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This is great. Thanks guys.

Edit: 'You didnt say anything close to Ray Liotta!'

Posted by TroyMcClure

Thanks guys! I could never have enough of this stuff!

Posted by Tireyo

XD That was great!

Posted by nohthink

It still hasn't hit me yet... Maybe because I see him only through monitors or maybe because I don't see him everyday. But I am still having troubles believing that Ryan is gone. I am, however, sure of one thing; I will miss his humor, presence and smile.

Posted by Ridiculously_Manny

Killian Rayne Smith is the best goddamn name ever.

Posted by drewdock

Thanks for putting this together.

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I teared up twice and laughed at shit jokes, what a perfect way to end the day!

Posted by SolrFlare

....goodbye Ryan. We love you man.

Posted by Sheldon_T

Great video. Lovely way to remember your friend, laughing and cracking jokes till the very end. The shot of you all together at the very end was really heart warming to see. We'll all miss Ryan, but his laughter will echo through our minds forever.

Posted by Melos

Even from the cutting room floor and beyond the grave, Ryan manages to squeeze some fresh, hard laughs out of me. Thank you a thousand times, Vinny, Drew, for making this happen. This is how I will remember Ryan Davis.

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Thank you Drew for being a packrat and thank you Vinny for posting this. So much funny of stuff we would never have seen of Ryan "off camera". And a lot of Vinny being super funny too.

Posted by amlabella

This is absolutely incredible, really captures how cheerful and hilarious Ryan was. Thanks so much guys!

Posted by MrMazz

Killian Raynes SMITH

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Oh hey, I got a whole two seconds in before I started crying.



Basically a video of why I god damn love Ryan Davis. Miss you brother

Vinny/Drew thanks for putting this together, it means a lot.

Posted by alpha_numeric

Thanks Ryan, for everything.

Posted by FelixCulpa

Haha this was just awesome. So glad you compiled all this Drew! Also that end part is just perfect!

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True friendship never dies.

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RIP Killian Raine Smith

Posted by csl316

Ok, this just took over 2 Human's long-standing reign as Best Video Thing.

Posted by TheTravis

Killian Rain Smith, and Ryan's reaction to it, is just the best. Also, maybe the most perfect ending of any GB video. Thanks Vinny and Drew.

Posted by mike343

Loving this. Good stuff.

Posted by AleeN634

Thanks for the video of outtakes. Certainly wasn't expecting that ending.

Posted by Weird_Pete

Haha ending was awesome. Wonder if Vinny enjoyed that. Thanks, guys.

Posted by fetterdave

Tears. Just... tears.

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Was not expecting to see new Ryan footage ever again. It means a lot, guys, thank you. Love you guys.

Posted by jaywalkerd

Thanks for this. Vinny and Ryan had such an awesome dynamic together. I'm going to miss that a lot.

Posted by pyromagnestir

That ending was sad. And then butt grab. Perfect.

Killian Rayne Smith is the best goddamn name ever.

Yes. Yes it is.

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So good. Thanks guys.

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Thank you for making this and putting it up here. A magnificent video thing of a magnificent man :)

Posted by AV_Gamer

Just straight class guys. Well played.

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Awesome. Thanks for putting this together, Drew.

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What a great video! Made my day!

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Thanks Ryan.

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That's where it breathes out of! If it can't breathe, it's fucked!

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Thanks for showing us this, it was great.

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This is awesome. Thanks, guys.

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Killian Rain Smith? Fuck that had me laughing.

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Lovely video. Thank you, guys. That ending is perfect. I love you, Ryan!

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This made me smile. Love Ryan Davis

Posted by Benjamimmy

I loved this so much! I'll miss Ryan so much. He was a great guy and so lovable and this video proves just that! Smiled all the way through, even with tears in my eyes. Love you Ryan!

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This is so fantastic. Goddamn I'm going to miss Ryan so much.

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Sippin' Maker's and watching a funny Ryan video. Not a bad Thursday.

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One of the best videos on the website.

because of course it is.

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I'd fight a dolphin.

Posted by cavemantom

Goddang I'm gonna miss that laugh...


@fealiks said:

Some people worry when people pass that they'll eventually forget what the person sounds like, looks like, acts like, etc., but Ryan Davis is so fucking unforgettable. Ryan Davis LIVES!

Thanks to Giant Bomb, he's immortalized in some sense. There's so much video and audio on this site alone with him involved that we'll always have a way to see and hear him again. It's pretty nice, actually. Watching some TNT's, or listening to some of my favorite archived Bombcasts, I can smile and laugh as if his passing never even happened. It's only after the bit is over that reality comes crashing back down. I fucking hate reality sometimes.

Ryan, you are one cool motherfucker.

Posted by Moonshadow101