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Posted by MHumphreys89

I loved the Batman-thug bit. Most of these seem to originate pre-Quick Look recording and are pretty funny, shame we won't get to see more of this type of thing. Anywho, Thanks Drew for this Ryan tribute.

Posted by Rodiard

Oh man that was amazing. Ryan is the best, thanks for sharing guys.

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this shit is the best shit

Posted by Shepuisat

The man, the myth, the legend, Ryan Davis.

Thanks, Vinny and Drew.

Posted by Itwongo

What a beautiful, hilarious man :')

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Drew and Vinny are saints for hanging onto all of this. Couldn't have pictured a better ending

Posted by ChrisTaran

The Cillian Rain Smith bit is the funniest thing ever.

Thank you for this Drew!

Posted by Graylend

Cry laughing. Thank you guys.
Love you, Ryan.

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That was amazing.

This must've been so hard to edit and put together. Thank you Vinny and Drew. We love you guys!

Posted by Stonyman65

Thanks for posting this guys.

Rest in peace Ryan.

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Too much funny for one video. Thanks for sharing it!

Best Actor - Killian Rainn Smith

Posted by cav86

this was a great tribute video, well done Vinny and Drew!

Posted by xxizzypop

I thought I was of an age where I would no longer be entertained by poop jokes.


Posted by Leosol

Holy shit duders. That was crazytown. Thank you

Posted by UncleBenny

Ryan is a walking sexual harassment suit.

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This is such a wonderful video!

Posted by tallnproud

Simultaneously so happy and so sad. Thanks for this Bomber crew. We'll miss you, Ryan.

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Video Thing! Wooo! This was an awesome video!

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Thanks for putting together video guys. I know it wasn't easy to do. Am missing Ryan already.

Posted by GuardianKnux

Thanks for making me laugh one more time sir.

Posted by Romination

Wow they brought the Video Thing back! What YEAR is it!?

Posted by Oddballs

That was hilarious. Fucking perfect, guys.

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Lost it at Harley coding in PHP.

Posted by wumbo3000

The diarrhea bit was hilarious. And Killian Rain Smith was great in Goodfellas.

Patrick also looks 15 years younger without his facial hair.

Awesome video. Thanks Drew.

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Fantastic video. Thanks so much guys

Posted by andrew2696

I'm gonna fight a dolphin. It's what he would have wanted.

But amazing video. Laughing is what I needed.

Posted by Creamypies

Killian Rain Smith had me in joyful tears for a solid 5 minutes! Fuck, I'm gonna miss you Ryan! Great job Drew!

Posted by Rowz

The ending was perfect. Good job Vinny and Drew. <>

Posted by planetary

An austere and proper return of the Video Thing.

Posted by TopCat

This is awesome thanks GB crew

Posted by CaptNCoke

This was so amazing. Thanks guys.

Posted by librariangmr

Dat grin

Posted by Stilblad

That was simultaneously the funniest and saddest video I have ever seen.

Posted by Jared

Thanks for posting this video, that was awesome to watch!

Posted by kevincameraguy

@metalsnakezero: Ryan would have chuckled at the mistake, but I would get rid of never or change miss to forget in your comment.

Posted by dontsleep

great work all of you!

Posted by Hardywells

What an awesome video, had me in stitches more than once. That ending is classic Ryan!

Posted by mlarrabee

I think listening to this week's Remembrancecast three times helped.

This video thing made me happy.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

This is for the diarrhea of my father.

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Awesome. Thanks for holding on to this stuff Drew!

Posted by sirdesmond

That ending was just the best thing.

Posted by dannyodwyer

Damn you guys.


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Fucking hilarious. We will miss you Ryan.

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I have zero idea how to gif things as I am incompetent in the ways of the internetings however if I could gif, 1:10 - 1:30 would be gifed.

Posted by xenogamer

awesome video!! the ending made me tear up, love ya Ryan, you won't be forgotten and the site won't be the same with out you. Hopefully I'll get to meet you on the other side buddy. RIP

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I think that is the funniest video on the site, some of that stuff is fucking golden. Loved Ryan and Vinny dynamic they worked so fucking great together.

Thanks Drew!

Posted by OriginalYellow

FUCK...I was done with tears! I was DONE!!!!!


Posted by MrCK

This is amazing guys, thanks so much for posting it !

Ryan you glorious man, you will be missed.

Posted by 49th

Agh, it's such a shame. RIP Ryan