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Well crap.. I thought I was ok and done crying, that screws that over. Amazing collection, and god I'm going to miss him, can't say that enough...

Much Love Ryan, much love Community, and much love All of The Bomb.

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Lol that was great!

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Thank you for the laughs

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Oh man, old I Love Monday greenscreening.

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This video reminds me of both Ryan's magic, and Vinny being a national treasure.

Ray Liotta being "Killian Rain Smith" had me in hysterics. It seems users can't add aliases in the wiki. Staff should go for it, make Liotta's alias canon.

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That was great, thanks for posting this.

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Thank you Ryan!

The ending just broke me.

I will miss you Ryan!

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This is great.

Thanks for everything, Ryan.

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"Shot him in his bawls"

"In his bawls?"

"In his bawls!"

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I lost my shit at the Killian Rain Smith/Ray Liotta bit. Ryan seemed genuinely upset that Vinny forgot his name. Ryan is the best. We'll miss ya brother.

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Man, this was heartwarming <3

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What a fantastic picture of Ryan

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This is the best website ever created.

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Thank you guys...This had me funny none stop... Just Awesome.

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Great job guys this video was great.

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I still can't believe he's gone. I feel like somehow he'll show up on the next TNT as easy as he appears on these archive videos, or narrate the next I hate Mondays, or introduce the next bombcast. But he never will again, it's hard to accept that he is gone in my own selfish way which is nothing compared to what his friends and family must feel. In a way I guess we're all lucky there is so much recorded of him so his laughs will always live on.

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Killian rain smith hahahahahahaha, I loved when Ryan busted people's balls for funny stuff like that, exzectutable, etc.

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The ending was the best!

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Classic memories. Downloaded and saved.

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Man that was awesome. I will miss you Ryan!

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This is beautiful. Thank you for all the wonderful moments. We'll never forget you, Ryan.

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Thanks for the some good new sprinkles of fantasy like amazement that is Ryan.

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It's been really hard coping with Ryan's death when no one I know in person understands how deep of a loss it is. Thanks for this, a good laugh is just what we all need.

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That was really great to see. I'm gonna miss you ryan.

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Glad to see this.

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That was awesome guys! Thanks for putting it together.

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Thanks For sharing this video Guys It's Really great To see this

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Thank you for putting this up.

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Drew you are the man! This was so nice, and so bittersweet at the same time. I'm starting to have that awful realization that it just really won't be the same without Ryan. He drove the conversations and humor so much.

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So good! Thanks :)

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I couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

"Sorry about your sore necks."

This is exactly how I want to remember Ryan Davis.


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And the Oscar goes to...Killian Rayne Smith!

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I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. I'm so happy you had this lying around , thanks Drew.

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Vinny, you are masterful!

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god damn... this is both hard to watch and incredibly awesome at the same time... thanks for this.

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Such a beautifully happy man. Thank you.

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That was hilarious. Thank you.

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Wonderful video.

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Great ending as always.

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Thanks for the hilarious video you guys.

I miss you Ryan, we all do.

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Video Thing makes a comeback!!! ;_;

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Damn that ending was fantastic.

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Great video guys. Thanks

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This is definitely a gem! Thank you

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This is awesome guys. He is missed

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So glad that Vinny is meticulous enough to keep all this great footage! It's lucky to have so much footage to go back and look at of someone you love after a tragedy like this.

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This must've been so hard to edit and put together. Thank you Vinny and Drew. We love you guys!

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fuck this is so good