful.